It seems to be Get Organized Day

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At least until I get distracted or burned out, it has been Get Organized Day. So far, I've:

  • Straightened the contents of the linen closet
  • Straightened the contents of the bathroom cabinet
  • Removed the collection of empty water bottles from my car (I bring 2 full bottles of water with me on my drive to work and toss 1 empty bottle on the backseat floor each morning)
  • Removed bits of paper, tissues, gum wrappers, etc. that end up on the floor of the front passenger seat in my car when I don't have a bag for small garbage items
  • Hung an empty plastic grocery bag from the shift handle in my car to use as a garbage bag
  • Cleaned out my email Inbox
  • Cleaned out my email Sent folder
  • Removed all messages from my email Deleted folder
  • Paid bills via online banking (which I love using!)
  • Balanced 2 months of statements for my checking account
  • Balanced 3 months of statements for our Joint checking account
  • Ordered maps from AAA to prepare for trips to Virginia and Hawaii

Like last weekend, I still have plans to finish by Sunday evening the Flattering Jacket (sweater) I'm crocheting for myself. I just need to make and attach the 2 sleeves...gotta finish it soon so I can wear it a few times before the weather gets more Spring-y.

[7:40pm] I spent the afternoon cleaning out and organizing my bedroom closet. This included going through 4 copy paper boxes of old papers related to university enrollment, classwork from a variety of university courses, financial aid, employment (paycheck stubs, benefits brochures, reimbursement forms, and more), and job search that were stored in the bedroom closet. Of these, about 2/3 box of papers is being kept. For the shredder, I culled a full box of miscellaneous paper with Social Security Numbers or other private-type information and another full box of old tax returns and related receipts. My shredder's going to be very busy after Tuesday when the now-full recycle bin has been emptied by the waste management company (i.e., garbage collector).

Tomorrow, I plan to buy one or two shelf units to put in my closet for better stacking of shoes and sweaters, etc.

Right now, however, I hear the sleeves for my sweater calling me to make them...

[1:30pm Sunday, March 26, 2006] And so it continued through this morning...Get Organized Day. I bought a few items at Home Depot to help me better organize my bedroom closet: a 48-inch x 25-inch bookcase and 2 additional shelves (to store shoes, folded sweaters, and other items), 2 30-inch wide shoe racks (to hold photo albums, not shoes), and 2 30-inch x 12-inch open storage blocks to hold miscellaneous items). Bill and I put them together after breakfast and all is now tidy in my closet! Whoop!

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