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1 package with 2 pattern books arrived today:

  • Christmas Afghans
  • Scrap Afghans

Also arriving in today's mail: the 3 packages of 12 12-inch bookkeeper tabs from Annie's Attic. I will now be able to organize all pattern books, including the taller ones, into binders!

I'm going to miss receiving packages (almost) every day when all my eBay auction winnings have arrived! 4 packages with 9 pattern books arrived today:

  • Checkerboard Afghan (single pattern)
  • Indian Snow (single pattern)
  • Loop 'n' Lace Squares (single pattern)
  • Mile-A-Minute Crochet Baby Booties
  • Navajo Afghans
  • Piano Afghan (single pattern)
  • Pinwheel Baby Afghans (single pattern; two color combinations)
  • Scrap Yarn Afghans
  • Winter Patterns (Inspired by Traditional Norwegian Designs) (duplicate of pattern received in 20-book combined auction)

The Piano Afghan and Indian Snow patterns are extremely lovely!

3 more packages arrived yesterday and today. One was a packet of 20 crochet pattern books that weren't specifically listed in the auction so I didn't know what was included - really like a present!

  • 63 Easy-To-Crochet Pattern Stitches Combine to Make an Heirloom Afghan (duplicate of one I've had for many years)
  • A Year Of Q-Hook Afghans
  • Afghan Book (The)
  • Afghan Elegance
  • Afghans by Columbia Minerva
  • Afghans by the Dozen Mile-A-Minutes
  • Bernat Afghans (A Bouquet of)
  • Bootie Collection
  • Classic Afghans to Knit and Crochet (duplicate of book included in another combined auction)
  • Comforts of Home
  • Contest Favorites Mile-A-Minute Afghans
  • Country Mile-a-Minute Afghans
  • Easy Crocheted Afghans
  • Herringbone Afghan
  • Light & Lacy Afghans
  • Old-Fashioned Garden
  • Pansy Romance
  • Quick Crochet Afghans Book Six
  • Royal Square Afghan, Floral Granny Square Afghan
  • Teach Yourself Afghan Stitch
  • Teddy Bear Parade (Baby Love)
  • Winter Patterns (Inspired by Traditional Norwegian Designs) (duplicate of one I bid on separately but haven't yet received)
  • Wrapped In Love

4 new afghans crochet pattern books

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Received 4 packages of 4 pattern books in yesterday's mail:

  • Afghans for Kids (Teddy Bear, Cats in the Corner, Soccer Ball, Checkerboard, others)
  • Native American Afghan & Pillows (single pattern)
  • Reindeer in the Snow Afghan (single pattern)
  • Rustic Warmth

Last night, I bought outright ("Buy it now!" button on eBay!) a set of 8 Clover Soft Touch Crochet Hooks, sizes C-J, for $29.95 (the retail price online seems to be about $5.50-$5.70 each).

Total auctions won so far: 53
Total spent so far (not including shipping): $206.40

Currently watching: 5 auctions
Currently bidding: 0 auctions

Crochet Terms: American and English

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(North) American and English (United Kingdom) crochet patterns use different terms for several stitches.

American and English Terms for Crochet Stitches
American English
Abbrev. Term Term Abbrev.
ch chain chain ch
sl st,
slip stitch slip stitch sl st,
sc single crochet double crochet dc
hdc half double crochet half treble htr
dc double crochet treble tr,
treble crochet double treble dtr,
dble tr
dble tr
double treble triple treble trtr,
tr tr
yo yarn over wool round hook wrh

Main source: The Knitting Dictionary: 1030 Stitches and Patterns (Mon Tricot, est. 1972).

Crochet Edgings and Borders patterns


Here are just a few of the edgings and borders that can be crocheted around blankets, lapghans, granny squares, strips, panels...use your imagination. Try might be just what you were looking for.

  • Bicolor Cable Edging - Row 1: Color A: 2 sc; * 3 ch; skip 2 sts; 1 sc *; repeat; Row 2: Color B: Starting at beginning of row 1: 1 sc; * 3 ch; take hook out of last ch; insert hook under arc formed by ch 3 of previous row; pick up loop just left and draw it through the arc; yarn over, draw through loop *; repeat

  • Corded Edging - Work a row of double crochet from left to right (instead of from right to left). The stitches cross on the top to provide a decorative beaded finish.

  • Irish Picot - * 3 sc; 4 ch; take hook out of last ch, insert it in 1st ch, pick up the loop just left, and draw it through loop on hook *; repeat

  • Little Picot - * 2 sc; 1 sc; 3 ch; 1 sl st in same st at sc *; repeat

  • Open Shell Stitch Edging - 1 sc; * 1 ch; skip 1 st; 3 dc in next st; 1 ch; skip 1 st; 1 sc in next st *; repeat

  • Picot 1 - 1 sc; * 3 ch; 1 sl st in base of sc; skip 1 st; 1 sc *; repeat

  • Picot 2 - 3 sc; * 4 ch; 1 sc in 2nd ch; 1 ch; skip 1 st; 3 sc *; repeat

  • Pineapple Edging Stitch - 2 ch; * 1 hdc; (yarn over, insert hook behind hdc, yarn over, draw through a loop) 3 times; yarn over; draw through 7 loops on hook; 1 ch; skip 1 st *; repeat finish with hdc

