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I finished the Julianna cardigan on the 16th (no photos yet). It definitely doesn't fit me, so I'll give it to Elizabeth at work if it fits her.

I started the Easy Breezy Cardigan with purple Microspun yarn, got the body almost done, discovered it really didn't fit me. It fit Patrice at work and looked great as a colorful vest (the Easy Breezy Vest!) to offset the neutral colors she usually wears, so I finished the bottom edging and sleeve opening edging and gave it to her as a vest (no photos yet). I started another Easy Breezy Cardigan for myself and am thinking it may be just a little too tight, but I'm not going to pull it out yet. [5:15pm I crocheted a few more inches, tried it on, decided it wasn't working for me, and pulled it out. I'm now considering taking this project to Kona with me!]


In spite of receiving the Quilter's Pack of sewing machine feet, I haven't yet tried to use one. In addition to my usual delay tactics when it comes to needing to be perfect at something or not do it at all, there was a heat wave for a few days that kept me imobile in front of a fan at all times.

However, it was a lovely day yesterday! I spent 5+ hours transplanting pot-bound plants, moving plants from here to there, getting rid of plants that weren't working for me, planting new ones, de-weeding, deadheading, watering, sweating, getting sore, itching...


Bill and I are leaving Tuesday morning for a 2-week vacation in Kona on the Big Island, Hawaii. I'm a bit antsy about what I'll do to keep myself occupied during the vacation! I can't bring enough yarn with me for 2 weeks, so I won't be bringing any. I don't plan to bring my sewing machine and all the tools and supplies that go with quilting. Mom suggested I could bring a cross stitch or other needlework project, but there's nothing I want to work on. So, I'm bringing a few books and am hoping my hands (and brain!) don't get too itchy for a project to work on!

Quilter's Pack for Singer 7462

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About 3 weeks ago, I discovered Singer was giving a free Quilter's Pack with each purchase made between May 5 and July 15 of a Singer 7462 sewing machine. The Quilter's Pack has: 1/4-inch Foot, Darning & Embroidery Foot, Blind Applique Foot, and Universal Shank. I want the 1/4-inch and darning feet, but I bought my machine on April 18.

I tried unsuccessfully to find the Quilter's Pack via Google and eBay. So I called Singer customer support to ask where it could be purchased. After asking when I bought my machine and checking with her supervisor, the support rep told me to submit the rebate form and I would probably be sent the pack since I bought my Singer 7462 so close to the May 5 date.

Guess what this very happy Singer Sewing Machine customer received this week!

Now that I have the part number from the packaging (460200.CL), a Google search shows the Quilter's Pack can be purchased at Atlas Levy on eBay or their website. But I got it for free because Singer wanted to make a customer happy!

Size: [didn't get the measurements!]
Colors: Hot pink, White, Black, Multi
Pattern: Huggy Buggy
Book: Annie's Pattern Club Newsletter, Number 18, Dec-Jan 1983
Hook: ?
Date: start Sep. 11, 2005; put aside mid Sep. 2005; picked up again Jun. 9, 2006; finish Jun. 10

When I saw this pattern last year, I thought about Gosia and her Buglet (the VW Bug she owns and loves). So I got the pattern booklet off eBay and began making this stuffed Volkswagen Bug for her. When the body looked more square than round, I put it aside until I felt like tackling it again. 9 months later, I picked it up and the next day it was finished! With stuffing, it doesn't look square!

It's OK to laugh when noticing the tires are way too small! They're just a bit larger than the headlights!

Fabric: Atlantis Fabric Shower Curtain by At Home with Meijer

The curtains for the bathroom window were started June 3 and finished June 4. Easy, peasy. I made the valance from the top of the shower curtain and the bottom panels from the bottom of the shower curtain.

I'm not entirely pleased with them: The valance is too long, the bottom too short. The hem on the valance is too long (about 3 inches), the hem on the bottom is the one that the shower curtain came with (about 3/4 inch). If I was more industrious, I could make the valance shorter and that may help the bottom panels not look as short.

Not fun

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Question: What do 14S, 16P, 16, 16W, 18, 18W, 1X, M, L, and XL have in common?

Bathroom window curtains

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Many moons ago on eBay (at least over a year!), I bought a green-toned shower curtain with patchwork turtles (and dolphins, crabs, and sea horses) (Atlantis Fabric Shower Curtain by At Home with Meijer) that I fell in love with! Shortly afterward, I decided to buy a second one in the same pattern that I could use to make curtains for the bathroom window. I think I'm ready to begin that project - maybe even this weekend! Rectangles with a pocket for the curtain rod are easy!

[June 16, 2006] View the finished bathroom window curtains.

I'm still deciding what the next step should be for the Keepsake Kitty Wall Hanging. The top is pieced, the backing is cut.

Do I want to use batting and practice quilting (which I'm still trying to figure out how exactly to do - and need a darning foot first)? Or do I just want to finish the project by adding a border on the edges of the front and back and calling my first pieced project "done"? I'm leaning toward getting it done since I'm itching to start something else and don't like unfinished projects hanging around!

