Curtain panels - In progress

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The sewing machine hates me. I know that's kinda strong, but I really think it does. Or, maybe it senses my fear.


Cut one strip to 14 inches wide by 8 inches long for the top piece of this first panel.

On the very first seam for the pocket, the sewing machine choked when the needle tried to go over a pin. Apparently, the pin was too fat. So, I removed the pin. Then the needle refused to go up and down no matter what I did for about 30 minutes...until I accidentally touched the knob on the wheel, realized it was lose, and tightened it.

Good to go, I thought. No, not yet. The thread broke. And broke. And broke. For another 10 minutes while I threaded and rethreaded after each break. Then, I removed and reinserted the bobbin. Lossened and tightened the knob on the wheel. Removed the needle to check whether there was a sharp edge in the hole (a troubleshooting suggestion in the sewing machine manual) and struggled with putting it back in the right way (correct: flat side to the right). When I tried the troubleshooting suggestion to reset the number of stitches (I closely followed the directions in the manual), it worked. I had missed a step when I originally adjusted that setting (without checking the manual).

One seam finally made for the curtain rod pocket at the top, and the second. Then, a call to Mom to ask "How do I sew 2 pieces together? How do I keep the 1/2-inch seam straight? Iron it first? How?" ... "Put the right sides together, and there's a 1/2-inch mark next to the needle..." ... "Oh." I may need a sewing machine class! She then told me to do the pocket after seaming the left/right sides of the panel (so the pocket isn't sewn closed when the side seams are made). Ooops...I'll deal with that later.

After sewing the second strip to the first strip, I decided I needed better measuring and cutting tools. Any excuse to go to Michaels Craft Store (closer to me than Jo-Ann Fabrics) is a good one.

I brought home: another skein of Patons Devine in Regal Red so I can finish the Flattering Jacket (sweater), a 6x24-inch quilting ruler, a 12x18-inch cutting mat (for the rotary cutter Mom gave me when I wanted to teach myself to quilt), more bobbins (the spares were rusty), long flat-head thin pins, a fabric eraser, fabric scissors (to leave on the ironing board), short scissors for cutting thread (to leave next to the sewing machine). And, I could not resist a fat quarter piece of fabric of colorful kitties (which will be added to the 2 purple themed panels) and a larger piece in a Hawaiian theme (which I may use to make a valance for the craft room window).

At 8:00pm last night, I stopped for the evening. My lower back was (and still is) sore from standing at the ironing board while ironing, measuring, and cutting pieces of fabric. The first panel, a yellow-themed one, is about 3/4 done (pictured above). So far...

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