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Date: June 1999.

In a June 1999 Digital Photography course for my undergraduate degree, I created this wonderfully colorful collage from photographs of classic cars I had taken the previous month at a Goodguys Rod & Custom show at the Alameda County Pleasanton Fairgrounds. An 8" x 11" printout of this design was framed 11" x 14" and still hangs in our living room.

Self-portrait digital art image

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Date: Fall 1998.

In an introduction to digital imaging course I took in the fall of 1998, I created this as my self-portrait. (I've blurred the faces of the people to protect their privacy.) It has all the stuff that makes me who I am.

From top left corner (left to right in rows):

  • My favorite kitty, Cleo
  • Me at 11 months
  • Sea turtle in the lagoon next to the little blue church in Kona-Kailua, Hawaii
  • My best friend Tamela in 1998 (she asked me to take some nice digital photographs of her)
  • My hubby and one of our Kawasaki jet skis
  • Greg driving the boat on Lake Tahoe (August 1995)
  • Stuffed panda bear
  • Business cards from 2 places of employment (the law firm I worked at for 12+ years and the systems integration firm I was at for 18 months)
  • Cleo and Jasmine jumping after a snack (err, piece of rope) inside a Coors box
  • Lake Hogan at sunset
  • Me and Tamela in 1978 when I was 15 and she 13
  • Lake Tahoe (taken during the trip with Greg in August 1995)
  • Baby Cleo in August 1997
  • Sunset in Kona, Hawaii
  • "Sunday Naptime" for Jasmine and her dad
  • Bubba wants "Attention Now!" while I'm studying
  • Me and hubby in the Wasatch mountains near Salt Lake City, Utah (estimate 1994?)
  • Bubba the "Attack Cat"
  • Baby Greg in March 1979 (about 5 days old)
  • The 16x20 jet ski cross-stitch I designed and made for Bill for Christmas 1987
  • 4 generations: Greg, my grandfather (Mom's dad), my Mom, me on Christmas Eve 1994
  • Greg riding one of our jet skis
  • Baby Bubba
  • Girls' Camping
  • Novell CNE Certification logo
  • Clumbsy Cleo with her leg in a cast

Date: August 1999.

This red-and-gold colorful nightmare was created in a 3D imaging course in August 1999. I was having a difficult time thinking of something to create. 3D isn't "my thing" and using the SoftImage software program hurt my right wrist so I wasn't inclined to sit for the hours and hours necessary to make something "just right". I used my increasing frustration to create this expression of my feelings about 3D imaging. It was fun to let go of realism and just do what I felt!

Size: 35 inches x 44.5 inches
Colors: Scraps
Pattern: Varied Squares Afghan
Book: Woman's Day Super Special Granny Squares & Crocheted Fashions (magazine) - published September 1988 - Copyright 1988
Date: May 2003

I wanted to try this pattern because it is so different from other granny square blanket patterns. Granny square blankets usually have squares all the same size created using the same pattern (which helps keep the gauge the same for all squares), although the patterns can be different if the gauge is the same for each square. This pattern uses squares of different sizes: 4 rows for the smallest to 16 rows for the largest. The squares are arranged to form a rectangle. The actual pattern makes a larger blanket than the one I made since I had to trim off a section of it to make it lap blanket size instead of full size. So, what you see in the photo is the first two-thirds of a full-size blanket. With a full-size blanket, there would be another section of mixed-size squares on the right side of the blanket.

I switched colors every 4 rows for each square. The pattern actually says to switch colors for the fourth row and then switch back again - so that the blanket is more uniform in design. Since I'm mostly using scraps, I did my own thing with the pattern.

Since the yarn I used was not the same type/brand/thickness, the squares didn't all meet in the right places so some of the squares are a little puffy instead of smooth, but overall I like the pattern so will probably try it again using the same type of yarn next time.

Size: 37.5 inches x 41 inches
Colors: Black, Purple, Variegated Purple
Pattern: #9 Floral Sampler
Book: Romancing the Afghan - Leaflet 2881 - Copyright 1996 - Leisure Arts
Date: May 2003

Earlier this month, Leslie B. from work visited Michaels Craft Store with her mom and bought 4 skeins of yarn to donate to my lap blanket projects! Very sweet! I used the solid purple and mixed purple skeins with some black yarn I already had on hand to make this hexagon granny blanket.

