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Now this is what I call an organized craft room: Doodle-head's (aka Melissa) Craft Room Reorganization photos, complete with a layout planning map! Hmmm, I thought I was detailed!

Melissa's sense of organization also shows in the sidenav of her cross-stitch projects page. Oh, and, checkout her The StRIP List: Stash Reduction Implementation Plan chart!

I'm in awe. (This is not sarcastic! I really am impressed.)

I have many more large tubs of yarn and a smaller (much smaller) collection of patterns and miscellaneous craft materials (which I consider separate from my photography-related materials). In the past week or so, I've been itching to figure out how I want to better see what I have. Current ideas are:

  • Get more large, clear plastic tubs to replace the copy paper boxes and not-clear tubs; then, use the not-clear tubs to store "done" lap blankets before donation
  • Label tubs, boxes, drawers of yarn
  • Use open shelving with boxes/squares built-in or squares of wire shelving (but I'm concerned about cat hair and dust)
  • Group yarns by type (done a while back, but new stash means doing it again)
  • Group yarns by type and color
  • Group yarns by purpose
  • Get large and medium and small clear plastic zippered bags (like the ones bedspreads and bed sets come in).

I'm very satisfied with my pattern book organization method: 3-ring binders (appropriately labeled) containing patterns organized by type (for example, Holidays, Wearables: Sweaters, Wearables: Other, Toys/Other, Babies/Children). Pattern books use 3-hole 12-inch or 11-inch "bookkeeper" or "magazine" tabs, and individual patterns use 3-hole heavy-weight sheet protectors.

Frequently-used crochet hooks and related tools (snippers (scissors), yarn needles, stitch counters, markers, safety pins) are kept in a 4-inch wooden box on our livingroom table next to my crocheting workspace. All other hooks and tools are currently stored on top of the lateral file cabinet in my craft room. I'd like to move them to a small clear plastic tub if I can find one long enough for the double-ended crochet hook.

Since Mom wasn't using it anymore, I snagged the wooden box from her one afternoon - it was one of the wooden boxes she used for storing her craft tools etc. while I was growing up.

[Updated 5:15pm]

Now that I'm home... Reality strikes!

There are 12 copy paper boxes. And 4 large opaque (a better word than "not-clear") plastic tubs. Not very cost-effective for replacement: I estimate 10-12 clear plastic tubs would be needed (assuming about 2 copy paper boxes to a tub), at approximately $8.00-$10.00 per tub is about $100.00.

So, I'll probably just organize the contents of the boxes and tubs and tape a label to the outside.

(Seen in the weekend newspaper ad...) Office Depot currently has a sale on plastic storage carts with 3 clear plastic drawers ($9.97 instead of $24.97). Depending on their size, one or more of these may handle the tools and smaller amounts of specific types of yarn.

[Update 7:17pm]

We just got home from Home Depot and Office Depot. I've definitely decided (for now, anyway!) to keep the boxes and opaque tubs, but reorganize the yarn by type, color, and project and then label, label, label. I did buy 3 of the plastic 3-drawer storage carts - the long double-ended crochet hook fits with room to spare. I hope to have the desire/energy this weekend to tackle the organization project!

[Update January 12, 2005 7:00am]

At Bill's suggestion, I've decided to replace the photography materials now stored in the steel cabinet in the craft room with yarn. The cabinet has adjustable shelves, as well as doors that can be opened so I can see what's there. Most of the photography materials will be moved onto a pair of white wire shelves in my home office, and the stuff that's on those shelves now will be sorted into discard and keep piles; the keep pile will be stored in one or more of the 4 opaque plastic tubs. Whew. Lots of work to do!

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