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Below is an index to the pattern books in my collection. The books and individual patterns are not for sale. You may be able to find the pattern you're interested in on eBay or another website by carefully searching Google or another search engine. It is against the law to photocopy and distribute patterns - do not ask.

Cross-stitch books need to be added, as well as information about pattern books I've won from eBay auctions but haven't yet received.

[Updated September 30, 2004] Separated crochet patterns by category.

[Updated January 9, 2005] Added cross-stitch books.

[Updated April 29, 2005] Added "Turtles", "Cats/Kittens", and "Pandas/Bears" categories.

[Updated May 22, 2005] Separated into "Toy, Animals" and "Other" categories.

[Updated June 20, 2005] Added list of crochet hooks.

[Updated June 25, 2005] Added list of special stitches (On the Double, Tunisian, Roll Stitch, Camel, Other) books.

[Updated October 13, 2006] Added sewing and quilting books.

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I am trying to find a pattern for a baby blanket which began w/ four circles in the middle then crocheted around the circles which made it a granny square. do you have this pattern? or know where I can find it?

I need the instructions to the Indian Design Afghan in the Coats & Clark Book 291. Can you e-mail to me or can I buy the book.

Please reply
Phyllis Rice

I have the book but it got damp and some of the lines are hard to read.

I'm trying to find the chart for the Spring Bouquet afghan pattern in Bernat Booklet 132. I would appreciate any help you can give.

I am trying to find the chart to complete the Spring Bouquet afghan shown in Bernat Book 132. I have the book, but need the chart for the cross stich. Please help!

I don't have the chart. The pattern instructions says the chart can be ordered, but the book is very old and I doubt that address is still valid.

I did, however, do a search in Google and found that you can order the chart (aka graph) from this website:

Thanks for the reply. However, I have the book and was looking for the chart. I, too, searched Google and found the site you refer to, but when I tried to order the chart from the Yarn Shoppe that was mentioned as per the Heritage Shoppe site, my mail was returned without being opened and when I called the shop, they were rather curt, saying they no longer had the charts. It seems the chart has fallen off the face of the earth.

I am looking for the Leisure Arts Leaflet 191 Baby's Best... by Helen Passey. I see you have it in your inventory. I am looking for the rainbow afghan pattern. I made it once and have lost the pattern and wish to make it again. Is your book for sale?

I would like to see what the cross stitch picture's look like. Lily of the valley with other thing's in the picture

I need pages 10, 11, 12, 13, of Baby"s Best to Knit and Crochet by Helen Passey
Please send me these four pages and hte price for them. thank you.


I am looking for the Lesiure Art 191 Baby's Best Afghan Book from 1981. Do you know where I can purchase one?


West Chester, OH

Hi, Sandy - Check eBay. That's where I got my copy. I've seen it in at least 7-8 auctions in the last 5 months or so. Search eBay for this item description: baby best knit crochet


I have been looking for years for the cross-stitch pattern and pictures of full "Spring Garden" afghan that was in a leisure arts magazine years ago. They all used Bernat tapestry yarns. Thanks

After years of looking , I found the chart for Spring Bouquet. The only problem is that the pansie sections do not have a good picture to pick wool colours from. It would be nice to find an old Bernat color chart to go by. Chart has the symbols and color name, no number & no good picture to go by. The middle section of lillies and roses is easy.

I don't have the chart for the Spring Bouquet afghan. The pattern instructions says the chart can be ordered, but the book is very old and I doubt that address is still valid.

A month or so ago, I saw an auction on eBay for a completed Spring Bouquet afghan - just like the one in the book. The price was $1,700.00. I don't think it sold, but that person may have had the chart (unless the blanket wasn't made by that person, of course!). I have been unable to find that item again by searching eBay.

I need the My Hometown Quilt pattern. Let me know how much.

Mary Manley

I am trying to find a pattern for the scripter afghan. I started to make one for my daughter and I lost it. If you could find one for me it will be greatly appreciated.

Looking for anything from Juanita Muner!
Thank you,
Here Grandaughter

Annie's Attic 1993 pattern booklet intitled Baby's Heirloom Wardrobe. I've lost the insides to my copy and I use it all the time. Help me find another please!

Has anyone made the afghan from Native American Afghan and Pillows by Dawn Kemp? I have the instruction booklet, but it only shows graphs for 6 squares and the afghan has a total of 9. I have the drum, totem, rug, bow and arrow, peace pipe and vase. Which ones am I missing?

I would like to buy the leaflet 191 Leisure arts
Baby's Best to knit and crochet desigs by helen Passey

I am looking for Leisure Arts Leaflet # 191 Baby's Best to knot and chrochet designs by Hele Passey

Do you know where I can locate it and if so where can I order it and what is the cost?

Hope you can help me. I noticed that you have a pattern book called Native American Afghan and Pillow (cactus and jug). I have been looking for this pattern for some time and recently received part of the pattern. Am missing the first page which contains the instructions for the afghan. Any help will be greatly appreciated.

I'm just today catching up on comments...

None of the patterns I've collected are for sale. And, it is against copyright laws to copy patterns for distribution.

With regard to getting Leisure Arts Baby's Best to Knit and Crochet by Helen Passey (Leisure Arts leaflet #191), Native American Afghan and Pillows (Annie's Attic leaflet #8B017), or any other pattern, book or magazine, I recommend searching eBay or other online auction websites.

You may have to do it for a few weeks or months, but you'll probably find what you're looking for.

Good luck!

Hi, Su Ross - There are only 6 patterns for the 9 squares of the Native American Afghan (Annie's Attic leaflet #8B017). You can choose any of the 6 patterns to repeat to make 9 squares.

I am also looking the first page for the Native American Afghan and Pillows (Jug and cactus). Have checked everywhere I can think of to find. Can anyone help.

