Cathedral Rose Window Afghan - Painted Desert, Claret, Black, Buff


Size: 92 inches (7 feet, 8 inches) diameter
Colors: Painted Desert (variegated), Claret, Black, Buff (Red Heart)
Pattern: Cathedral Rose Window by Julene Watson
Book: Award-Winning Afghans, Annie's Crochet Quilt and Afghan Club - Leaflet 878301 - Copyright 1994 - Annie's Attic
Hook: H, G, F
Date: September 2005

Started August 6, finished September 11, 2005. Made for the September 12 golf tournament auction at the college where I work. Finished just in time!

I love this pattern! And the colors I chose are great! They match perfectly in my living room...but I've committed to donating the afghan to the auction benefiting the athletics programs at the college. I hope the people appreciate the work that went into making the afghan and bid high!

[Updated September 25, 2005]

I did not attend the golf tournament or the auction, so I wasn't there to "sell" the afghan and I don't think anyone running the auction understood the uniqueness of the pattern or the time/effort that went in to making it. There was a silent auction and a live auction. The afghan was placed in the silent auction, so there wasn't anyone presenting it and "selling" it with verbal queues to describe the afghan and drive people to bid more.

Bidding was started at $60 and the afghan was won at $125. A bit disappointing since I spent 5 weeks working on it evenings and weekends - and knowing that someone online is asking $750 to make this afghan using custom colors.

But, on the other hand, I wanted to make the afghan for the experience of making it, and I donated it to for the auction. Once it left my hands, it was out of my control.

Here are some notes from what I remember doing while making the afghan. Maybe someone will find them helpful!:

  • I used 1 strand for the entire afghan. My gauge is very loose and 2 strands for the Hexagons with the recommended hook size would have been very tight. So, I used 1 strand with, I believe, an H hook.
  • I used H, G, and F hooks - F for the majority of the afghan, especially after Section One (my gauge is loose).
  • On round 3 of the Pentagons for Section One, I replaced " Ch 3, 2 dc in next. ..." with "Ch 3, (1 dc, ch 1, 1 dc) in next. ...".
  • I was cringing at the thought of weaving in all of those yarn ends! So, I carried the yarn for the Pyramids around the whole piece using slip stitches instead of finishing off and starting again.
  • I made 5 double crochet rows instead of 9 single crochet rows for each Column in Section Two, and 4 double crochet rows instead of 7 single crochet rows for each Column in Section Three.
  • Because of gauge issues, the Valleys were very PUFFY. I re-wrote Round 7A-G of Section Three about 6 times before settling on a pattern that made the Valleys as flat as I could get them.

[Update June 24, 2007] SOLD! For sale: Award-Winning Afghans crochet pattern book containing the Cathedral Rose Window afghan pattern - interested?



I am trying to find the pattern for the Cathedral Rose Afghan. Any ideas where I can get it (and not pay $70 like on ebay).


Hi, Leah - Sometimes people don't know what they have and list a popular booklet with other items. Here's one eBay auction like that:

You can sign up on eBay to be emailed when auctions meeting specific search words are met, such as 'award winning crochet'.


Well no wonder it ONLY went for $125. An expert on crochet afghans would notice such changes; therefore "your" afghan was not as valuable as one made to original specifications. You might try learning how to follow a pattern.

BTW Cheryl, the pattern is from an Annies Attic Booklet/Leaflet called Award-Winning Afghans.

It really annoys me that those with either no talent or desire to produce anything by simply using their hands, thinks they have the right to criticise those who spend endless hours pursuing their interests. Reminds me of all those I've encountered who only want to pay jumble sale prices for brand new items,voluntarily produced over many months for local sales, usually at one's own expense, in order to raise funds for one worthy cause or other.

Ironically the same "jumble-salers" are usually seen paying more for imported tat 'cos it's got a blob of synthetic fluff temporarily attached!

Cheryl you did a fantastic job on your afghan. No matter what nay sayers may like to say about it not being as valuable as the original. Anything that is made with love and caring and passion for the artwork whether it is crocheting or wood carving is priceless and valuable to the creator. I think you did a fantastci job on it Cheryl. Bravo for being brave and taking on such a beautiful pattern.

Hi, Diane - Thanks for your comments! That negative comment was a surprise, but I just ignored her as not knowing what she's talking about! 8-)

My sister and I have been looking at and drooling over this pattern. Seeing your pictures and comments, I'll be putting in my order today. Congratulations on a wonderful job. As a crafter and one who sells her items, I agree with your comments regarding the selling price. Something so beautiful should have been sold at the regular auction and all the 'selling' pieces should have been pointed out. Your 'low' price was pretty standard for a silent auction. I did two of them and stopped submitting my more time consuming items.

