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My Girls

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While crocheting Sunday afternoon last weekend, I just had to take these photos of The Girls napping! The first photo is Jasmine keeping one eye open as she naps with Dad (my hubby Bill). The second and third photos are Cleo sound asleep (no one-eyed sleeping for her!) on the couch next to where I sit to crochet. She's The Baby who can do no wrong!

"Boyfriend" Stuffed Cat Toy for Ann's Cat


Size: 3-5 inches x 15 inches
Color: 4-ply worsted scrap yarn
Pattern: My own
Hook: D
Date: February 2005
Time to make: About 5 hours

Bill told his sister Ann about the "Boyfriend" I made for The Girls, and she asked for one for her new cat. So, here it is covered with catnip. To keep our cats from slobbering all over it before we take it over to Ann's place, I've put it in a plastic bag!

My Mom wants one for her cat, Callie, too!


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I got so much done during my 4-day weekend last week! Due to a migraine I had most of the time Tuesday through yesterday, I'm worn out now and just want to sit and crochet all weekend.

I'm working on an afghan for my son's girlfriend - he said she liked bold colors and abstract art so I'm making a granny square blanket with each square a different pattern and different color or set of colors. Originally, I was going to use Burgundy to tie it all together, but now I'm leaning toward Black because it's a much better unifying color.

If it isn't rainy this weekend and if the sun is out and if it isn't cold and if I feel like it, I plan to get some or all of the gardening tasks done this weekend that I didn't get done last weekend due to continuous rainy days.

If there's a sunshine day this weekend, I also want to make curtains for my office window from the Hawaiian-patterned fabric I bought last weekend (sunshine means I don't have to sit in a darkish room while I nervously use the sewing machine!).

So far, though, sitting on my butt crocheting sounds good - alternating with eating, snacking, watching TV, and sleeping of course!

I don't know whether I'll go or not (especially since I'm not a member of CGOA...hmmm, can non-members attend?), but I'm noting it here since it is a local event for me!

CGOA's National Conference
Chain Link 2005
July 20-24, 2005
Oakland, California

It's raining

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Rain, rain, go away... Come again another day.

It's raining and may continue for the next few days. So, no gardening. Poor plants...they need some lovin'.

Crochet pattern books donated to BARC

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Again, I felt the need to reduce my crochet pattern collection a bit by books I know I'm not going to use. Mom wants to have 6 of the afghan pattern books I don't want, and 8 pattern books for sweaters and 1 afghan book will be given to the Bay Area Rapid Crocheters (BARC) (a local chapter of the Crochet Guild of America (CGOA)) for their resources library.

To Mom:

  • A Bouquet of Bernat Afghans to Knit and Crochet, Book 160, Copyright 1968
  • Afghans, Coats & Clark, Book 238, Copyright 1974
  • Afghans by Columbia Minerva, Book 742, Copyright N/A
  • Afghans Old & New Favorites, Coats & Clark, Book 255, Copyright 1976
  • Afghans to Crochet, Coats & Clark, Book 291, Copyright 1985
  • The Afghan Book, Leisure Arts, Leaflet 63, Copyright 1975


  • Crocheted Lace Panel Tops, Leisure Arts, Leaflet 733, Copyright 1989
  • Crocheted Sweaters, American School of Needlework, Book 1046, Copyright 1986
  • Crocheting Fashion Sweaters for Women (cardigans, pullovers, vests), Dover Needlework Series, Copyright 1986
  • Fashioned for Crochet (sweaters), Leisure Arts, Leaflet 664, Copyright 1988
  • Gypsy Vest Accessory Book II, The (vests, boleros, skirts, poncho, tunic), Jack Frost, Volume 76, Copyright 1970
  • Quick Crochet Sweaters and Vests, Leisure Arts, Leaflet 347, Copyright 1985
  • Sunshine Crochet (sweaters), Patons, Book 512, Copyright 1986
  • Teach Yourself Afghan Stitch, Leisure Arts, Leaflet 122, Copyright 1978
  • Year-Round Sweaters to Crochet, Phoenix, Book 705, Copyright 1987

To dos for 4-day weekend

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(On a break at work...)

For President's Day, the college observes a 4-day holiday weekend so I'm off Friday through Monday. Hmmm, I may have already overbooked myself - and it's only Wednesday! Some of these will be done (hopefully) before Friday...

