Good feelings, feeling good


The sunshine after weeks of overcast or rain is making me giddy today!


Dee, our nextdoor neighbor, thanked me again this morning for the lap blankets I made for her and Van a few months ago (the Winter-themed ones). She keeps the red-and-white one on her bed and thinks how special it is that I made it for them. She also mentioned that it made her happy to see that I am content while I crochet and that it makes me happy. She remembers (as do I) when I wasn't happy for a long time (oh, say from early 1997 through early 2003). It's a lot more than crocheting again that improved my overall mood, but the creativity and colors and meditative repetition and knowing that I'm doing good things with what I make (like donating lap blankets to convalescent home patients/residents or making gifts for others) has definitely helped!


I'm starting an informal needle arts group for employees at the college where I work. Our first meeting is next Friday. In my mind's eye, I see women and men sitting in comfy chairs or around small tables working on needlecraft projects (such as crocheting, knitting, embroidery, cross-stitch, whatever) and sharing tips and tricks. Several people have emailed me to say they're excited by the idea, both skilled crafters and newbies. It should be interesting!

The idea first occurred to me around spring last year, but I sat on it until I was sure I wanted to step up to coordinate the group. The driving force behind the idea is to share my love of and skills in crocheting. I didn't want to limit participants to just crocheting, however.

In January, I checked in with college administration about the idea, and in February created a website for the group and announced the first meeting.

Wish us luck and success with the group!


Your life sounds rather paralell to mine in the two entries I just read...tomorrow, I'm going to be hosting the first meeting of a fiber arts group I'm hoping to start, with my friends. I have no "real life" crochet/knit friends, and I'm hoping to change that.

And a week from this coming Monday, is my first sewing class, so I can make nice sewn things! I hope not to be frightened of my machine any longer, either :) Actually, I'm not frightened, so much as mystified, lol.

Hi, Jenn - I too have no real life crochet friends! I didn't even really realize that that was something I missed until reading your comment... It would be nice to get together on a regular basis with a friend or two who share that interest! Hmmm, maybe I'll find that with the needle arts group I'm starting where I work.

I've been wanting to learn to quilt for about 3 years now...but have let myself be intimidated by the process, by the sewing machine, by the fear of making a mistake in piecing, etc. I *did* start *and* finish sewing the curtains for my office window this weekend (entry with photos on my blog)!!! I'm very excited and happy and proud of myself for overcoming this ridiculous nervousness I have about not doing something (er, everything!) perfectly.

Good luck with your fiber arts group and your sewing class!

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