You did a beautiful job on that afghan- it was worth much more than it sold for. Your colors are just beautiful.

I made an abbreviated version of that afghan as a 19" centerpiece in thread crochet. It was beautiful, but not as nice as yours!

Thank you, Ann and Hazel. I sometimes wonder where the blanket is and how the person who 'won' it at the auction is using it!


For information about yarn requirements and pattern corrections for the Cathedral Rose Window Afghan, I recommend a visit to this website:

I'm in the process of making this afghan and looking at the cover of the original pattern and the new one. Doesn't the new pattern cover looks larger then the original? Does anyone out there have both patterns that can compare both to see if everything is the same directions for making the afghan? please email me at ( obsoon at yahoo dot com)

Congrats on a job well done. Your finished product looks sublime. Anyone with anything less complimentary to say - can simply be ignored.

If anyone else is interested in trying this pattern - it can be found now at Annie's Attic. They have brought it back "by popular demand". I believe they are charging 6.99 USD.

I made this afghan in the pattern colors and gave it to my Grandmother - as a thank you for teaching me to crochet in the first place and as we were unable to visit Notre Dame (her very favoriate place on the planet) the last time we were in Paris - I thought she might like to have a reminder of such beauty all her own. She loved it. When she passed - it came to me and now hold pride of place in our entry hall.

Again - congrats on work well done. I love the colors you chose.


Annies Attic has the pattern for Cathedral Windows for under $7.. dollars. If you pay more than that, your wasting your money. Plus, it would be a new pattern!! Patricia

I've tried to buy the cathedral windows pattern from Annies' Attic, but they don't sell outside America and Canada. I live in Australia. Does anyone know of a way I can obtain one please?

Hi, Merlene - I suggest you try eBay. Before making a bid on any of the auctions, however, I recommend contact the seller and asking whether they will ship to Australia and how much shipping would be if you won the auction - again, before you make a bid.

Thankyou for your help Cheryl. I'm new to computers and don't know my way around very well. Thanks again Merlene

I would love to try the Cathedral Rose Window Afghan if anyone has the pattern so that i can borrow it and attempt to make it.

Thank you

Hi, Renee - You can order the pattern for the Cathedral Rose Window Afghan at for $6.99.

Hi, Dori - As I was going through older email in my inbox, I came across your message. I must have missed it the first time around!

THANK YOU so much for the compliments! I did just what you said - ignored the negative comment. After all, patterns can be made in any colors and adjustments made to suit the crafter.

I'm looking for the Cathedral Rose window Pattern...The one you made is beautiful..I would like to know the color of yarn used in the new version of the pattern...Would you share that information.. Thank you

Thank you, Alice - I don't have the recently published pattern, and I sold my Award Winning Afghans booklet. You could ask at where an active crochet along for that afghan is still going.

I also am searching for a copy of cathedral rose window afghan. Unfortunately Annie's attic does not ship international even if they had it in stock. Any help would be appreciated.

Hi, Linda - You may be able to find the pattern on - some of the auctioners will ship internationally.

you can also find the cathedral rose window afghan on it is number 885034

I am desperately searching for the pattern for the cathedral window that is from Annie's store. As I live in australia I can't buy one from the store as they don't export internationally. Is there any way you could put me out of misery and email the pattern please.
Thanks in advance for answering.

Hi, Theresa - I sold that pattern book a while ago so I no longer have the pattern.

Does anyone have a pattern for cathedralwindows knitted patter afghan. I would love to make one

Just wanted to tell you, this is one of the most beautiful afghans I have ever seen. Looks to beautiful to actually use, just have it on display lol.

I am desperately looking for the pattern for the hexagonal rose window scarf that was shown in the garnethill catalog. Can anyone help me find it?

Hi, Nina - I wasn't able to find the pattern for the Haverhill Afghan Scarf, but from the photo on the website (item #14590) you can use any hexagon pattern. I found a crochet-along for that scarf (, and the pattern they are using is posted here:

I have fallen in love with this pattern and the six pointed star pattern. I found that they can be bought through Annie's the problem I have is that I am disabled and a single mom, I just can't aford the buy these patterns, if someone could help me with them I would be so thankful. I also make blankets for abused children through CASA it is a wonderful thing to do, it makes these kids feel like they are important when they get their own blanket and they get to keep it, its a blessing to see them smile with sheer delight. I am a survivor of child insect, it helps me to help these kids. I know I put a smile on their face with just a simple blanket.If any of you have a CASA in your town they need the help. Bless you all.

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