Granny Square Lap Blankets - Various Colors

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Size: (1) 36 inches x 45 inches, (2, 3) 36 inches x 54 inches
Colors: Mixed Rose/Pinks, Mixed Blues, Mixed Purples, Mixed Yellows, White, Navy
Pattern: (Unknown) (Mom thinks she may have the pattern somewhere though so I may get that info here someday.) [Update May 2, 2004: I wrote down the pattern by studying the squares and posted it here.]
Book: (Unknown)
Date: Squares started sometime in 1990; completed October 2002; donated in December 2002 to the convalescent home where my grandfather stayed.

The colors are a bit off - that is not red or dark orange in the multicolored blanket; it is supposed to be a deep rose.

In late September 2002, I went through the yarn, crochet books, and crocheted squares for the king-size bedspread blanket I was making in 1991 before my wrists problems started. Because we have 3 cats now (we had only 1 then) and because there were so many more squares to make (that I didn't want to do) to finish the king-size blanket, I decided to make 3 lap blankets with the 68 squares instead.

Each square is 9 inches x 9 inches, so that makes the 20-square blue-and-purple blanket about 36 inches x 45 inches and the 24-square multicolored (blue, rose, yellow and purple) blankets about 36 inches x 54 inches.

Hmmm, can you spot the mistake in the blue-and-purple blanket? Hint: No 2 squares alike should be adjacent to each other, including diagonally.

I started planning the king-size blanket in 1990 or 1991. The colors are great! Each square has 3 coordinated colors with a navy blue border. There are 4 sets of colors, with 3 colors in each set (13 colors total). I bought all the yarn, made a plan for how many squares I'd need, and began making a lot of squares.

I stopped working on the king-size blanket (and cross-stitch crafts) in March 1992 after being diagnosed with repetitive stress in both wrists/arms.

The notes I found with the blanket squares indicate that I made some more squares for the blanket in January 1993. It bothered my wrists so I stopped working on it and put all my craft stuff away again.

In September last year, about 10 years later, I dragged it all out out again. I'd been thinking about it off and on since at least early June but hadn't actually done anything about it.

There were about 50 skeins of unused yarn in a variety of colors, most of was bought for the king-size blanket. A lot of the lap blankets I've created use this left-over yarn.

Crocheting is relaxing and I can listen to TV or talk while doing it. So, I can be doing something more useful while I watch TV and hang out with my hubby in the living room. I've been enjoying crocheting again - I used to enjoy doing a lot before I had to stop. It was a destressor and a creative pursuit. It's even better when there's a purpose for what I'm making - such as the lap blankets for the convalescent home or a gift for a baby.

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