My 3-day weekends for the summer are over. Bummer. It's hard to believe 12 Fridays have already gone by. Back to 8-hour days 5 days a week starting today. I really like working 4 9-hour days (I take 1 hour of vacation each day to make 40 hours a week). If I didn't have to take a 10% cut in pay and pay 10% of my benefits, I would switch to a 4-day week working 9 hours each day.


Craftwise, I've been uninspired since before we left on our Hawaii vacation. Other than the 3 1/2 books I read on vacation and the 1 1/2 books I've read since we got back, I haven't done much except watch lots of TV and DVDs.


We're working our way through DVDs of Rescue Me season one right now, then moving on to season two. I want to get Bill involved with Lost but he says he's not interested. I'm gonna try, though, with the first DVD of season one.

We've switched from Netflix to Blockbuster's online DVD service because it is cheaper. Blockbuster is $7.99 for 3 DVDs (one at a time) and 2 coupons for free DVD rentals at Blockbuster stores. Netflix is $9.99 for an unlimited number of DVDs (one at a time). The usual turnaround for us is 1 DVD per week by mail so the Blockbuster plan works nicely for us.


Before we left on vacation, Bill offered to switch the bedroom he uses as his office with the smaller room I use as my craft room. So, I took him up on it! We switched rooms last weekend. My new craft room has lots more room and natural light and a great breeze through the window! Bill decided to use his new space as a TV Room since he really doesn't need an office (hmmm, not that he really needs a TV Room either...). We moved the TV from our bedroom into the TV Room since we don't watch TV in bed anymore. This weekend, we bought a new recliner chair in a nice shade of sage/light olive green for the TV Room. We also hooked up the livingroom TV to also display on the small TV in my craft room (which used to be in my office for when I used the treadmill... but since I haven't used the treadmill since probably January...). Now, Bill can watch a football game or whatever in the TV Room while I'm watching something in the craft room or livingroom.


Even though I've been uninspired craftwise, I did try to jumpstart myself yesterday afternoon by starting a sewing project: a t-shirt using flannel fabric which I'll use as a sleep shirt. I had to do something (besides sit on my butt) when I kept nodding off while watching the NASCAR race even while my Tony Stewart was winning! The back and front and sleeves are cut from the fabric. Now I just have to figure out what to do next... I've read the pattern directions and read about sewing online and in a book, but I'm just not comfortable with the pattern markings.


Greg and Lauren took the Oregon bar exam at the end of July. They'll get the results sometime in September. In the meantime, they're still looking for jobs. Makes me nervous, but something will work out.


I have quite a bit of sock yarn that I'm not sure what to use it for. I'm not on a crocheted socks kick anymore. In fact, they're just not comfortable. Unusual and cute for when I'm feeling that way, but not for everyday use.


I collected more fabric in the past month or so. Another sale at Jo-Ann Fabrics. At about $80-85 each visit, I must stop the insanity. I have been able to resist the recent 30% and current 40% off sales on Keepsake Calico fabric.

Must. Not. Buy. More.

Must try to use what I have collected.


The monthly online transfers from my checking account into my ING Direct savings account are growing.

Must. Not. Buy. More. Fabric. Or yarn... Or other collectibles...

Must. Put. More. Into. My. ING. Account.


Message to BILL: Watch Lost season one!!! Good stuff. I just finished season two... addicting... and I don't like TV.

Lauren's Message to BILL: Just watch the first episode!

Don't get nervous about Lauren and I. We'll cover that for you.

Everything you write has a humorous zip to it!

Love, Dad

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