But first, I need to figure out how to applique the kitty's tail! Hand sewing it did not turn out well since I didn't allow for a finished edge. I want to machine sew it on but don't know if it can be done without a darning foot. I've tried the darning plate that came with the sewing machine, but I cannot move the fabric with the general purpose foot down and the fabric is way too free with the foot up. (Again, a basic sewing or quilting class would probably be helpful!)

My piecing skills definitely need practice as evidenced by not-so-pointed corners for the corner squares! It would be helpful to know exactly where the 1/4 inch mark is on my sewing machine...

Lots more fabric collected


Last week's Memorial Day Weekend sales at Hancock Fabrics and Jo-Ann Fabrics drew me. I could not resist.

The Hancock store in Hayward has lots of light and it's clean and organized! Very nice compared to the Jo-Ann stores in Hayward and Dublin which don't have enough light, are crowded with what looks like junk, are unorganized in many sections, have quite a few broken or empty shelves, and don't have enough staff (at least at the Dublin store!).

I must have shopped for about 2 hours in each store (including the lengthy time it took to have the fabric cut!) and splurged on about 30 different fabrics - most 1/2 a yard, but some up to 4 yards. There are so many lovely or cute or colorful fabric designs! In my mind's eye, I see triangles and squares and bars in quilts and sleep shirts and pajama shorts and pants in colorful 100% cotton fabric. If I get good enough at making clothing, I may branch out into tops or pants I can wear outside the house! But before that can happen I need to start and finish my first piece! I haven't even had the guts to open the sewing pattern package yet! One thing at a time...

Eighth set of sample skeins

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The eighth month (of 12) of sample skeins from Elann arrived yesterday.

Cutting board cover

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Size: about 34 inches x 58 inches (fits board 24 x 48)
Pattern: My own
Date: May 2006

I love the fabric of the cover I made for the fabric cutting board Bill made for me! I finished the cover last weekend after a few struggles with the casing for the elastic. My first attempt was too narrow, then I needed more fabric, then I made it too narrow again (!) but made it work by using a finished edge on only one side of the casing. The idea was to make a cover that tucks under the cutting board like an ironing board cover fits on an ironing board. It works!

The top fabric is the lovely dark purple / dark green / dark blue / maroon / red tropical print, the bottom is a dark purple, and the center is polyester quilt batting. I did very simple quilting of the "sandwich" by running 2 parallel lines in one of the decorative stitches on my sewing machine lengthwise down the 2 dark purple sections you see on the tropical fabric. Then, I ran a few diagonal wavy lines from side to side.

Another project for Bill! He likes making stuff! After work last Friday, I asked him to make an extension table for my sewing machine - and this is what he came up with Saturday morning at work! Cool!

3-day summer weekends

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Today is the first Friday of 12 in a row that the a majority of college staff is off for the summer (it's a voluntary program that almost no one doesn't sign up for!). In return, we work 4 10-hour days Monday through Thursday. This year, I've again elected to work 9-hour days and take an hour of vacation each day. Adding an extra 30 minutes to the start and end of a work day is so much easier than adding an hour on both ends!

And what have I done this fine, sunny, beautiful Friday morning? I woke at 6:15am when Bill left for work, got out of bed around 6:30, read email and surfed regular blog reads until 7:30, fed the cats, read the newspaper (which really means skimmed the headlines), took a shower, and made and ate breakfast (a leftover BBQ hamburger, and a bowl of oatmeal with fresh strawberries) in front of the TV... And for 45 minutes got sucked into the nothingness that is daytime television. What a waste - of my time and of a great form of communication and entertainment.

I broke free from the hypnotic rhythm of channel surfing from one bad program to another, looked at my list of things to do (some I want to do, some I need to do, some I should do) and came up with nothing much I wanted to do at that time. But I picked one item (wash the cutting board cover with some laundry to get out the white lines I marked on the top for quilting), moved on to another (clean the inside of my car's front window), and then another (continue shredding old tax-return forms and related paperwork/receipts). Three trips to the recycle bin later, the shredder has overheated and needs a rest before I can continue shredding - and the load of wash is in the dryer.

What'll be next...?

[5:10pm] Let's see... finished 2 more loads of laundry, made 5 more trips with shredded paper to the recycle bin, replaced yarn with folded fabric on one shelf of the metal storage cabinet in the craft room, realized I have way too much yarn (but I knew that already!), warned myself not to get too much deeper into fabric collecting, tried to nap on a lawn chair on the shaded deck in our backyard, watched the 2-hour Alias series finale (still lots of unanswered questions), dropped off mail at the post office, stopped by Starbucks for a Venti Mocha Frappuccino Lite, and made a few more blog entries. I'm saving gardening and watching the 2-hour season finale of Lost for tomorrow!

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List maker, detail-oriented, organized, leans heavily toward perfectionism. ISTJ. Libra.

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