Twilight Tapestry Blanket for large couch

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Size: 117 inches x 41 inches
Colors: Dark Sage, Sage, Lace, Painted Desert (variegated)
Pattern: Twilight Tapestry - Design by Eleanor Albano Miles
Book: Great Big Crochet Afghan Book - 47 Afghans - Copyright 2003 - American School of Needlework
Date: December 2003

We've been using afghans on the back of our couches for years to (try to) keep cat hair from becoming further embedded into the couch fibers. As part of the Home Improvement process started mid-December, I wanted to replace the blankets we had been using.

This is the blanket for the back of the bigger couch in our living room. The pattern is the same as the classy Claret-Cream-Multi lap blanket I finished earlier in December 2003, with some modifications: I continued to use a different puff stitch, extended the border by one row, used a different pattern for variegated section of the middle panel (the original pattern has a lot of holes through which cat hair can sift), and made the blanket long enough to cover the back of our couch. The colors match the new pillows and the new drapes...and the candles... We're so grown up now!!! The blanket for the smaller couch will use Claret instead of the Dark Sage and Sage.

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