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[Updated November 27, 2006: If you have problems printing this web page, try this stripped down version of the page.]

Based on my son's Two-color Reversible Shell Baby Blanket, I created the following pattern for a Two-color Reversible Shells Afghan. They are very close, but not identical. My pattern results in shells that are more centered (symmetry is one of "my things"!) instead of a little off center. My son's blanket was made over 25 years ago. I have no idea what the pattern was or where it is. In fact, I'm not even sure I made the blanket! My Mom thinks she may have made it.

I created a 9-row sample swatch of 8 shells across so I could provide closeup photos of the details, but I left my digital camera at work so that'll have to wait. [UPDATE November 25, 2004 1:10pm - photos added above.]

Pillow covers - In progress

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I've been working on covers for our livingroom pillows since Saturday evening. 3 sides are done (need 10!) and another started last night. No pillows are finished yet, however.

So far, I've made one side in all single crochet, and the 3 other sides in different patterns of basketweave stitches. Single crochet is, um, boring to do and boring to look at - not enough variation IMO (it has its purpose, but not for these pillows!). A double crochet is too loose and shows the inside pillow covering. Combinations of front post double crochets and back post double crochets add texture, visual interest, thickness, and aren't too loose.

I realized Sunday evening that I needed a third skein for each pillow and I needed another set of 3 skeins for the fifth livingroom couch pillow! So, I stopped at Michaels Monday evening and picked up what I needed. The last 3 skeins are Lion Brand Homespun in:

  • Nouveau (chocolate, dark gray and a touch of tan)

(Yarn image and color description are from the Lion Brand website.)

I've decided the pillows will have a different color on each side so I can vary the colors displayed. In other words, instead of making one solid purple pillow cover, there will be purple on one side and, say, burgundy on the other - and another pillow will also have purple on one side and another color on the other. This way, I can display 1 or 2 purple sides, depending on how I'm feeling, how bored I am, etc. Variety is the spice of life! I'm not sure about using multiple colors on a side...it might be too "busy" for my taste.

Because of my gauge changes frequently (from start to finish of a session, and from stitch to stitch, and depending on how I'm feeling!), for most squares I do 3-4 rows, measure for 7.5 inches, then pull it out and try again with a different hook! So, there are a lot of restarts!

Square 8: Chevron Relief Stitch
Hook: G
I was 2/3 done when I really looked at it and realized I was making a parallelogram, not a square! It took another 4 attempts before I got a square!

Square 9: Arch Stitch
Hook: E (plus one multiple of 5)
I didn't want big holes, so I started with G, moved to F, and finally ended up with E. I had to add one multiple of 5 stitches to make the square wide enough with this smaller hook.

Square 10: Offset Cluster
Hook: G

There are a lot of free crochet and knit patterns for ponchos, hats, scarves, mittens, shawls, baby items, and more on the Lion Brand website - check 'em out!

Thread and more yarn

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Because the livingroom pillows (bought in December last year!) have developed holes in the sides, I decided to crochet pillow covers for them. So, of course, I had to buy yarn in the right colors and texture!

A visit to the Jo-Ann Fabrics in Hayward yielded nothing since that store seems to concentrate on quilting and sewing, not crocheting or knitting. So, I headed to the Michaels Craft Store in Union City where I picked up 2 skeins each of Lion Brand Homespun in:

  • Antique (subdued dark reds with a hint of brick combine in a rich mix)
  • Creole (brick, gray, a soupcon [i.e., small trace] of evergreen - the colors of the old French Quarter)
  • Gothic (cool dark purple, accented with black and gray)
  • Plantation (dark greens and browns, with a hint of dark blue-green)

(Yarn images and color descriptions are from the Lion Brand website.)

These colors will match the plum, claret, sage, cream and brown of our living room! I'm going to give the Checkered Pillow pattern a try, and if that doesn't look good in this type of yarn, I'm leaning toward using one or more of the patterns in the 63 Easy-To-Crochet Pattern Stitches Combine to Make an Heirloom Afghan book.

