Squares 11 through 39 - 63 Squares Crochet Along

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I've been having fun working on squares for the 63 Squares Heirloom Afghan! I've decided to keep this blanket instead of giving it away. It'll be much too big for a lap blanket (although I could make several lap blankets with the 63 squares!), but I want to keep it to remember the great patterns and Bill needs a blanky to cuddle up with on the couch!

I'm working on the 50th square now, but have photos ready for squares 11 through 39 (minus 17 when I noticed the square's edging was on the wrong side! - I'll add it below later).

Speaking of photo taking, it's not bright enough in the morning before work or when I get home to take photos in natural daylight without flash (which flattens out patterns and texture), so I'll be taking photos of projects on weekends for a while (unless I decide to bring squares to work and take the photos there during a break or at lunch...!) Many of the photos below are blurry. I ran out of steam and may (or may not) re-do the worst ones.

As you can see, some of the squares are a bit lop-sided. That'll work itself out when the squares are put together for the blanket.

Square 11: Horizontal Relief Stitch
Hook: H

Square 12: Open Ridge Stitch
Hook: H (with extra row of sc left and right sides)

Square 13: Bushy Stitch
Hook: G (with first row of edging combo of sc/hdc instead of sc to make curvy shell edges straighter)

Square 14: Seed Stitch
Hook: G (with extra row of sc left and right sides)

Square 15: Afghan Square
Hook: F

Square 16: Granny Square
Hook: H (with extra row of sc on 4 sides)

Square 17: Cluster Square
Hook: G

Square 18: Woven Relief Stitch
Hook: H

Square 19: Circle in a Square
Hook: F (with extra row of sc on 4 sides)

Square 20: Plain Square
Hook: H

Square 21: Flower Square
Hook: H

Square 22: Cross Stitch
Hook: H

Square 23: Slant Stitch
Hook: H

Square 24: Climbing Shells
Hook: H

Square 25: Aligned Shells
Hook: H

Square 26: Simple Shell Stitch
Hook: G

Square 27: Block and Offset Shell Stitch
Hook: G

Square 28: Boxed Shell Stitch
Hook: E (plus one multiple of 5)

Square 29: Alternate Spike SC
Hook: G (using 22 chains, not 26)

Square 30: Eyelet Lace
Hook: F (plus one multiple of 6)

Square 31: Check Stitch
Hook: G

Square 32: Aligned Cobble Stitch
Hook: G

Square 33: Silt Stitch
Hook: G

Square 34: V Stitch
Hook: G (plus one multiple of 3)

Square 35: Twin Stitch
Hook: G

Square 36: Little Crowns
Hook: F

Square 37: Popcorn Braid
Hook: G

Square 38: Diagonal Popcorn
Hook: G

Square 39: Popcorn Diamond
Hook: G

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