The weekend


Yesterday I got a lot done... Today I've gotten nothing done. Oh well.

Yesterday... I was up around 7:00am, piddled around on the computer, took a shower, ate a peanut butter sandwich for breakfast and skimmed the newspaper; hung up about 20 items of clean clothing piled up on my dresser; stripped sheets off our bed and started the laundry; drove to Oakland where I donated blood; then I shopped at two different Orchard Supply Hardware stores for rose soil, flower seeds, and 3 16-gallon black plastic plant pots; ate leftover Friday night's dinner at La Imperial in Hayward for lunch and watched a little TV; mixed rose and flower fertilizer and poured it over the 5 rose bushes and all flowers in the front yard and pots on the front porch; pruned 9 rose bushes in the backyard, transplanted 3 of the 5 non-climbing varieties from the not-sunny-enough area into the 16-gallon pots, and positioned the pots on the very sunny side of the backyard; ran out of energy to transplante the remaining 2; took a long hot shower; watched TV and continued crocheting hearts for people at work (a project started Thursday evening) while waiting for Bill to come home from work; had a lovely and yummy early Valentine's Day dinner with Bill at Horatio's at the San Leandro Marina (we were seated at the same window table where we sat for our 14th anniversary dinner in September!); with Bill, put the sheets back on our bed; watched some of the pre-Daytona racing events we'd taped earlier in the day and Friday night's taped Numb3rs while I crocheted more hearts; and went to sleep around 10:00pm. I felt busy and productive!

So far today... I woke up around 8:30am, cuddled in bed with Cleo and Bubba until 9:00am, piddled online a little, debated whether to continue working on the roses, decided not to, took a shower, left a message for Paula asking whether she wants the 4 climbing roses from the not-sunny-enough area of our backyard, made pancakes for my breakfast (yes, I actually cooked something!), skimmed through the newspaper, watched TV and petted Cleo and Jasmine who had so kindly plopped themselves on my lap, developed the beginning of a migraine, ate a lot of Cheez-It crackers, took one Excedrin for Migraines pill, tried to nap on the couch and watch qualifying for the Daytona 500 next weekend, helped neighbor Dee register her Entertainment Book online when she stopped by, continued napping and watching TV, gave up napping, went to the corner store to buy a Diet Dr. Pepper (I ran out Thursday!) and bought a warm 12-pack because they didn't have any singles; talked with Bill when he called to say he was still at work and would be there a while longer; piddled online some more; watched TV and drank two cans of Diet Dr. Pepper over ice while finishing the 19 crocheted hearts to take to work tomorrow; and returned to the computer to make this entry. I feel like a tired slug. Bah!

Exciting day, huh?

I wanted to take photos of the red and white Spotted Boxes Lap Blanket I finished last week and post them here, shop for thick fabric or a fleece blanket or something to cover my office window at work, clean the cat hair and dust off the front porch bench, straighten up my home office, file away crocheted patterns recently added to my collection, wash my car, and more.

It's 5:30pm, Bill's still not home from work, and I'm headed back to the TV and my crochet hook now that I've made this fascinating entry about my weekend!


How do you have time to be so creative?! Rick & I also love Horatio's, but haven't had a meal there in ages. Used to go to Skates in the Berkeley Marina... both restaurants are known for their cold pea salad and spicy hot wings.

As one of the lucky recipients of your crocheted hearts, I'd like to thank you for the unique Valentine's Day surprise. Cheers. elizabeth

Let's see... It's been years since we had human children at home, our fur children (3 cats!) involve far less work than human children, I have very relaxed housekeeping practices, I don't cook much (if at all), I finished college (finally!) in 2000 so I'm no longer chasing a degree (at least until I decide to work on a masters...), and I've made relaxing and enjoying myself a priority! Hmmm, some people would say I'm lazy...or selfish...or lazy and selfish! They just don't know what they're missing!

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