  • Scallop Edging - 1 sc; * 3 ch; skip 1 st; 1 sc *; repeat

  • Shell Stitch Edging - 1 sl st; * skip 2 sts; 5 dc in next st; skip 2 sts; 1 sl st *; repeat

  • Slanting Pineapple Edging Stitch - Row 1: 2 ch; 1 hdc; * (yarn over, insert hook behind hdc, yarn over, draw through a loop) 3 times; yarn over, skip 1 st; insert hook in next st; yarn over, draw through a loop; yarn over, draw through 2 loops; yarn over, draw through 6 loops; yarn over; Row 2: 2 sc between each pineapple stitch

  • Wide Scallop Edging - 2 sc; * (1 htc, 2 dc, 1 hdc) in next st; 4 sc *; repeat

4 packages containing 9+ crochet pattern books and single patterns arrived in the mail Monday and Tuesday:

  • Afghans (Coats & Clark #238 1974)
  • Afghans Are A Natural (Coats & Clark #312 1985)
  • Afghans Old & New Favorites (Coats & Clark #255 1976)
  • Afghans to Crochet (Coats & Clark #291 1985)
  • American Favorites Quilts to Crochet (Red Heart) (Coats & Clark #373 1992)
  • Barn Raising Quilt (single pattern)
  • Braid-Look Rug (heart-shaped) (single pattern)
  • Cat Rug (cat-shaped) (single pattern)
  • Encyclopedia of 300 Crochet Patterns, Stitches and Designs (book)
  • Plus about 20 single "Free" afghan patterns from publishers (included in one bundle of books)

Free patterns and Cats Afghan


While hunting around Google looking for a pattern for the crocheted Cats Afghan I saw on eBay but didn't bid on, I found a page at which listed a Cats Afghan pattern available at ( So, I got my free account and, sure enough, there it was! The Cats Afghan pattern!

catsafghan.jpg If you want this pattern, it and lots of other crochet and other crafts patterns are FREE at

Later, I discovered (via Google) that the PDF file of the Cats Afghan pattern can also be found at:

[July 26, 2006] Heather posted a comment on another entry that she found the Cats Afghan PDF at:

[December 2009] The link above is broken. I have not found another link. Sorry!

[January 2010] Found a new link for the Cats Afghan (PDF):

Pattern Books Index


[Ignore the date of this entry...the entry will be updated as needed.]

Below is an index to the pattern books in my collection. The books and individual patterns are not for sale. You may be able to find the pattern you're interested in on eBay or another website by carefully searching Google or another search engine. It is against the law to photocopy and distribute patterns - do not ask.

Cross-stitch books need to be added, as well as information about pattern books I've won from eBay auctions but haven't yet received.

[Updated September 30, 2004] Separated crochet patterns by category.

[Updated January 9, 2005] Added cross-stitch books.

[Updated April 29, 2005] Added "Turtles", "Cats/Kittens", and "Pandas/Bears" categories.

[Updated May 22, 2005] Separated into "Toy, Animals" and "Other" categories.

[Updated June 20, 2005] Added list of crochet hooks.

[Updated June 25, 2005] Added list of special stitches (On the Double, Tunisian, Roll Stitch, Camel, Other) books.

[Updated October 13, 2006] Added sewing and quilting books.

[Updated February 21, 2007] Added knitting books.

[Updated March 4, 2007] Added list of knitting needles.

Pattern book organization


Mom uses "magazine holders" with her pattern books to organize them in 3-ring binders. I found 11-inch magazine holders at Demco ( for $3.29 per package of 12 and ordered 5 packages which arrived yesterday. Today, as I was organizing my pattern books into 3-ring binders, I discovered that many of them don't fit! Those books are 12 inches tall! So, I found 12-inch "bookkeeper tabs" (which they spell with one "k": "bookeeper tabs") at Annie's Attic ( for $2.99 per package of 12 and ordered 3 packages. Annie's Attic also carrier 8 1/2-inch bookkeeper tabs, but not 11-inch tabs.

So, the rest of my organizing effort will wait until the 12-inch tabs arrive. Harrumph. And, I thought I was getting somewhere today!

3 new afghans crochet pattern books

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Today's mail brought 3 packages:

  • 63 "More" Easy-To-Crochet Pattern Stitches Combine to Make An Heirloom Afghan (yes, another duplicate!)
  • Garden Cat Afghan (single pattern)
  • Granny Square Christmas Afghans

I'm working on a list of all crochet books to publish online so I won't buy any more duplicates! After lunch with Mom today, we browsed through the pattern books I've received so far. I gave her the duplicates of two books: Patchwork Grannys for Afghans, Pillows & Bedspreads and 63 "More" Easy-To-Crochet Pattern Stitches Combine to Make An Heirloom Afghan. She wasn't interested in the duplicate Luscious Scrap Afghans (On the Double) book so I'll just hang onto it for now.

