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Some seedlings

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No new garden happenings this past weekend...except that some of the bulb and seed plants are peeking through the soil, most of the rose bushes have buds, and the hummingbird-and-butterfly-attracting flower seeds are growing and some are even blooming! It's very enjoyable to see the changes when I leave the house each morning and come home each evening! I'm just a little put-out that I won't be around for the next 15 days to watch the progress as they grow... Hmmm, put your hands out in front of you palm up. One hand holds the possibilities and enjoyments of a 15-day vacation in Hawaii...the other holds the possibilities and enjoyments of watching flower seeds grow and mature (as well as the responsibility of working 11 of those 15 days)... Which hand rises and which hand falls...?

We're leaving for 2 weeks in Hawaii tomorrow - Mom will be by daily to feed, water and check on the kitties, as well as water the plants.

Plants and flowers, oh my!

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Front yard garden - morning of March 18.

Backyard garden - morning of March 18.

I'm hooked...definitely...

Friday night: I went to Home Depot in Fremont after work. I was disappointed by the quality of some of the plants. Overall, I wasn't impressed with much so I bought only a few plants and flowers and made plans to visit a large nursery on Saturday...oh, fun, fun!

Saturday: After donating blood at the Red Cross and eating a yummy cheeseburger at Hegenburgers with Bill, we traded cars so I wanted to take his truck plant shopping.

I spent about 3 1/2 hours at the Alden Lane Nursery in Livermore walking up and down each row, looking at many shrubs and perrenials, piling plants and flowers into the double-level cart until the cart was full (very full). I brought cuttings from some of the plants and a tree in our backyard and asked one of the nursery workers what they were - now I can research how big they'll get and what type of care they need. I got home before 4:00pm and spent the rest of the day planning, planning and more planning (by height, width, sun/shade/partial, color) where each plant would go (most in the backyard, some in the front yard).

Sunday: I spent about 9 hours planting, not including short breaks for a pancakes-and-scrambled-egg breakfast made by Chef Bill, for applying more sunscreen, and for drinking a yummy Starbucks Mocha Frappuccino. Stooping, lifting, sitting on the ground, bending, standing, pulling, digging, carrying...for 9 hours. By 6:30pm, I could barely move!

I was sore Monday but not as sore as I had been Sunday morning last week after working in the garden for hours the previous Saturday. So, my physical strength and flexibility is improving with the exercise provided by gardening! And it doesn't feel like the nasty Big E!

I took photos early last week of the progress made last weekend. I haven't yet taken photos of this past weekend's progress - but I will. I may also have some photos somewhere of our yards before any planting was done. The difference isn't as dramatic as on the landscaping shows on television (which I really like to watch!) but it's definitely an improvement! [Photos added at start of this entry - 4:20pm May 2, 2004.]

My next door neighbor said the ladies who live across the street asked her what's gotten into me...they've never seen me outside unless I was going to/from my car (we've lived here over 15 years!). I just laughed! No big explanations are needed - I've seen the light and have figured out what life balance is...

Spring has sprung!

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Backyard - morning of March 7.

Front yard - morning of March 7.

Front porch - morning of March 7.

Spring doesn't technically start until March 20, but it seems to have arrived early in the Bay Area! Thank goodness! The weather has been just beautiful since Thursday last week - a big relief since I was feeling a bit down after the weeks of cool-cold air, overcast, clouds, and rain!

I spent two hours at Home Depot in Hayward Saturday morning hunting down the right plants for the front yard (shady porch, sunny lawn/side areas) and the backyard (shady area against the fence) and then stood for 30 minutes in line with my two (yes, two!!) carts full of plants and plant food, snail and slug bait, ant bait, etc. to be checked out (oh, and paid for!). When Bill got home from work, he and I loosened dirt, mixed it with treated soil, and planted...for hours. It was great fun (yes, seriously!)! He also spent a good deal of the afternoon drilling holes in the bottom of the pots that didn't already have drainage holes - what a sweet guy!

Every single muscle hurt Saturday night. I groaned (and woke up) everytime I rolled over trying to sleep! Back, legs, arms, fingertips, hands, feet...

Then, on Sunday, after washing my car, I tackled the backyard! Many of the pots we bought a month or so ago were finally filled with soil and a wide variety of bulbs and/or seeds. It was slow going at first, but then I hit a rhythm (and loosened stiff muscles) and became the Energizer Bunny... I ran out of bulbs and seeds around 6:00pm after approximately 7 hours (more?). Whew. And, not all of the pots are being used...yet!

I'm so excited now...waiting for sprouts to pop up and plants to grow and flower...

Mom's going to have fun (ha!) watering all the plants every day in addition to feeding/watering Cleo, Jasmine and Bubba while we're gone!

Ah, yes, our vacation in Kailua-Kona, Hawaii! Bill and I are eagerly anticipating our 15-day vacation on the Big Island later this month, but it would have been nice to go away before the nice weather started... Maybe it'll be overcast a lot when we're gone!

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