I am also looking for Hellen Passey's Leasure Arts leaflet #191 Baby's Best-Crochet Rainbow Blanket,Jacket and booties

I am also looking for the pattern called Native American Afghan and Pillow. Have only part of it. Can someone help me????????/

Iam looking for the Indian Afghan that was in the Mary Maxuim or Herschners booklet about 2 yrs ago. Does any one have this pattern. Or an Indain afghan. Thank you

I'm looking for the Elmore Method, or More Elmore, or a book that describes the Elmore method that I can purchase

I am looking for an afghan pattern by Annie's called Arbor Rose. It is out of print I think. My daughter wants me to make her this afghan and I can't locate the pattern for it. Thank you.

Hi, Brenda - On eBay now, there's a pattern called "Rose Arbor" here:

In the closed auctions on eBay, I found this pattern which you may find available in another eBay auction over time if you make periodic searches for it:

Good luck!

I am also looking for a pattern from Annie's Attic called Arbor Rose. If anyone knows how I can get it please email me at Thank you sooo much :)

I am looking for 2 patterns. Southwest Desert Afghan from Crochet Home Magazine and Conchos and Cacti Southwestern Afghan. If anyone can tell me where I can find these I would appreciate it.

I am looking for a baby afghan that I had made at one time, it had baby spelled out then a heart, it was all single and double crochet, if anyone could come up with a name that I could start searching with, I would be grateful.

Looking for Annie's Attic pattern Baby's Heirloom Wardrobe or similar pattern..pplease email at

I was wondering what book or leaflet the Glendola Hodges snowman, chimney cat ect. patterns came from. I have searched and searched and cannot find any information anywhere? Thanks for your help.

Hi, Raenell - I bought those patterns on eBay. The pages are from a book or a magazine, but there is no information other than page numbers provided on the pages. I have seen a few listings for filet crochet books with designs by Glendola Hodges - it is possible that these patterns could be in one of those books/leaflets, but I don't know which one.

Hi, Linda - I just looked at eBay - There are 3 eBay lists for this pattern. The link to each listing are too long to post here, but I just emailed them to you:

$5.95 current bid price
$34.99 buy it now
$35.00 buy it now

Good luck!

I would like to find this pattern shown on your site. The link is no longer working and there is no pattern at the Coats and Clark website. My search did not give me any further information on where to find the pattern.
Please direct me to where I can find and print this pattern:
Pretty Purses 2 Crochet
Marilyn Coleman
Mary Jane Protus
Coats & Clark LW1369
Free/Coats & Clark website
Thank you.

Hi, Elena - A search for:

"pretty purses" coats

using Google yielded this web page:,frameless.htm


Looking for Crochet By the Sea collection by Barbara Anderson copyright 1983. Would appreciate any help in finding this pattern. Thanks.

Hi Linda - This pattern is available right now on eBay in 1 auction. The current price is $21.06. You could try looking on eBay every week or so until you find it at a price you consider reasonable. Sometimes people don't know the value of what they're listing - I've found rare pattern books included with a bunch of other patterns for a low Buy-It-Now price.

A search using Google showed one website selling 3 of the 9 patterns individually (mermaid, blue crab, lobster). Good luck with your hunt!

i'm looking for a baby blanket ..that has the word baby in the middle of it.. i don't know ..who made ..can you help

thank you robin moore

Hi, Robin - There are several ways a blanket with a word in it can be done. For example, the letters could be cross-stitched onto squares or onto the blanket itself, filet crochet can be used to spell out the word, crochet a square for each letter using Tunisian or double-ended crochet.

For a pattern, I recommend searching Google or keeping an eye on eBay auctions. There are a few websites that list links of free crochet patterns available on the Web.

Here is a pattern for Baby's ABC Blanket:
You could crochet two B squares, one A square, one Y square and the rest of the blanket could be solid (no letter) squares.

Here is a pattern for a Personalized Baby Blanket:
Instead of using the baby's name, you could use the word BABY in lowercase or uppercase or mixedcase letters.

Have fun!

I am still trying to find the chart for the Spring Bouquet afghan in Bernat Booklet 132. Every lead so far has been a dead end. If anyone has anything to offer I would be thrilled to know about it.

Hi, Marianne - As you know, the chart is difficult to find. But it can be obtained depending on how much you want to pay for it and how diligent you are with regular searches.

Tonight, a Google search reveals that the chart for the Spring Bouquet afghan was offered through eBay in an auction that early January 2007:

and another auction that ended early November 2006:

I've seen the chart in other eBay auctions too over the past few years, although I don't see it right now. You can setup an auto-email to you from eBay when an auction is added that matches your search terms - such as: spring bouquet bernat

Good luck!

i am looking for a pattern book. its has one pattern for each month in the year. i cant seem to find it anywhere and i lost the copy my step mom had. if anyone knows what book im talking about please e mail! thanks - rebecca

Hi, Rebecca - There are MANY crochet pattern books with one pattern per month for a year. Here are some afghan books with 12 patterns:

* A Year Of Q-Hook Afghans
* A Year of Teardrop Afghans
* Mile-A-Minutes, Afghans by the Dozen
* Patchwork Afghans Thru The Year, Afghans by the Dozen
* Patchwork Afghans Thru The Year, Book 2
* Ripples, Afghans by the Dozen
* Flowers of the Month Afghan


looking for english instructions for an afgan published by Coats & Clark Inc. copy right 2003 printed in USA 0603 "Corazones y Diamantes" meaning "Hearts & Diamonds" LS1335** (Red Heart Super Saver) please e-mail if anybody have any information. Thank you

I found the Hearts & Diamonds afghan pattern by Marilyn Coleman, published by Coats & Clark, LW 1335 [LW1335], online at (the file is a PDF):

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