No cell phone. No iPod. No TiVo. No need.

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There was a time when I was closer to being a first-adopter of technology - way back in 1996-1997 when work was an obsession.

I was one of the first people I know to buy a digital camera in early 1997 (an Olympus D-320L (not-so-good quality) for $640). In mid 2002, I bought my second and much-better-quality digital camera (a 3.1 megapixel Fuji FinePix 2800 6x Zoom for $275) and haven't wanted to invest further (it does what I want it to) - although the photographer in me is curious about the newer SLR-type digital cameras that can use my Nikon lenses...!

But now, Bill and I are happily falling behind the times as far as technology and entertainment goes - I suppose we're "old folks"! We don't want to be connected at all times. In fact, we like being mostly unconnected.

Because I must have web access at a reasonable speed (i.e., faster than dialup), I have DSL broadband internet service for my still-wired desktop 2000-era computer with it's huge 21-inch monitor. Bill surfed the web for a short time a few years ago but again became uninterested in it. Wireless usage consists of Greg using his laptop's wireless modem to connect to my DSL when he's visiting.

Bill and I don't have cell phones. For my job from late 1996 to early 1998, I had a PDA (personal digital assistant for keeping track of phone numbers, addresses, appointments, etc.), a pager, and a cell phone. When I quit that job, it was a huge relief to turn in the pager and cancel the cell phone service. The PDA was put away and a few years later it wouldn't power on. About 2 years ago, I bought a $10 replacement to track phone numbers and addresses but then never used it.

We seem to be able to get along fine in the world without these digital gizmos. There's no compulsion to be "connected" at all times. No telephone calls, no ring tones, no cell phone camera, no mobile email or web access, no text messaging, no missed red lights while cell-phone talking and driving, no paying for yet another service. We even try to avoid the land-line telephone we have at home (leave a message on the recorder and we'll get back to you if we want to...).

I don't want to talk to someone who's on a cell phone while they're driving. Or shopping. Or visiting with others. It's unsafe. It detracts from their attention to the conversation. It's rude to me and others. I don't want to deal with poor cell phone reception or dropped connections. Call me when you've stopped and have time to talk.

We don't have iPods or other portable digital music or video players. We don't need to be entertained every minute of the day. In my car, I have the radio or music on a CD - or even silence! At home, there's the radio or CD player or television or a book or crocheting or peace and quiet. When would I use an iPod? At the lake while I'm enjoying nature? In line at the grocery store? Why is a DVD needed in a car? Can't children read a book or nap or sing or play games or sit quietly while in the car?

Bill and I have recently discussed the possibility that satellite music is a service we may consider subscribing to in the future because there aren't many music stations worth listening to (and Bill misses country music) and there are so many commercials on radio, but for now we still consider music CDs a viable choice.

We have DISH Network satellite television because I was sick of cable rates being raised every few months, but we don't have HBO or Showtime anymore (too many repeats and programming we're just not interested in). The package we have includes some 60 channels, including local channels (like FOX, CBS, NBC, ABC), ESPN and SPEED, as well as a bunch of foreign language and shopping channels we're not interested in. I've created a "favorites list" of just the 30 or so channels we actually watch (so I don't have to be reminded that I'm paying for a bunch of junk I'm not interested in seeing).

We don't have a TiVo or other DVR (digital video recorder). About 2 years ago, we bought a DVD/VCR combo unit for the living room so we could watch movies on rented DVDs, but we still video tape television shows to be watched later on VCR. There aren't many TV shows worth watching, so investing in a DVR unit and paying another monthly fee seems ridiculous.

We get our movie fix using Netflix's one-movie-at-a-time service (they're quick - usually a 3-day turnaround) and an occasional Blockbuster or Hollywood Video movie rental weekend. So we get to see movies we want to see usually when we want to see them.

Whew! Got that off my chest!

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