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Collection additions

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These crochet patterns (many are hard-cover books) have been added to my collection since early February. Good news! I have finally developed an aversion to surfing eBay for crochet patterns!

  • 24 Floral Edgings
  • 101 Alphabets
  • 150 Weekend Crochet Projects
  • "A" is for Apple (alphabet blocks with images)
  • Afghans for Men (Chessmen, Clansman, Homesteader, Fisherman)
  • Afghans Traditional and Modern
  • Baby Layettes and Afghans
  • Big Book of Afghans, The
  • Chain Link Afghans and Pillows
  • Country Afghans
  • Crochet A Dozen Hats
  • Crochet Carry-Alls
  • Crochet Collection
  • Crocheted Afghans
  • Crocheter's Quilt Book, The
  • Crocheting & Knitting, Better Homes & Gardens
  • Doily Medley
  • Floral Hexagon Afghan (round)
  • Flowers of the Month Afghan
  • Great Afghan Book, The
  • Great Crocheted Sweaters in a Weekend
  • Layettes for Baby
  • One-Day Dainty Doilies
  • Playtime Puppets
  • Prize-Winning Afghans, Woman's Day
  • Quick and Cozy Afghans
  • Quilt Applique Afghans
  • Second Big Book of Afghans, The
  • Special Doilies for Special Times
  • Springtime Mobile (watering can and daisies)
  • Table Toppers for the Seasons
  • Valentine Plant Poke (heart-shaped)
  • Woman's Day Super Special Granny Squares, Number 7, 1979 (magazine)
  • Your Name & More in Filet Crochet

I also bought another set of 8 Clover Soft Touch Crochet Hooks sizes C through J - as extras and backups to the original set of 8 (in case I break or lose any!).

Lauren's Blanket - In progress

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Here's what I've been working on... The 35 squares for Lauren's "bold colors and abstract" blanket were completed Friday afternoon during the needle arts group I started two weeks ago at work. Friday evening (after a yummy dinner with Bill at La Imperial in Hayward), I began crocheting the squares together into columns (in my mind, rows go left to right and columns go up and down), and on Sunday began crocheting the columns together.

When I talked with Greg this weekend, he asked me to send him a photo of Lauren's blanket "in progress" - the photo above was taken yesterday evening before I began that night's work on it.

Hmmm, it isn't quite "abstract" but there's no theme and none of the squares are identical.

Spring has sprung 2005

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It's been SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO beautiful weather-wise the past 8 days or so! I'm visiting the Alden Lane nursery in Livermore tomorrow (with Bill's truck of course!) to buy flowers/plants!!! Whoop!

Plants for the planter boxes in the front yard...for the empty pots/ fill empty space in a shady spot in the backyard...and to fill the rectangular area where the 9 rose bushes used to be in the backyard!

Size: 15 inches flat diagonal, 17 inches band (not stretched)
Colors: Rainbow-colored scraps (red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple), black, white (4-ply worsted)
Pattern: My own (continuous rounds, hdc for body, sc for band, sl st for last row of band; change colors as desired)
Hook: H
Date: March 2005

KG enjoys making mosaics and creating art from found objects. Her office is decorated with a collection of oddball colorful items. She also has a glass head in her office - with no head covering...just the head. So last night I made this very colorful rasta-style hat for it! Bill was astounded that I was making such a brightly colored hat!

Since she isn't in her office this morning, I took the opportunity to dress-up the head and take a few photos... It's it great?! As you can see, it can be worn as a beret, as a dreadlock covering/hat/cap (although it would probably need to be longer to hold dreadlocks), or a hat to cover a lot of hair piled on top of the head (what is the name for this "style"?). I thought the black and white band would be a nice constrast to the brightly colored hat body.

I've left the hat on the head as a test to see how observant she (KG, not the head) is!

I installed the curtain rod and hung up my curtains today!

Photos are:

(1) Window with posters taped to the glass.
(2) Window with my new Hawaiian fabric curtains!
(3) Close-up of the curtains.

Size: 4 panels (2 on each side) at 42 inches x 51 inches each.

The area above the curtain rod is larger than the area above the posters so more natural light flows into my office, but not into my eyes when I'm sitting at my desk.

In addition to being a more attractive way to block light, the curtains prevent students from peeking at me - and keep me from being distracted by people moving back and forth across the window and combing their hair or picking their teeth or straightening their clothes... I can also now look outside when I hear something going on in the quad (such as a concert or a fight).

Hawaiian fabric curtains


I am so excited! About 30 minutes ago, I finished the Hawaiian fabric curtains for the window in my office at work!!!

Two different patterns, one for each side because (1) two layers of fabric block more light from my migraine-prone eyes, (2) the window looks onto the quad so one pattern will face that area, and (3) I'll have two patterns to switch between in my office if I want to.

Photos above:

(1, 2) Curtains laying flat on the ironing board in our kitchen. My favorite pattern is the turquoise - bright and cheery!
(3, 4) Close-ups of the pocket for the curtain rod. If you look closely, you can see the uneven sewn lines...
(5, 6) Close-ups of how the curtains look on the rod.

When I first thought about making window coverings for my office window, I thought about crocheting a set of curtains with heavy yarn. One day, however, I held up a heavy lap blanket to the window and discovered a lot of light coming through. That's when I decided to find fabric I liked and sew a set of curtains.

