Greg's Two-color Reversible Shell Baby Blanket - White, Aqua


Size: 34.5 inches x 39 inches
Colors: White, Aqua
Pattern: (Unknown) Reversible Shell Baby Afghan to Crochet
Book: (Unknown) Kit: LeeWards Afghan Kit No. 1945 Green and White (Kit No. 1975 used Yellow and White), 06-34089
Date: Pre-March 1979

This double-sided blanket was made before my son was born, so sometime prior to March 1979. It was put away with all of his baby clothes and was rediscovered around 1997 or so when my husband and I went through boxes of stuff stored at the top of our garage. The baby clothes were donated, but I kept the blanket and began to use it as a lap warmer during the winters when I'm in my home office. I remember the rush of warm feelings I had when I held the blanket again so I just couldn't let it be donated.

I still use the blanket (sometimes it and another blanket!) to keep my legs warm in the winter. When Cleo (my favorite kitty) was sick from August-September 2002, she spent a good deal of time laying on this blanket which I had folded and placed on the carpet for her. It was fitting since Cleo is my "baby" now.

[August 23, 2003]

Hmmm, Mom thinks she may have made this blanket for Greg...but we're not sure who did it. Since I don't have the pattern and she thinks she does, she may have been the one to make it...but I lived with her then so I still could have made it. Ah, well, we'll probably never know for sure...

[November 16, 2004]

Guess what we finally looked for and found tonight! Yup, the pattern for this blanket! It is:

LeeWards Afghan Kit No. 1945 Green and White (Kit No. 1975 used Yellow and White), 06-34089, Reversible Shell Baby Afghan to Crochet of Orlon Sayelle, Size 5 hook included in kit (date is not included). LeeWards went out of business a while ago.


I was wondering if you or your mother still have this two-tone baby blanket pattern. I am currently taking a class and we are going to try to learn to make one. Unfortuneatly the pattern is in french. I've tried to find one on the internet, yours is the closest I've found.

Thanks in advance for your help,
Julie D'Angelo Canada

Cheryl, would you please email me about this LeeWards pattern for the reversible shells, I would love a copy and since they are out of business you are my only hope. Maybe we could work a trade... I have a pretty good reversible pattern also.

I saw a blanket like this in an odd place. I work at a retail nursery and a customer came in with a blanket exactly like this wrapped around her baby.
I was immediately stunned by the two sided concept and came home to look online for the pattern and found yours.
I have a granddaughter that is still baby size and would like to start one for her before she gets too big.
Any help on this would be great.

my mother-in-law had this pattern but the paper she had it written on smeared and now she can't read all the directions. If you could e-mail me the pattern notes so I can print them out and give them to her I would really appricate it. I have been looking all over the web and haven't been able to find it. Any help would be great. thank you!

Hi, Ginger - I re-created the pattern by looking at the blanket stitches. It is posted here:

Would you e-mail the Greg's Two-color Reversible Shell Baby Blanket - to me. Thanks!

I made this afghan for my sisters son 30 years ago so we were talking about it while on vaca in FL. We googled it, did a little Sherlock action and here it is!! The original pattern! (I do not know how much yarn so I am going to buy a lot, keep the receipt and take back what I don't use)

Crochet Hook 5

Abbreviations used: ch (chain), dc (double crochet), sc (single crochet), st (stitch).

Asterisk (*) indicated that the instructions immediately following are to be repeated the given number of times in ADDITION to the original time.

ROW 1: (shell St row): With color A, ch 153 loosely. Work 1 dc in 5th ch from hook (turning ch), 3 dc in next ch, 1 dc in next oh (1 shell completed; * skip 2 ch, work 1 dc in next ch, 3 do in next ch, 1 dc in next ch; repeat from * across to within 1 ch from end; do not work in last oh; 30 shells in row. Drop loop from hook.

ROW 2: (chain-loop row): Do not turn. With color B, make a loop on hook. Starting at beginning of last row, join B with a sc in the 4th ch of turning ch (the ch before first dc of first shell-st row). Working in front of last row, * ch 6, skip next shell, (pick up 1 loop) work 1 sc lfl first ch of the 2 skipped ch in foundation ch (between shells); repeat from * across, end with ch 6, 1 sc in end ch (the free ch at end of last shell-st row); 36 chain-loops in row.

ROW 3: (shell-st row): With B, ch 2, turn. Work a slip st in first dc of last shell St row, ch 2; * inserting hook through the center dc and under chain-loop, work a shell (5 dc in same st) in center of next shell; repeat from * across row; drop loop from hook. Do not turn.

ROW 4: (chain-loop row): Pick up dropped A loop at end of the shell-st row before last. * ch 6, working in front of last shell-st row, skip shell, work 1 sc in space before next shell (same color shell as chain-loop being made); repeat from * across, end with ch 6, skip last shell, 1 sc under chain-loop at end of row.

Insert hook under the two top threads of ch, yo, pull thru ch, yo and pull thru 2 Ips.

ROW 5: With A instead of B, work same as for row 3. Do not turn.

ROW 6: Pick up dropped B loop at end of shell–st row before last and work same as for row 4. Then repeat rows 3, 4, 5 and 6 for pattern and work until afghan measures 38” from start and finish off.

Repeat rows 3 and 4 once more. Break off B. Leave enough yarn for fringe.

Cut 5 ½” lengths of both colors using 2 strands of each color for fringe. Attach fringe between shells on starting edge. When attaching fringe on last rows finished, catch loose loop in between shells.

Could you please e mail me the directions on how to crochet the reversible afgan???? PLEASE

I was wondering if you could create a video to show how the reversible shell stitch is done. I just can't seem to make it work.

I was wondering if you could make a video demonstrating the reversible shell stitch. I just can't get it to work.

Hi, Mary - I don't check email often so I'm just now getting to your message. I haven't crocheted at all for over a year and a half.

I recommend you ask your question on the Crochetville forum - the people are very enthusiastic, patient, and ready to help.


My mom made this afghan for me around 1979 when I was first married. It is so warm, and my whole family fights for "the big red blanket" when I take it out in the winter.

Mom never had the pattern written down (somebody at work showed it to her. She never read patterns anyway), and she never got around to showing me how it was done.

Mom is gone now, and I am so grateful to finally be able to replicate her handiwork--to give to my son and his wife when they get married later this year.

THANK YOU so much for posting this pattern.

this has been my signature afghan for all babies for over 30 years (I've probably made at least 100). I found this pattern at a knit shop in Davis California. Fun to make one you get the pattern down.

I am German and I was in 1976 in England, that was the time when I've learned how to crochet. A women lend me the pattern for this blanket and I was so proud of it. After living 11 month in England, I went back to Germany and I never found this pattern again until about 2 years ago, I got this pattern from a lady from the USA. I was so happy and made 6 blankets so far.

I am working on one of these right now. I was wondering why the shells front is facing in and we see the back of the shell on the outside. Has anyone tried to make it with the right side of the shells showing?

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