Also on my list to buy were assorted colors of size 10 cotton thread so I can play around with bookmarks and other thread projects. So, I got one of each of Royale Classic Crochet Thread in:

  • Mint (just like Mint ice cream!)
  • Forest Green
  • Wood Violet (light purple)
  • Violet
  • Bridal Blue (light blue but not "baby blue")
  • Navy
  • Cream (more light yellow than off-white)
  • Maize (yellow)
  • Orchid Pink
  • Burgundy

Last November, I bought Red, Green, and White thread for Christmas ornaments I started but didn't finish. So, except for not having Black or any browns or oranges, I now have a nice collection of colors to choose from!

And, lastly, I bought 2 skeins of TLC in Dark Plum to make myself Dot's So Simple Wimple!

Basic patterns for caps for those with cancer etc.:

Another organization to crochet caps for:

Last 2 eBay auctions

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Ah, the last 2 eBay auction purchases arrived in today's mail:

  • Serape Sweater
  • Crochet Cotton Separates (duplicate)

Now that I'm not compulsively surfing eBay for "bargains" anymore, I don't miss it! I may miss getting "presents" in the mail every day or two, though!

Crochet: How to Mark Continuous Rounds

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While hunting around the Michaels Craft Store website, I found an article entitled Using a Long Thread to Mark Continuous Rounds (made available courtesy of Leisure Arts). Excellent suggestion! For the hats I've recently made, I used a plastic do-dah (I don't know what it's really called!) that looks like a fat V with a narrow slit at the top that fits around the stitch to be marked. It worked better than using a small length of yarn for the marker, but still had to be moved with each round and risked falling out! The idea of using a long thread is much easier than the plastic do-dah!

The marking method our pattern testers use involves one long strand of yarn that stays in place as you crochet. You crochet over the strand and move it back on one round and then forward on the next. And it won't fall out! Another great thing about this type of marker is that you can easily find your place again if you're interrupted. If you discover that you've made a mistake on a previous round, you can quickly determine how far back you must remove stitches. After you're finished crocheting, you simply pull out the strand!

Still trailing in

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2 more packages of crochet sweater patterns arrived yesterday and today:

  • Crochet Cotton Separates (cardigan, skirt, jackets, tee, tank)
  • Homespun Sweaters
  • Soft Wear

2 more expected (one is a duplicate of Crochet Cotton Separates). [sarcasm] I've already confessed to going overboard with sweater pattern books on eBay! [/sarcasm]

63 Squares Project Gallery

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I've finally gotten around to creating a gallery for my 63 Squares Crochet Along project!

Ski Cap - Free crochet pattern

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Size (not stretched): 8 inches high laying on its side (without rolled-up bottom); band 20 inches around (stretches a little)
Colors: less than 1 3.5-ounce skeins each Olympic Blue, Jockey Red (Red Heart Classic)
Pattern: My own (see below)
Hook: H
Date: October 2004

These are the new versions of the hats for Eddie's boys (both have 20-inch heads). The pattern is one I made up on the fly. The hat can be made to fit any size head by starting with 1-2 less or more sc for Row 2 (remember that the stitch totals for each row will then be different and you may need to adjust the ends of some rows - try it!).

The wide stripes are 1 row sc, 1 row dc, 1 row sc. The narrow stripes are 2 rows sc. Some of these rows are increasing rows to widen the hat. Some are rows to increase the length (height) of the hat.

Choose whatever colors you want for A and B. Or, use different colors for each stripe. Or, use the same color for the entire hat. Or... Use your imagination!

More stash: 6 pounds of yarn

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Just before dinner, my neighbor dropped off the box of yarn I've been expecting since it was shipped via Parcel Post on Sept. 27! He said the mail carrier delivered it today and left it with him for safe-keeping. Cool! Two each of Red Heart Giant one-pound skeins in Baby Peach, Wine, and Off White. Great for the lap blankets I make and donate!