I found the fabric a few weeks ago but let the sewing machine (and my reluctance to not be perfect) intimidate me until yesterday!

I started measuring, ironing, and sewing yesterday afternoon around 3:30pm, stopped to eat dinner (about 30 minutes), and stopped again at 8:30pm for the evening. By then I had finished seams on both sides and the top of 4 pieces of fabric. Saturday hours: 4.5.

This morning, I started measuring, ironing, and sewing again around 9:30am, stopped at 12:40pm to take the climbing roses to Paula, started again around 2:30pm and finished around 4:30pm. Sunday hours: about 5 hours.

Grand total: 9.5 hours.

Crocheting a set of curtains would have taken much longer than 9.5 hours!

Good feelings, feeling good


The sunshine after weeks of overcast or rain is making me giddy today!


Dee, our nextdoor neighbor, thanked me again this morning for the lap blankets I made for her and Van a few months ago (the Winter-themed ones). She keeps the red-and-white one on her bed and thinks how special it is that I made it for them. She also mentioned that it made her happy to see that I am content while I crochet and that it makes me happy. She remembers (as do I) when I wasn't happy for a long time (oh, say from early 1997 through early 2003). It's a lot more than crocheting again that improved my overall mood, but the creativity and colors and meditative repetition and knowing that I'm doing good things with what I make (like donating lap blankets to convalescent home patients/residents or making gifts for others) has definitely helped!


I'm starting an informal needle arts group for employees at the college where I work. Our first meeting is next Friday. In my mind's eye, I see women and men sitting in comfy chairs or around small tables working on needlecraft projects (such as crocheting, knitting, embroidery, cross-stitch, whatever) and sharing tips and tricks. Several people have emailed me to say they're excited by the idea, both skilled crafters and newbies. It should be interesting!

The idea first occurred to me around spring last year, but I sat on it until I was sure I wanted to step up to coordinate the group. The driving force behind the idea is to share my love of and skills in crocheting. I didn't want to limit participants to just crocheting, however.

In January, I checked in with college administration about the idea, and in February created a website for the group and announced the first meeting.

Wish us luck and success with the group!

Sunshine day!

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It's a lovely sunshine day here in the Bay Area! High 60s to low 70s, sunshine, sunshine, sunshine, no wind. Just a wonderful spring day! Whoop!

Most of the gardening tasks I've been wanting to do for several weeks were done this morning!

  • Done - Fertilize backyard plants in pots and ground
  • Done - Pull weeds in front and back
  • Done - Put out ant stakes around front and back
  • Done - Remove 3 rose bushes from the pots they were put into last weekend, cover the pot's drainage holes with coffee filters (which I forgot to do before!), and re-plant them into the pots - after all the rain we've had recently (more than Seattle typically has during winter according to this week's news!), very little, if any, of the soil in the 3 pots leaked out so I've elected to skip this for now. I did, however, use coffee filters when I transplanted the remaining 2 rose bushes into pots
  • Done - Move 2 remaining rose bushes from ground into pots
  • Done - Pull out 4 climbing rose plants, package for delivery to Paula
  • Done - Look at container plants, decide which to keep/transplant/discard, and then do it
  • Done - Clean out gardening cabinet
  • Done - Wash gardening gloves
  • Done - Clean gardening tools

Still to do...

  • Clean front porch bench
  • Take 4 climbing roses to Paula

I'll deliver the climbing roses to Paula's house tomorrow, and we'll do coffee and visit a bit. It should be another lovely day and even a little warmer (mid-70s!).

The sunshine has created an urge to make the Hawaiian-fabric curtains for my office window! But I'm going to wait for Bill to wake up from his nappy...(so the sewing machine doesn't disturb him). I'm still intimidated by the sewing machine, but I hope this project will help me get over it!

Car Blanket for Buttons

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Size: 28-30 inches x 49 inches
Colors: Scraps, two strands held together: Navy, Green, Gold, Red
Pattern: My own
Hook: J
Date: February 2005

The day I hung out with Paula for breakfast and we took her and Leslie's new dog companion, Buttons (an 8-year-old black-with-some-white-and-grey cocker spaniel), for a walk at Lake Elizabeth in Fremont, I just knew Buttons needed a pet pad (car blanket) to lay on, as well as one for the living room couch. Here's one of two - the couch blanket will come later.

No, it isn't a perfect oval, but there's a "B" in the center of the heart! (B for Buttons, of course!)

By the way, that's my girl Cleo sniffing around trying to figure out why the blanket she and her sister Jaz claimed is on the carpet...

Size: 41 inches x 45 inches
Colors: Red, White (Red Heart)
Pattern: My own
Book: None
Hook: H
Date: February 2005

I was inspired to create the pattern for the middle panel when I saw a similar knit pattern. I love the clean brightness of the bright red and white!

Do You Have a Type A Personality?


(on a break at work...)

The results of this quiz are pretty darn accurate at this time in my life! I was much more "Type A" 5 years or so ago.

You Have A Type B+ Personality

You're a pro at going with the flow.
You love to kick back and take in everything life has to offer.
A total joy to be around, people crave your stability.

While you're totally laid back, you can have bouts of hyperactivity.
Get into a project you love, and you won't stop until it's done.
You're passionate - just selective about your passions.

Do You Have a Type A Personality?

Sketch of Cheryl

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List maker, detail-oriented, organized, leans heavily toward perfectionism. ISTJ. Libra.

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