To dos for 4-day weekend

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(On a break at work...)

For President's Day, the college observes a 4-day holiday weekend so I'm off Friday through Monday. Hmmm, I may have already overbooked myself - and it's only Wednesday! Some of these will be done (hopefully) before Friday...

  1. Done - Check-in with Eddie re her move this weekend - Wed.
  2. Done - Get a b-day card for Greg, enclose a check, and mail it to him - Fri.
  3. Done - Make Friday appointment to fix recall on my car - call Thursday - Thu.
  4. Done - Get recall fixed on my car Friday - Fri.
  5. Done - Rent a few movies at Blockbuster for the long weekend - Fri.
  6. Watch those movies! (2 done Sun., 1 to go)
  7. Done - Put away miscellaneous patterns I've recently accumulated - Sat.
  8. Done - Pay joint bills - Sat.
  9. Done - Balance joint and my checkbooks - Sat.
  10. Done - Make copy of Melissa Etheridge's CD Lucky to keep in my car - Fri.
  11. Post photos of V-Day hearts
  12. Done - Take photos of Ann's cat toy - Sun., and...
  13. Post
  14. Take photos of Spotted Boxes blanket, and...
  15. Post
  16. Take photos of glass head with and without wimple, and...
  17. Post
  18. Done - PetSmart: cat nip and Iams Ocean Fish canned food (Cleo's fav!) - Wed.
  19. Done - Rub cat nip onto the toy for Ann's cat and put in a sealable plastic bag (to keep my girls away from it!) - Wed.
  20. Done - Vacuum Mom's PC - Fri., and...
  21. Done - Return to her - Fri.
  22. Done - Give unwanted crochet afghan pattern books to Mom - Fri.
  23. Done - Email David re Mom's PC by Monday (working or not) - Mon.
  24. Done - Take unwanted crochet sweater pattern books to BARC - Fri.
  25. Done - Checkout fleece (on sale) at Jo-Ann's to cover my office window at work (to protect my eyes from glare) - Got two patterns of cool Hawaiian-themed fabric, so the window covering will block more light (twice the thickness!), the window displays a nice pattern from inside my office as well as outside my office facing the Quad, and I can switch from one side/pattern to the next at will by turning the curtain rod around! - Fri.
  26. Done - If get window covering, get a curtain rod at Orchard Supply - Fri.
  27. Done - Get lawn fertilizer/weed killer combo product, Round Up, and more rose/flower fertilizer at Orchard Supply - Fri.
  28. Done - Review my budget and make adjustments as needed - Fri.
  29. Done - Re-write my budget-and-savings account check register to separate budget expenses and savings monies, or figure how much in this account is savings and .. - Fri.
  30. Done - Open ING Direct account - Fri.
  31. After ING Direct account verified, transfer savings there
  32. Done - Go through 2004 receipts, returned checks, bills etc. and file, shred or discard papers - Sat. and Sun.
  33. Done - Go through Joint bill drawer and file, shred or discard papers - Sat.
  34. Done - Go through my bill drawer and file or shred or discard papers - Sun.
  35. Done - Go through old bank statements and checks (some from 1986!) - Sun., and shred everything up to January 2001 (save last 4 years)
  36. Go through old tax returns and accompanying papers, and shred everything up to January 1998 (save last 7 years)
  37. Done - Go through 2004 financial statements and any other possibly deductible items to prepare for taxes - Sun.
  38. Done - Install TaxCut software and download updates as needed - Mon.
  39. Done - Prepare Excel spreadsheet of income/expenses for freelance work - Mon.
  40. Done - Do our taxes! - Drafts done - Mon.
  41. Fertilize backyard plants in pots and ground
  42. Clean front porch bench
  43. Pull weeds in front and back
  44. Put out ant stakes around front and back
  45. Remove 3 rose bushes from the pots they were put into last weekend, cover the pot's drainage holes with coffee filters (which I forgot to do before!), and re-plant them into the pots
  46. Move 2 remaining rose bushes from ground into pots
  47. Pull out 4 climbing rose plants, package for delivery to Paula, and ...
  48. Deliver them to her hopefully sometime this weekend
  49. Look at container plants, decide which to keep/transplant/discard, and then do it
  50. Clean out gardening cabinet
  51. Wash gardening gloves
  52. Clean gardening tools
  53. Invoice 2 long-time, occasional freelance clients I haven't invoiced for 6+ months
  54. Package safely and send Ed his mother's framed pictures - HOLD
  55. Wash my car
  56. Done - Do something about my printer that doesn't work - like buy a new one! - Ordered a Canon PIXMA iP3000 Photo Printer from Amazon - Fri.
  57. Done - Have Mom come over to help me think out sewing the curtains together (first-time that I am!) - Fri.
  58. Watch Alias taped Wednesday evening
  59. Done - Watch Numb3rs taped Friday evening - Sat.
  60. Done - Watch Daytona 500 with Bill on Sunday! - Sun.
  61. Done - Go through my email inbox and delete, hold, or take care of messages - Sat.
  62. Done - Wash, dry, fold 3 loads of laundry - Sat.
  63. Done - Watch The L Word taped Sunday evening - Mon.
  64. Done - With sewing machine, make sections in pocket of Bill's shop apron - Mon.
  65. Start an Excel spreadsheet for 2005 freelance income/expenses

Additions will be made (started with 31) and put in order for tracking purposes... Because I'm just that way sometimes...!

Hmmm, not a bit of crocheting is mentioned, but I'll fit that in too!

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