Two more squares done as of last night!

Square 6: Trinity Stitch
Hook: H (plus one multiple of 2)
This is a very nice stitch! Solid and thick with a nice texture.

Square 7: Alternate Puff Stitch
Hook: G
This pattern appeals to me too! The puffs are difficult to see in the photo so I may try again from a different angle in better light. Done!

Lots of sweater pattern books

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The 3 auctions of 16 crochet sweater pattern books arrived in today's mail. Many of the sweaters are cute! All books are from the 1980s. Only 1 duplicate book!

  • Crocheted Tops in Sport Weight
  • Crocheting Fashion Sweaters for Women
  • Fashioned for Crochet
  • Finn Time by Eila, Volume No. 20
  • Finn Time by Eila, Volume No. 25
  • Finn Time by Eila, Volume No. 31
  • Lace Panel Tops (Crocheted) (this one has a duplicate)
  • Pretzel Sweater
  • Pullovers (Crocheted)
  • Quick Crochet Sweaters and Vests
  • Sizzling Summer Sweaters
  • Sunshine Crochet
  • Sweaters (Crocheted)
  • Timely Tops
  • Year-Round Sweaters

Photos of and information about the pattern books are on the Pattern Books Index: Wearables page.

Latest crochet pattern arrivals

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The eBay buying rush is over! And, the last of my eBay auction winnings are trailing in... Arriving Saturday and today:

  • Blankets & Animal Companions (bear, elephant, dog, cat, lamb, dinosaur)
  • Classy Capes & Cloaks (On the Double)
  • Kountry Kittens (stuffed cats) (These are just so darned cute! An auction just ended for these 7 pattern books at $21.78, and someone else was selling them for $4.50 each! I got 'em all for $0.99!)
    • All Tied Up
    • Granny's Comin'
    • Kitty Bouquet
    • Morning Coffee
    • Peek-A-Boo
    • Spilt Milk
    • Swingin' Kitty
  • Pooh - Little Buddies (Thread Crochet) (Pooh, Eeyore, Tigger, Piglet)
  • Snappy Scrappy Jackets
  • Weather Beaters (scarves, hats, bags, slippers, leg warmers)

Still expecting: 1 auction of yarn (shipped Sept. 27!) and 6 more auctions of pattern books.

Hmmm, if I'd done this research before I made the ski caps for Eddie's boys, they would have (most likely) fit and I wouldn't have had to re-make them!

Measurements are head circumference (size around the head) above the ears where a hat would typically rest.

up to 6 months       16-17 inches
6-18 months          18-19 inches
2-3 years            20-21 inches
4-6 years            21-22 inches
6+ years             22-24 inches

Toddler, 0-5 years   19-21 1/4 inches
Child, 5-8 years     21 1/4-22 inches
Youth, 9-12 years    22 3/8-23 1/8 inches
Adult, 12+ years     22 3/8-24 3/8 inches

Newborn              up to 14-1/2 inches
0-3 months           up to 15 inches
3-6 months           up to 16-1/2 inches
6-9 months           up to 17-1/4 inches
9-12 months          up to 18 inches
12-18 months         up to 19 inches

Small                up to 20 inches
Medium               up to 21 inches
Large                up to 22 inches
X-Large              up to 23 inches

The above figures were compiled from a variety of hat maker and medical websites.

On Friday night, I finally chose colors for the 63 Squares Crochet Along. I'm using Red Heart Classic yarn from my acquired-on-eBay stash in:

  • Wood Brown (in place of Ecru)
  • Cameo Rose (in place of Rose)
  • Forest Green (in place of Green)

And I finally started making squares yesterday! Three were finished in the morning and 2.5 squares in the evening! Go me!