13 new afghans crochet pattern books

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5 more packages from eBay auctions arrived in the mail yesterday:

  • 35 Granny Squares Combine to Make a Granny Sampler Afghan
  • 63 "More" Easy-To-Crochet Pattern Stitches Combine to Make An Heirloom Afghan
  • As Months Go By
  • Calico Quilt Afghans
  • Just Jeweltones
  • Luscious Scrap Afghans (On the Double) (duplicate I mistakenly bid on!)
  • Old-Timey Scrap Afghans
  • Patchwork Grannys for Afghans, Pillows & Bedspreads (was included with Scraps to Beauty Afghans; duplicate in my pattern library)
  • Puffs & Fans (single pattern)
  • Scrap + Black = Afghans
  • Scraps to Beauty Afghans
  • Southwest Serenade
  • Variegated Visions

200408catshapedrug.jpg I bid on a cute cat-shaped crocheted rug pattern. I searched through Google to see whether I could find it somewhere else online. No luck. Since the pattern is unusual and cute, I bid up to $14.77 for it - and was outbid. I got a Second Chance offer at the price of my last bid. I thought about it for 10 minutes and then accepted the offer. What can I say? I could have probably figured out my own pattern for a cat-shaped rug based on the image on the auction page... I don't have a "place" in the house for a cat-shaped rug or blanket... But, I wanted the pattern...and I've spent more than $15.00 on meals, on fancy coffee, on things that aren't tangible and don't last I bought it!

Total auctions won so far: 34
Total spent so far (not including shipping): $106.64
Some are multiple books, some single patterns...too many to total!

Currently watching: 19 auctions
Currently bidding: 1 auction

Since Sunday, I've been working on a loudly colorful (greens, oranges, red, black) lap blanket and am going to dutifully finish it before diving into a project from a new pattern book.

6 new afghans crochet pattern booklets

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Of the 27 crochet patterns (booklets and single patterns) I've won in eBay auctions, I've received 2 packages of 6 booklets so far (listed below). I'm so excited to checkout all of the patterns! I just love the colors and ideas and, well, the calmness of crocheting.

  • Grannies On the Double
  • Luscious Scrap Afghans (On the Double)
  • Magnificent Mosaics
  • Patchwork Patterns
  • Pick-A-Pattern
  • Speedy Tweeds

eBay maniac

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I have been an eBay maniac since Saturday when I bid on a few crochet pattern books. I've now won 11 auctions (individual books) and have bids out on 12 more auctions (some are multiple (i.e., a "lot") of books). Whew.

Some of the books are available in stores (like Michaels Craft Store), but more are out of print and more difficult to find. I've found at least 4 scrap crochet afghan pattern books and have bid on each of them. The prices (even including shipping) are under the retail value (well, as long as I don't get carried away with the bidding!).

It's a fun process. I see now that it can be quite addicting! Searching for items of interest, bidding, checking to see if you're still the highest bidder, re-bidding, ... and winning!

eBay: Take the hook out now!

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Saturday marked the day of my first bid - bids - made on eBay...

Sunday I watched them like a hawk and re-bid as necessary...

I won a few yesterday...

I paid for 2 today...

OMG. A monster has been created...

I'm soooooo hoookkkkkkeeeedddddd!

(The object of my desire: crochet afghan pattern books!)

Ergonomic crochet hooks

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I saw a reference to ergonomic crochet hooks called Clover Soft Touch Crochet Hooks on the web somewhere. I may buy one...or two...

Catching up

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Let's see... (I'll update with pattern names and photos - sometime!)

Since I began working on blankets again in May, I've completed the following crocheted blankets:

  • Plum blanket for living room (to replace the white-and-aqua baby blanket I used as a lap cover)
  • Striped scrap lap blanket in bright colors
  • Mini granny-squares-in-stripes lap blanket in pastels
  • Square lap blankets (2) consisting of one large basic-pattern granny square using brightly colored yarn scraps
  • Granny square blanket in dark blues and greens

Hmmm, I've been just a bit "driven" to use up the scraps!

In addition, Bill finished building the backyard plant benches (painted sage green) and made two planter boxes (painted brick red) for the front yard, painted our bedroom, and painted our bathroom. I found time (in between helping Bill repaint our bedroom and "managing" the bathroom repainting project) to spend an afternoon with Mom at Filoli Center in Woodside (30 miles south of San Francisco) where there is a very large and varied garden! I also went plant shopping at Alden Lane in Livermore and got those plants planted.

Sketch of Cheryl

About Cheryl

Enjoys crocheting, gardening, cats, NASCAR (especially Tony Stewart and Kyle Busch!), reading, photography, snorkeling in Kailua-Kona with sea turtles, Sizzler's Mega Bacon Cheeseburgers, hot and iced decaf coffee, dark chocolate, color (yarn, fabric), playing around with web technologies - not necessarily in that order! Still very much a beginner with quilting, knitting, and sewing. Donates crocheted lap blankets.

List maker, detail-oriented, organized, leans heavily toward perfectionism. ISTJ. Libra.

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