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Bill and I visited Norcal Pottery in San Leandro just after they opened at 10:00am today. I stayed home from work this morning and he took some time off work mid-morning. A cartload of pots for $20.00 - not just three layers of pots but as much as you could fit onto a cart! Whew! Makes my head spin! Unfortunately, there were only six carts and all were in use when we arrived! We arrived only 10 minutes after opening too! The early people looked like professional gardener types who were looking to get a great deal. And one of them got all of the small pots I had looked at on the weekend and two of the three copperish pots I wanted. Harrumph.

We made two piles of pots on the ground - Bill on one side of the lot and me on the other - and then loaded them onto the first available cart. Large pots, medium pots, smallish pots. No huge pots or tiny pots. Self-watering pots. Pots with holes in the bottom. Pots without holes. Ceramic pots. Clay pots. Painted and unpainted, peeling and not peeling, dirty and not-so-dirty and clean. White, cream, bright blue, light blue, brown, beige, green, purple (1), dark rose, maroon... Textured, patterned, and smooth.

As Bill loaded the cart of pots into the truck, I surveyed the piles of "seconds" which were priced very low ($2.50 for small to $25.00 for huge) and selected about nine of those.

Workmen brought two pallets filled with more pots. I, of course, pointed to the flowered ones in the middle of the pallet indicating that I wanted them... But they weren't yet available to be purchased (needing to be checked over and priced first). Hmmm...I may just have to go back to get a few (they'll fit in the back of my car).

As Bill paid for the last few pots, he motioned at me and laughingly told the man "Don't let that woman come back here." The man got a nice chuckle out of it too! What a nice hubby! Harrumph. I'll have to go back and at least take a look! (Except I'd have to miss more work since the place isn't open evenings or weekends!)

So, for less than $49.00, we got a lot of pots... At first, I estimated 50, but after counting to 18 and having many, many left uncounted, I changed my estimate to 100. The actual count will be done later. We finished unloading the pots into the backyard around 11:30am - not bad for 1 1/2 hours!

For the record: I didn't break any of the pots (yet!). Bill broke two when the bottom fell out of one of the five pots he was carrying into the backyard.

[7:45am 1/22/2004]

We took home 94 pots. Less the two that Bill broken means we have 92 pots to fill with soil and plants. Whoop! Busy, busy, busy... Hmmm, I will try to remember that they don't all have to be used this year.

[12:10pm 3/9/2004]

Website stats show people are looking for Norcal Pottery or low-cost pots. Here's Norcal's street address, phone, hours, and directions:

10:00am-4:00pm (I heard they have Saturday hours sometimes during the
summer - call for info)

Norcal Pottery Products, Inc. 2091 Williams St. San Leandro, CA 94577 (510) 895-5966
  • Take the Marina Blvd. West exit off Hwy 880 in San Leandro
  • Right at the first stoplight onto Merced St.
  • Left at next stoplight onto Williams St.
  • Norcal Pottery is on the left side of the street

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