The pattern book says to start with an H hook and switch hooks as necessary to make 7-inch squares. I hold the yarn loosely so my gauge is usually larger - wider and taller - than a pattern's recommended gauge. And, to make things harder, my gauge is taller than it is wide, and the more I crochet in a day, the tighter (or looser) my gauge gets depending on how I'm feeling, how cold or warm my hands are, etc.! So, I'll be adjusting each of the 63 squares as I go along!

After 3 tries (with an H hook, a G hook, and an F hook) at Square 1 Single Crochet, I settled on a 7.5-inch square (instead of the 7-inch square called for by the pattern) before the edging rounds are added.

For now, I'm doing them in order...

Square 1: Single Crochet
Hook: F

Square 2: Half Double Crochet
Hook: G

Square 3: Double Crochet
Hook: G

Square 4: Treble Crochet (aka Triple Crochet)
Hook: G
I may re-make this square using a smaller hook so it isn't so loose and filled with large holes!

Square 5: Front and Back Loop Half Double Crochet
Hook: H (plus one multiple of 2)

Beret for Eddie - Coffee

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Size (not stretched): 11 inches high laying on its side; 8 inches high; band 17 inches around (stretches to 23+ inches); 11.5 inches across the top circle
Colors: Coffee (Red Heart Classic)
Pattern: Beret With Waves (without the waves)
Book: Headline USA - Leaflet 87H54- Designs by Deborah Levy-Hamburg - Copyright 1991 - Annie's Attic
Hook: H
Date: October 2004

Last weekend after completing the ski caps and scarves for Eddie's boys, I started a beret for her...and finished the hat itself but struggled with the directions for the waves. During the week, I started and pulled it out 4 times before finally figuring out what the somewhat vague directions meant! I finished the waves Friday night and pinned them to the hat to see how they looked before sewing them on.

Um, not good. The waves are too big and stiff for the beret. Bill said they made the hat look like a Christopher Columbus hat! And, it did! So, I unpinned the waves and decided to just leave them off. If I try it again on another beret, it'll be with a smaller crochet hook so the waves aren't so bulky.

Eddie and I had coffee this morning at her place. She and the boys were surprised by the hats and scarves! I also brought the waves (not attached to the hat) which Alex enjoyed playing with. So, all is good! The ski caps, of course, did not fit! We measured each child's head with a tape measure I'd brought with me: 20 inches around for each! Mom's head is about 22 inches and dad's is 24 inches. So, they're a big-headed family!! I'll be remaking the kids' hats.

I learned this morning from a reader of this website that 4 patterns I purchased from one eBay seller are most likely illegal copies of copyrighted patterns (unless that person has received permission to re-create hard copies and sell those patterns as their own - which I doubt). I am taking steps to report the person for copyright violations. At least 3 of the 4 patterns are available for free:

Breaking the eBay addiction

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What is your eBay addiction story?


Bad eBay. Bad. I've removed the hook! Finally.

This weekend I realized I needed to stop bidding on eBay! Ding, ding. Hello? Is anyone home? I was browsing around just looking for...whatever...and made minimum bids on 3 auctions for a total of 16 sweater pattern books - which I don't need and probably will make little, if any, use of!

So, I've stopped browsing, stopped looking, stopped bidding... I've even deleted (most) of my favorite searches.

There are other - better! - things I could do with that time! Like make more lap blankets! Like make some of the cute toy or slipper or sweater or vest or...patterns I have... Like take a walk outdoors!

So, the remaining auctions will end within the next 6 days - no more bidding on them. If I get 'em, I'll pay for 'em. If I don't, that'll just have to be OK. There are only so many afghan/sweater/toy/bookmarks/etc. patterns one person needs...

Anyway, these patterns arrived Saturday and today:

  • Baby Bootie Boutique (there's a pair of roller skates!)
  • Christmas Keepsakes (Red Heart)
  • Corner Bookmarks To Crochet
  • Cuddle Toys (including a cat and panda)
  • Gypsy Vest Accessory Book II, The
  • Friendly Frogs (I think I have a "thing" for green!)
  • Happy Monster (green, of course!)
  • Muffin Twins (similar to Raggedy Ann and Andy)
  • Roly-Poly Toys (including a cat and turtle!)
  • Ted & Tina Turtle (yes, a pair of green stuffed turtles!)