I've never made a hexagon blanket before and realized after putting the blanket togther that I shouldn't have added one more row to each of the hexagons. The hexagons are sewn together in columns and only every other column is the same length - the columns in between are either shorter or longer, depending on how the hexagons are arranged. So, there were spaces the size of 1/2 a hexagon on the top and bottom edges - spaces which were larger than they should have been because of the extra row I added to each hexagon, spaces which made the blanket less efficient for keeping feet and tops of thighs warm. So, I made up a half circle pattern to fill-in the spaces on the top and bottom edges. The last photo is a closeup of one of the filled-in half-circle spaces.

[Update December 2, 2003]

Here's a half hexagon pattern I created.

Crowded living room

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The recent donations of yarn from people at work created a need for containers to store the yarn. I also wanted a container for storing the done blankets and one for the in-progress blanket(s). So, I stopped by Target one night last week and got 2 66-gallon plastic storage containers for $5.00 each and one smaller (15-gallon?) container for about $3.00. Then I discovered I needed more! So, I bought 2 more $5.00 66-gallon storage containers over the weekend. All is well now, but our living room has 6 large storage containers and 2 (now empty) copy-paper boxes in it, as well as the in-progress container and 2 other project containers (one holding the in-progress double crochet hook blanket and one holding the crochet pattern books). Hmmm, when the gym equipment is gone, I'll move the 6 large containers into my new "craft" room...

"How much yarn to you need, honey?"

"How many tools and toys [motorcycles, mini machine shop in the backyard, torn apart 1947 Ford truck, etc.] do you need, honey?"

Just kidding hubby is very supportive of whatever makes me happy, as I am of him...even boxes and plastic containers and bags of yarn and stuff all over the living room...and truck parts all over the garage and backyard and in some rooms of the house. He's even volunteered to get rid of the "gym equipment" (weight machine thing) so I can change our never-used "gym" into a craft room for quilting (after I learn how to use Mom's sewing machine) and stuff. I want to move the big, comfy brown lounge chair that's in my office into the room, if there's a place for it after getting a table for the sewing machine and storing cloth and stuff. Hmmm, but if I did that, where would I watch Schrek and my other DVD movies? The computer in my office is the only DVD player in the house. Hmmm, I've been thinking about getting an inexpensive DVD/VCR player for the living might be the time.

Size: 33.5 inches x 44 inches
Colors: Forest Green, Army Green, Cream
Pattern: European Afghan (variation of Basic Granny Square)
Book: Woman's Day Super Special Granny Squares & Crocheted Fashions (magazine) - published September 1988 - Copyright 1988
Date: April 2003

I love forest green and since I hadn't done a green blanket yet, this was just the right project. The variation of the basic granny square is so fast to make - it requires almost no thought (i.e., is automatic and soothing). The beige/off-white yarn has a slightly yellow tint to it. I used the basic pattern of the European Afghan squares and did my own thing.

Size: 34 inches x 48 inches
Colors: Black, Scraps
Pattern: Stained Glass Afghan (Basic Granny Square)
Book: Woman's Day Super Special Granny Squares & Crocheted Fashions (magazine) - published September 1988 - Copyright 1988
Date: April 2003

I finished this multicolored and solid basic granny square lap blanket around mid-April. It was inspired by a blanket the Stained Glass pattern which had some squares in solid colors and other squares in a multi-colored yarn of the same tones. Since I didn't have any multicolored yarn, I used other colors. I decided to create alternating strips of solid squares and multicolored squares. There is a scheme to the placement of the multi-colored squares - can you see it? (Answer: From left to right, the inner color in one square becomes the outer color of the next square.)

Sketch of Cheryl

About Cheryl

Enjoys crocheting, gardening, cats, NASCAR (especially Tony Stewart and Kyle Busch!), reading, photography, snorkeling in Kailua-Kona with sea turtles, Sizzler's Mega Bacon Cheeseburgers, hot and iced decaf coffee, dark chocolate, color (yarn, fabric), playing around with web technologies - not necessarily in that order! Still very much a beginner with quilting, knitting, and sewing. Donates crocheted lap blankets.

List maker, detail-oriented, organized, leans heavily toward perfectionism. ISTJ. Libra.

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