  1. Done - Check-in with Eddie re her move this weekend - Wed.
  2. Done - Get a b-day card for Greg, enclose a check, and mail it to him - Fri.
  3. Done - Make Friday appointment to fix recall on my car - call Thursday - Thu.
  4. Done - Get recall fixed on my car Friday - Fri.
  5. Done - Rent a few movies at Blockbuster for the long weekend - Fri.
  6. Watch those movies! (2 done Sun., 1 to go)
  7. Done - Put away miscellaneous patterns I've recently accumulated - Sat.
  8. Done - Pay joint bills - Sat.
  9. Done - Balance joint and my checkbooks - Sat.
  10. Done - Make copy of Melissa Etheridge's CD Lucky to keep in my car - Fri.
  11. Post photos of V-Day hearts
  12. Done - Take photos of Ann's cat toy - Sun., and...
  13. Post
  14. Take photos of Spotted Boxes blanket, and...
  15. Post
  16. Take photos of glass head with and without wimple, and...
  17. Post
  18. Done - PetSmart: cat nip and Iams Ocean Fish canned food (Cleo's fav!) - Wed.
  19. Done - Rub cat nip onto the toy for Ann's cat and put in a sealable plastic bag (to keep my girls away from it!) - Wed.
  20. Done - Vacuum Mom's PC - Fri., and...
  21. Done - Return to her - Fri.
  22. Done - Give unwanted crochet afghan pattern books to Mom - Fri.
  23. Done - Email David re Mom's PC by Monday (working or not) - Mon.
  24. Done - Take unwanted crochet sweater pattern books to BARC - Fri.
  25. Done - Checkout fleece (on sale) at Jo-Ann's to cover my office window at work (to protect my eyes from glare) - Got two patterns of cool Hawaiian-themed fabric, so the window covering will block more light (twice the thickness!), the window displays a nice pattern from inside my office as well as outside my office facing the Quad, and I can switch from one side/pattern to the next at will by turning the curtain rod around! - Fri.
  26. Done - If get window covering, get a curtain rod at Orchard Supply - Fri.
  27. Done - Get lawn fertilizer/weed killer combo product, Round Up, and more rose/flower fertilizer at Orchard Supply - Fri.
  28. Done - Review my budget and make adjustments as needed - Fri.
  29. Done - Re-write my budget-and-savings account check register to separate budget expenses and savings monies, or figure how much in this account is savings and .. - Fri.
  30. Done - Open ING Direct account - Fri.
  31. After ING Direct account verified, transfer savings there
  32. Done - Go through 2004 receipts, returned checks, bills etc. and file, shred or discard papers - Sat. and Sun.
  33. Done - Go through Joint bill drawer and file, shred or discard papers - Sat.
  34. Done - Go through my bill drawer and file or shred or discard papers - Sun.
  35. Done - Go through old bank statements and checks (some from 1986!) - Sun., and shred everything up to January 2001 (save last 4 years)
  36. Go through old tax returns and accompanying papers, and shred everything up to January 1998 (save last 7 years)
  37. Done - Go through 2004 financial statements and any other possibly deductible items to prepare for taxes - Sun.
  38. Done - Install TaxCut software and download updates as needed - Mon.
  39. Done - Prepare Excel spreadsheet of income/expenses for freelance work - Mon.
  40. Done - Do our taxes! - Drafts done - Mon.
  41. Fertilize backyard plants in pots and ground
  42. Clean front porch bench
  43. Pull weeds in front and back
  44. Put out ant stakes around front and back
  45. Remove 3 rose bushes from the pots they were put into last weekend, cover the pot's drainage holes with coffee filters (which I forgot to do before!), and re-plant them into the pots
  46. Move 2 remaining rose bushes from ground into pots
  47. Pull out 4 climbing rose plants, package for delivery to Paula, and ...
  48. Deliver them to her hopefully sometime this weekend
  49. Look at container plants, decide which to keep/transplant/discard, and then do it
  50. Clean out gardening cabinet
  51. Wash gardening gloves
  52. Clean gardening tools
  53. Invoice 2 long-time, occasional freelance clients I haven't invoiced for 6+ months
  54. Package safely and send Ed his mother's framed pictures - HOLD
  55. Wash my car
  56. Done - Do something about my printer that doesn't work - like buy a new one! - Ordered a Canon PIXMA iP3000 Photo Printer from Amazon - Fri.
  57. Done - Have Mom come over to help me think out sewing the curtains together (first-time that I am!) - Fri.
  58. Watch Alias taped Wednesday evening
  59. Done - Watch Numb3rs taped Friday evening - Sat.
  60. Done - Watch Daytona 500 with Bill on Sunday! - Sun.
  61. Done - Go through my email inbox and delete, hold, or take care of messages - Sat.
  62. Done - Wash, dry, fold 3 loads of laundry - Sat.
  63. Done - Watch The L Word taped Sunday evening - Mon.
  64. Done - With sewing machine, make sections in pocket of Bill's shop apron - Mon.
  65. Start an Excel spreadsheet for 2005 freelance income/expenses

Additions will be made (started with 31) and put in order for tracking purposes... Because I'm just that way sometimes...!