New site design: Tommy Turtle

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Isn't Tommy Turtle just too cute! I couldn't resist making him this site's new header.

Size Larger Cap (Blue with Red) (not stretched): 6 inches high laying on its side; band 16 inches around (stretches a little)
Size Smaller Cap (Red with Blue) (not stretched): 5 inches high laying on its side; band 15 inches around (stretches a little)

[UPDATE 5:35pm Oct. 18, 2004: These caps are too small and have been pulled apart and re-made to appropriate toddler head sizes.]

Size each Scarf: 5 inches wide x 43 inches long
Colors: less than 2 3.5-ounce skeins each Olympic Blue, Jockey Red (Red Heart Classic)
Patterns: My own
Hook: H
Date: October 2004

Friday evening, I decided to make a ski cap and scarf for each of Eddie's boys (1+ and 3+ years old). I finished hiding yarn ends for the last item this morning after breakfast. I have no idea if the caps will fit, but I think (hope!) they're big enough. If not, I'll just make them larger! The 1-year-old is large for his age so his hat is almost as large as his brother's - or, they could switch 'em!

Bill's Black Ski Cap


Size (not stretched): 6.5 inches high laying on its side; band 21 inches around (stretches just a little)
Colors: Black (Red Heart Classic) (less than 1 3.5-ounce skein)
Pattern: USA, My Home Hat (modified to make it longer and to use a narrow band in a plainer style)
Book: Headline USA - Leaflet 87H54- Designs by Deborah Levy-Hamburg - Copyright 1991 - Annie's Attic
Hook: G
Date: October 2004

Bill asked me to make him a black "fisherman's cap" Friday evening when he saw me working on ski caps and scarves for my friend Eddie's two boys. So, I did! Started and finished today.

Tommy Turtle, stuffed crocheted animal


Size: 17 inches wide x 26 inches long x 6.5 inches high
Colors: Red Heart Paddy Green, Forest Green, Emerald, Candy (multi)
Pattern: Tommy Turtle
Book: Marshall Cavendish Limited, Deck 9, 1985
Hook: G
Date: October 2004

Because I overstuffed his body, Tommy's shell was initially too small. So, I made 9 more motifs and added them to the shell, but then each side looked like it was missing a chunk...so I made 2 more motifs. When all were assembled, I placed the shell on top of his body and discovered the shell was too big! So, I put Tommy aside and allowed myself to get distracted by Tj's shawl and beret.

Thursday after dinner, I made up my mind what needed to be done with Tommy's shell: remove 3 motifs from one end. That meant digging out yarn ends I'd already hidden, pulling out connecting and edging borders around those motifs, recreating connecting edges and borders around the remaining motifs that had been attached to the 3 removed ones. It took about 2.5 hours, but it was well worth the effort since the shell is now more in proportion to Tommy's body! Then, he got his eyes and mouth and was finished!

Tommy Turtle came to work with me Friday to show himself off. He watched me work the whole day and came home with me for the weekend so I could take photos for this site. Right now, I think he'll live in my office at work and keep me company!

Google doesn't seem to like this site

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Google doesn't seem to want to index anything but the first page of this site. Why?

I recently read an article about how make your site more search-engine friendly and made some changes (using links on titles, using more descriptive titles, etc.). Then I resubmitted the site URL to Google. I'm still not listed, although I see the home page was visited again on October 4 (it's in their cache).

I get hits from Yahoo and MSN.

What's up? Has this site been banned for some reason?

[Update early November 2004] All better now. I'm not sure what worked but I made a few changes a few weeks ago:

  • Removed .htaccess commands preventing indexing of the images directory on this domain
  • Removed robots.txt commands preventing Google from indexing images on this domain
  • Used suggestions in Optimizing your Movable Type blog for Google
  • and maybe a few other changes I don't remember now...

