I think I'm in love with Tony Stewart



It's grown slowing during the last few years while watching NASCAR with Bill. The dark hair... brown eyes... smile... scruffy beard... The Bad Boy image...

I think I'm in love with NASCAR driver Tony Stewart. Born May 20, 1971, he's just about 8 1/2 years younger than me...which doesn't make me a cradle-robber (does it?). Hmmm, he is, however, a few months shy of being 8 years older than my son...

Bill knows I have this crush. He just laughs. He's a Jeff Gordon fan, and his friend Doug is a Dale Earnhardt Jr. fan. There's a nice bit of competition in the air during the NASCAR season.

While walking around Michaels Craft Store after lunch with Paula on Saturday, I spotted a Tony Stewart coloring book for $1.00! I just had to have it! I later saw that the back cover had a cut-out door hanger with a photo of Tony. It's now hanging on a push pin next to the wall calendar in my office at work so I'll see him whenever I look away from my computer! (I gave the coloring book and another NASCAR coloring book to Eddie's boys when I helped her pack yesterday.)

The 2005 NASCAR season starts Sunday, February 20 with the Daytona 500. Hmmm, guess what I'll be doing! Yup, crocheting and watching the race!


You and me both, will be working on my grandbaby a blanket while I watch those sexy drivers. Good luck to all your favorites. I have always liked the older ones, Mark Martin and Bobbie Labonte are some of mine. My daughter who is 14, thinks Dale Jr. is way hot.

Tony is such a cutie! Hubby is a diehard Tony fan, I'm a diehard true blue Mark Martin fan.

I have one better than the coloring book. I took my 5 year old trick-or-treating at the mall in our hometown. The nascar store there was giving away candy and stickers. I saw they had one last Tony Stewart book left to give to kids. I asked the guy if I could have it and he did. Little did I realize that behind me was a small boy dressed in the HOme Depot racing uniform. I heard him say I hope I get a Tony book. Do you think I gave the book back so he could have it? HELL NO! Now that's being in love with Tony Stewart!

Hi, Charlene - I'm *so* glad I reviewed the list of comments on my blog! I just discovered that about 10 have been made in the past month or so that I didn't receive an email for! Your comment was one of them.

I laughed! Yes, that's some Tony Stewart love! Not giving the boy behind you in line the Tony Stewart book! Love it! Thanks for making my day!

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