Hmmm, not a bit of crocheting is mentioned, but I'll fit that in too!

Hearts for Valentine's Day

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Size: Most are approximately 4 inches x 5 inches
Colors: Variety
Pattern: Adjusted from a heart pattern using thread
Hook: G, H, I depending on the yarn
Date: February 2005

I had a lovely time today distributing crocheted hearts in a variety of color combinations to 18 people I work with and 1 to my friend Paula whom I met for coffee today! I took photos of the hearts, but of course left my camera at work so the photos will be posted later.

[February 28, 2005] Photos finally posted! The blue one was made for Deb with yarn leftover from the afghan I made for her. The red Homespun heart was made for Corinne with yarn leftover from the afghan I made for her, and the burgundy Homespun heart was made for Corinne's co-worker Mary from other leftover yarn.

The weekend


Yesterday I got a lot done... Today I've gotten nothing done. Oh well.

Yesterday... I was up around 7:00am, piddled around on the computer, took a shower, ate a peanut butter sandwich for breakfast and skimmed the newspaper; hung up about 20 items of clean clothing piled up on my dresser; stripped sheets off our bed and started the laundry; drove to Oakland where I donated blood; then I shopped at two different Orchard Supply Hardware stores for rose soil, flower seeds, and 3 16-gallon black plastic plant pots; ate leftover Friday night's dinner at La Imperial in Hayward for lunch and watched a little TV; mixed rose and flower fertilizer and poured it over the 5 rose bushes and all flowers in the front yard and pots on the front porch; pruned 9 rose bushes in the backyard, transplanted 3 of the 5 non-climbing varieties from the not-sunny-enough area into the 16-gallon pots, and positioned the pots on the very sunny side of the backyard; ran out of energy to transplante the remaining 2; took a long hot shower; watched TV and continued crocheting hearts for people at work (a project started Thursday evening) while waiting for Bill to come home from work; had a lovely and yummy early Valentine's Day dinner with Bill at Horatio's at the San Leandro Marina (we were seated at the same window table where we sat for our 14th anniversary dinner in September!); with Bill, put the sheets back on our bed; watched some of the pre-Daytona racing events we'd taped earlier in the day and Friday night's taped Numb3rs while I crocheted more hearts; and went to sleep around 10:00pm. I felt busy and productive!

So far today... I woke up around 8:30am, cuddled in bed with Cleo and Bubba until 9:00am, piddled online a little, debated whether to continue working on the roses, decided not to, took a shower, left a message for Paula asking whether she wants the 4 climbing roses from the not-sunny-enough area of our backyard, made pancakes for my breakfast (yes, I actually cooked something!), skimmed through the newspaper, watched TV and petted Cleo and Jasmine who had so kindly plopped themselves on my lap, developed the beginning of a migraine, ate a lot of Cheez-It crackers, took one Excedrin for Migraines pill, tried to nap on the couch and watch qualifying for the Daytona 500 next weekend, helped neighbor Dee register her Entertainment Book online when she stopped by, continued napping and watching TV, gave up napping, went to the corner store to buy a Diet Dr. Pepper (I ran out Thursday!) and bought a warm 12-pack because they didn't have any singles; talked with Bill when he called to say he was still at work and would be there a while longer; piddled online some more; watched TV and drank two cans of Diet Dr. Pepper over ice while finishing the 19 crocheted hearts to take to work tomorrow; and returned to the computer to make this entry. I feel like a tired slug. Bah!

Exciting day, huh?

I wanted to take photos of the red and white Spotted Boxes Lap Blanket I finished last week and post them here, shop for thick fabric or a fleece blanket or something to cover my office window at work, clean the cat hair and dust off the front porch bench, straighten up my home office, file away crocheted patterns recently added to my collection, wash my car, and more.

It's 5:30pm, Bill's still not home from work, and I'm headed back to the TV and my crochet hook now that I've made this fascinating entry about my weekend!