More non-afghan crochet patterns

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These crochet patterns arrived today:

  • Summer Crochet (Patons Classics) (shawl, twin set, tank top, v-neck tunic)
  • Chester the Spider (and his spider web)
  • Cuddly Cats To Crochet (stuffed cats)
  • Pretty Purses
  • Santa Hat

[Updated 6:00pm October 14, 2004]

I learned this morning that the last 4 patterns above which I purchased from one eBay seller are most likely illegal copies of copyrighted patterns (unless that person has received permission to re-create hard copies and sell those patterns as their own - which I doubt). I have removed the name of the eBay seller from this entry and am taking steps to report the person for copyright violations. At least 3 of the 4 patterns are available for free:

Four Granny Squares


A few weeks ago, I created these 4 granny squares on-the-fly using stitches I've picked up over the years. As you can see, they are very similar and are well coordinated for a blanket or shawl or slippers or whatever granny-square item you desire!

The patterns will be published on this site...as soon as I get them written down.

Because Mom and I like Eeyore and Mom likes Tigger...and the auction came with both the book and a yarn kit for Tigger, I made the mininum bid on the pair - and won! The package arrived in today's mail:

  • Pooh & Friends (crocheted stuffed Pooh, Tigger, Eeyore, and Piglet) (the yarn patterns, not the thread patterns)
  • Mary Maxim's Pooh & Friends Yarn Kit for Tigger, Number 4135, size 18 inches high (sitting)

What will I do each evening after I learn to control this eBay impulse buying!?

2004_1005shawl1.jpg 2004_1005shawl2.jpg 2004_1005shawl3.jpg

Easy and Fast Shawl

Pattern by Cheryl Lambert, 2004. Initially based on, but modified a lot for the N hook, Style No. 2338-220 from Bernat's All Shawls, Leaflet 220, Copyright 1976.

Yarn: Caron Cozi 7 2.5-ounce skeins
Hook: N
Size (not stretched): 8 inches high laying on its side; band 18 inches around (stretches to 23 inches); 11.5 inches across the top circle
Gauge: 4 sc = 2 inches; 4 sc rows = 2 inches

Row 1: ch 3 loosely, join with sl st to form ring.

Row 2: ch 3, * yo, insert hook in center of ring, yo and draw up a loop 2/3 inch long, yo and pull through 3 loops on hook, ch 1 (long hdc made), repeat from * twice more, ch 2, turn (3 ch 1 spaces).

Row 3: 2 long hdc in first space (inc st made), * 1 long hdc in next space, repeat from * to last space, 1 inc st in same space, ch 2, turn (5 ch 1 spaces).

Beret (hat, cap) - Free crochet pattern

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2004_1005beret1.jpg 2004_1005beret2.jpg

Beret (hat, cap)

Pattern by Cheryl Lambert, 2004. Initially based on, but modified a lot for the N hook, the White Mohair Beret from Annie's Attic Headline USA, Leaflet 87H54, Copyright 1991.

Yarn: Caron Cozi 2 2.5-ounce skeins
Hook: N
Size (not stretched): 8 inches high laying on its side; band 18 inches around (stretches to 23 inches); 11.5 inches across the top circle
Gauge: 4 sc = 2 inches; 4 sc rows = 2 inches

Note: Work in continuous rounds; do not join or turn unless otherwise stated. Mark first st of each round (important for keeping track of where you are!).

Round 1: ch 4, sl st in first ch to form ring, 8 sc in ring (8 sc).

Round 2: 2 sc in each st around (16).