I think I'm in love with Tony Stewart



It's grown slowing during the last few years while watching NASCAR with Bill. The dark hair... brown eyes... smile... scruffy beard... The Bad Boy image...

I think I'm in love with NASCAR driver Tony Stewart. Born May 20, 1971, he's just about 8 1/2 years younger than me...which doesn't make me a cradle-robber (does it?). Hmmm, he is, however, a few months shy of being 8 years older than my son...

Bill knows I have this crush. He just laughs. He's a Jeff Gordon fan, and his friend Doug is a Dale Earnhardt Jr. fan. There's a nice bit of competition in the air during the NASCAR season.

While walking around Michaels Craft Store after lunch with Paula on Saturday, I spotted a Tony Stewart coloring book for $1.00! I just had to have it! I later saw that the back cover had a cut-out door hanger with a photo of Tony. It's now hanging on a push pin next to the wall calendar in my office at work so I'll see him whenever I look away from my computer! (I gave the coloring book and another NASCAR coloring book to Eddie's boys when I helped her pack yesterday.)

The 2005 NASCAR season starts Sunday, February 20 with the Daytona 500. Hmmm, guess what I'll be doing! Yup, crocheting and watching the race!

Crochet projects coming up

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A few new projects to make:

Bill talked with his sister Ann last night and mentioned how much The Girls like the "Boyfriend" cat toy I made for them. She said she was interested in one for her new kitty!

Today, Paula and I had lunch and browsed shops and took her new dog, Buttons (an 8-year-old cocker spaniel) for a walk. I mentioned that Buttons needed a pet blanket for the car and for the couch - so those are on my project list now.

And, there are many afghans I feel compelled to make after seeing the pattern in several of the new books I bought!

Earlier this week, I got the strong desire to have a glass head (for hats and other headwear!)... So, guess what I found at Pier 1 today? Yup, a light-colored green clear glass head! It's wearing my wimple right now!

I've been busy crocheting the Spotted Boxes Lap Blanket (my own pattern) and last night realized that the first panel was made with an I hook... I thought I had used an H so I completed the middle panel and almost the entire third panel with an H before realizing the error. Oops. Assuming I have enough yarn, I've decided to make another first panel with an H hook and use the I-hook panel for another blanket! Harrumph.

Collection additions

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Fun, fun, fun! Thanks to 50%-off and 40%-off coupons at Michaels Craft Store and Jo-Ann Stores, low prices at eBay, and having "play money" to spend (which is included in my budget!), these crochet patterns books, leaflets, and sheets have slowly crept into my collection since the middle of December...

  • 101 Crochet Squares
  • 101 Stitches for Afghans
  • Afghans (Susan Bates)
  • Afghans to Crochet (Coats & Clark)
  • All-American Crochet Afghans
  • Better Homes and Gardens, Crocheting & Knitting
  • Big Book of Scrap Crochet Projects
  • Blue Ribbon Afghans from America's State Fairs
  • Butterflies (afghan, pillows, potholder, table setting)
  • Cat Doorstop
  • Christmas Stockings
  • Crochet Gifts to Go!
  • Flower Garden (Crochet) (impatiens, crocus, coleus, bird's nest fern, Grecian windflowers, baskets)
  • Granny Square Quilt Afghans
  • Granny Squares, Nanny Squares: New Twists in Classic Crochet
  • Great Granny Crochet Book, The
  • Hats, Mittens, Scarves (Crochet) for Children and Adults
  • I Love Roses Hot Mat and Pot Holders
  • Illustrated Patchwork Crochet: Contemporary Granny Squares for Clothing and Home Decorating
  • Lacy Crib Cover (teddy bear)
  • Poncho Panache!
  • Rosy Pot Holders
  • Special Stitches Afghans
  • Tommy Turtle and Madame Mushroom Pot Holders (includes Tot's Purse)
  • Unique Granny Afghans
  • Wee Floral Afghans (unique patterns!)
  • Window Critters (Stick'em Up Pals)
Sketch of Cheryl

About Cheryl

Enjoys crocheting, gardening, cats, NASCAR (especially Tony Stewart and Kyle Busch!), reading, photography, snorkeling in Kailua-Kona with sea turtles, Sizzler's Mega Bacon Cheeseburgers, hot and iced decaf coffee, dark chocolate, color (yarn, fabric), playing around with web technologies - not necessarily in that order! Still very much a beginner with quilting, knitting, and sewing. Donates crocheted lap blankets.

List maker, detail-oriented, organized, leans heavily toward perfectionism. ISTJ. Libra.

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