Size (not stretched): 8 inches high laying on its side; band 18 inches around (stretches to 23 inches); 11.5 inches across the top circle
Colors: Marbled Taupe (Caron Cozi) (less than 2 2.5-ounce skeins)
Pattern: White Mohair Beret (pattern adjusted for N hook)
Book: Headline USA - Leaflet 87H54- Designs by Deborah Levy-Hamburg - Copyright 1991 - Annie's Attic
Hook: N
Date: October 2004

It's the cutest thing! (The hat! Not the model! The model is my office fan at work.)

After finishing Tj's shawl Monday evening, I started on the beret I wanted to make to go with the shawl. So I could see the yarn threads through the yarn fuzz, I used a hook larger than the one intended by the pattern (an N instead of a J) and needed to skip lots of increasing rows and guess at where to begin decreasing. I think Tj's head is big - like my head! - so since the hat fits me snuggly, it should fit her! If not, I'll be able to adjust it.

Crocheted Shawl for Tj - Marbled Taupe

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Size (not stretched): 78 inches across; 40 inches top to bottom
Colors: Marbled Taupe (Caron Cozi) (less than 7 2.5-ounce skeins)
Pattern: Style No. 2338-220 (pattern adjusted for N hook)
Book: All Shawls - Leaflet 220 - Designer not specified - Copyright 1976 - Bernat
Hook: N
Date: October 2004

I started Tj's shawl late Sunday morning using a Q hook instead of the J hook called for by the pattern (I couldn't see through all the yarn fuzz and needed a larger hook, which meant the pattern needed to be adjusted), got it almost done when I ran out of yarn by around 4:00pm, dashed to Michaels for 3 more skeins of Cozi in Marbled Taupe - and N and P hooks (at Bill's suggestion since he thought the holes in the shawl pattern were too big with the Q hook). With a new skein of yarn, I started another shawl with the N hook so I could see which I liked better...

Of course, I liked the N-hook shawl better! I ended up pulling out the first shawl to use that yarn on the new one. Just before I got halfway down one side of the border, I again ran out of yarn! Damn! The pattern calls for 5 ounces of Bernat 3-ply fingering yarn. I had already used 6 2.5-ounce skeins (15 ounces!) of Caron Cozi ("Bulky Weight Fashion Yarn") and needed another half skein! At $4.99 per skein, this is an expensive shawl! Harrumph.

So, I stopped by Michaels on the way home from work yesterday to buy 3 more skeins - since I also want to make a beret from the Headline USA book for Tj.

I finished the shawl and and the beret last night!!! They look so good! There's 1 full skein of yarn left to use for...whatever!

Toy and Vest crochet pattern books

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Arriving in today's mail from eBay auctions:

  • Toys to Knit and Crochet (there's a crocheted turtle pattern too!)
  • Weekend Vests

Giving away these pattern books


[Update as of October 10: Available pattern books have been claimed. Thank you!]

I know I won't use the following crochet pattern books. I'm sure they'll be of interest to someone else so I'm giving them away to the first person(s) to make a comment on this entry indicating you want one or two or...all of these books. Do not leave your mailing address in your comment! I will email you later and you can then send me your mailing address. These books are being given way - they are free.

  • Baby's Pets (stuffed dogs, bears, lamb)
  • Crocheted Country Coasters
  • Holiday Holders (thread crochet)
  • Hot Pads for All Seasons
  • Lovely Wreaths (thread crochet)
  • Teddy Bear Wardrobe (thread crochet)

lovelywreathstocrochet.jpg Taken by Kari

teddybearwardrobe.jpg Taken by Dorothy

babyspets.jpg Taken by Rebecca

countrycoasters.jpg Taken by Lily

holidayholders.jpg Taken by Lily

hotpadsallseasons.jpg Taken by Michelle

[Updated 6:40am October 5]

Rebecca, Lily, Michelle - I'll be contacting you by email later today...

More non-afghan crochet patterns books

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12 crochet pattern books from 2 eBay auctions arrived today, 11 from a combined auction I won for $2.91! Deals like that keep me looking at newly-listed eBay auctions!

  • 3 Dozen & One Bookmarks (seeing Donna's Pink Tulips Bookmark got me interested in crocheted bookmark patterns!)
  • Combined auction:
    • A Dozen Doily Dishcloths
    • Baby Blankets with Animal Hoods (dog, bear, rabbit, cat)
    • Baby's Pets (stuffed dogs, bears, lamb)
    • Crocheted Bookmarks
    • Crocheted Country Coasters
    • Holiday Holders
    • Holiday Magnets (pins too)
    • Hot Pads for All Seasons
    • Lovely Wreaths
    • Simple Slippers
    • Teddy Bear Wardrobe

Two more non-afghan patterns just arrived in today's mail:

  • Kitty Basket Cover
  • Tunics & Tops

Size: (Unknown - blanket was donated in November 2004 without remembering to measure it first)
Colors: Variegated Purple, White
Pattern: Basic Granny Square
Book: None
Date: September 2004

Pictured in the first photo are Bubba (top left) and Cleo (top right).

This basic granny square lap blanket uses scrap fuzzy-like yarn in variegated purple and white, including two different brands of white (I thought they were close enough in texture and color). I was going to add a border around it, but there isn't enough of either of the white or of the multi-purple yarn. Since I haven't found white yarn that matches, I've decided to leave it borderless.

These pattern books arrived in yesterday's mail:

  • Annie's Favorite Quick & Easy Projects (I wanted the Fun and Games Bag pattern (checkers, dominoes, tic-tac-toe), but there are a lot of interesting patterns in this book)
  • Big Book of Slippers

Tommy Turtle - In progress

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(1, 2) Tommy Turtle with his shell positioned near his head (where it's supposed to be). His butt hangs out a lot!

(3, 4) Tommy with his shell centered on his back. His butt still hangs out!

I bought more polyester fiberfill last night and finished stuffing Tommy, sewed on his tail and legs - and then realized I had overstuffed his body when I discovered his shell was too small!!! He was going to suffer from a cold butt if I didn't make his shell larger, so I made 9 additional motifs and will add them to his shell this weekend. Instead of a roundish shell, he'll have an oval one! He will hopefully be completed and ready to come to work with me Monday morning!

Checkered Pillow crochet pattern

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While surfing the web this week, I ran into a link to this easy-to-make Checkered Pillow pattern (it may have been at Crochetville). I love the texture!

Added a new category: Acquisitions

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I plan to do a bit of mostly behind-the-scenes reorganizing of this site. I've just added a new category called Acquisitions (for entries about the patterns and yarn I've been buying) and have moved many entries from Crochet: General into it.

Tommy Turtle - In progress

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I began stuffing Tommy last night, but ran out of polyester fiberfill! A visit to Michaels is on my list for tonight or tomorrow! I also need black felt to make his eyes and mouth.

Fun with yarn

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Oh, goody! Five boxes containing 150 skeins of yarn won from eBay auctions arrived via UPS yesterday! I was so delighted!! It's so fun to just look at the colors and think of all the project possibilities! I even called Mom and she came over to checkout my new "yarn store" - not that I'm selling any or that I have the type or variety of yarn that seems to be more in demand now. I use worsted weight 4-ply yarn in Red Heart, Caron, Perfect Match, etc. brands for the lap blankets I make (and other items I want to start making) for charitable organizations.

The eBay seller also included a nice-sized bag of scrap yarn in each of the boxes! Very sweet of her!

Now, I have several columns of plastic tubs and copy-paper boxes full of yarn stacked 4-5 high in my craft room, as well as two full lateral file cabinet drawers. Yikes. I did find places to store it all after all!

These kids-related patterns arrived in yesterday's mail:

  • Gameboard Afghan (single pattern, with checkers and dice)
  • Pillow Pets (Red Heart)

I disovered that there's a turtle pattern in the Pillow Pets booklet!

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List maker, detail-oriented, organized, leans heavily toward perfectionism. ISTJ. Libra.

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