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Upgraded to MT 3.33

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I've been aware of a new version of Movable Type for a while now, but haven't felt the need to upgrade. However, this morning I read an announcement released September 26 about a "mandatory upgrade" for security purposes to Movable Type 3.33 and decided to take the plunge. Since I use few plug-ins, this upgrade wasn't a big deal for me. I even renamed my database during the process!

Anniversary activity - part 5

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Earlier this week, Bill picked up 4 additional boxes of flooring, 3 more packages of T moulding, and 3 or 4 more strips of quarter-round moulding. After waiting a few days for the flooring to acclimate, he finished installation of the 3 remaining boards on the main floor.

The closet carpet lives to see another day...or two... Instead of working on the closet, we took a rest from the flooring project yesterday, and today we focused on installing a T track at the doorway entrance and in front of the closet's sliding doors, as well as most of the quarter round moulding. It looks great!

I found our notes taken last weekend... The width of the room is 181 inches (about 15.08 feet) and the length is 301.75 inches (about 25.15 feet) - so, about 380 square feet. The room seems bigger with the flooring than it did with the carpet.

I can finally have purple hair!

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20060923purplebraidswigcrochet.jpg Here's the answer to my finally having purple hair - without potentially damaging my blonde hair! Although What Not To Crochet says it's awful - I think this might cure me of my long-time desire for purple hair!

Yes, for years now, I've wanted to have purple streaks in my hair but have been too chicken to ruin my naturally blonde hair... I'm just too conservative to do something "different".

The pattern for the crocheted Purple Braids Wig is under Free Patterns on the Lion Brand website.

Anniversary activity - part 4

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12:19pm on September 16.
Well, we didn't measure and calculate the length of the room Friday evening after all. Bill made BBQ hamburgers and we watched 3 episodes of The Shield (Season 1, Disk 3).

We started the laminate flooring installation with length measuring and calculating Saturday morning at 8:00am. It was a long day of repeatedly bending and kneeling and standing and lifting and putting down and measuring and calculating. Oh, and lots of debating about the correctness of the other's measuring and calculating.

1:01pm; 2:01pm.

A short time after 1:00pm we had finally reached the point where the remainder of the floor in the room was strictly rectangular. Whew! So, that was about 5 hours less 45 minutes for Quiznos lunch and a Starbucks Mocha Frap for me.


By 5:15pm, we had reached a point of needing to stop. We were physically worn out and were soon going to be losing good lighting in the room. We were both sore and stiff and took 3 Ibuprophens (and another 2 later on) to ease the pain in our thighs and butt and back. After hot showers, we had our 16th Anniversary dinner at Black Angus in San Lorenzo (we both had the yummy Teriyaki Top Sirloin) and headed home to watch a movie on DVD (The Sentinel).


We were so sore and stiff this morning that we took 3 Ibuprophens each, watched the NASCAR Nextel Cup race a bit, and didn't continuing laying flooring until just after 11:30am. At 1:15pm, after a difficult row of planking that we had to re-do 4 times before the joint for the middle set of boards would join correctly, we took a break for a quick Jack-in-the-Box lunch, watched a little more of the Cup race, and went back to work.

3:03pm on September 17.

Around 3:00pm, we reached the last row of the main part of the floor. After 20 boxes of flooring, we are 3 boards short to finish the last row. We also need at least 2 boxes to do the closet. So, we'll get those this week, let them acclimate to the room and finish up the main floor, pull out the carpet (and padding and staples) in the closet, and install flooring in the closet. In addition, we still need to install the thresholds and the quarter-round moulding.

Lots more work ahead.

All in all, it's been a fun project - and the Pergo Dolce Mahogany flooring we chose is beautiful. I couldn't install flooring for a living - or do roofing or quite a number of other labor-intensive jobs. I'm built to be a "sitter"... I'm not a physically active person.


The bathroom and the kitchen are my next targets. But, they've been targets for at least 6 years... We'll see. It is difficult to imagine tearing up the tile and plumbing and fixtures in the only bathroom you have. Do you use the neighbor's bathroom (toilet and shower) for a week or so???

Anniversary activity - part 3

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Both Wednesday and Thursday evenings after work were spent measuring the width of our bedroom and calculating the number of boards needed and what adjustments will be necessary at the doorway entrance and in front of the closet. And re-measuring and calculating because when we measured and calculated earlier in the week, we got different results. (Measure twice - or thrice or more - cut once.) We've now determined where we want to start placing the laminate flooring planks.

Tonight we're going to measure the length of the room and calculating so we can be sure we won't end up with a short board at the end of any row.

Tomorrow should be the day we start...providing Bill doesn't work all day.

Tomorrow is also our 16th Anniversary!

Anniversary activity - part 2

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After thinking about it more, we remembered that the installation instructions for the laminate flooring very clearly indicate that it is a floating floor and that nothing should be nailed into it. So, that means we cannot remove the post that holds up the closet structure, lay the flooring inside the closet, and attach the post on top of the floor. And I don't have to find a place to put all of the stuff in that 14-foot long closet! Whew!

We decided to move forward with the floor installation. Sunday afternoon, we removed the ceramic tiles in front of the sliding glass doors (the tiles I installed all by myself in fall 1992!), sanded down the remaining tile grout, sanded down clumps of wall texture from the plywood underfloor, and vacuumed the entire room - mostly by Bill but I helped by vacuuming away clouds and drifts of grout dust as he sanded! I also made dinner - spaghetti meat sauce, whole wheat penne pasta, and garlic bread.

Yesterday after work at Lowe's, we bought 19 boxes (for 20 total) of Pergo Global Passage laminate flooring in Dolce Mahogany, as well as coordinating 4-way T moulding kits and curved quarter-round molding. I know, I's not Tony's store (Tony Stewart's sponsor is Home Depot), but we found the color and style of flooring we liked at Lowe's. Bill will return the boxes of unwanted flooring to Home Depot probably tomorrow.

The boxes of flooring need to acclimate to the room for 48 hours, so the earliest we can begin installation of the floor is Thursday evening...but Survivor starts so I'm hoping Bill can wait until Saturday!

Pizza's here now - bye!

Anniversary activity

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Our 16th wedding anniversary is next Saturday. Instead of going away for the weekend, I said that I'd pefer to stay home and spend the money on replacing the carpet in the master bedroom with no-glue click-together linoleum flooring that looks like hardwood. We like doing things around the house together so this would be another project.

It's been a lot more work than I anticipated.

Bill started this week by visiting Home Depot to select a few boxes of linoleum planking to check out. After looking at colors that are a close-to-but-exact match to our existing real hardwood floors, we decided to select a color that was different enough that it didn't look like a mistake was made in trying to match colors. He took another trip to Home Depot for a few more boxes in different brands, types, and colors.

Yesterday morning after a lovely breakfast of pancakes and eggs, we (mostly he) pulled up the carpet, padding, and strips of upside-down nails (carpet tack strips) onto which the carpet was attached around the room's edges. I pulled a lot of staples out of the wood underfloor (with a sore right thumb to prove it!).

We then took a trip to Starbucks for Mocha Fraps before heading to Lowe's to checkout their linoleum flooring choices. We bought another 2 boxes (for 6 total now!) to test out at home.

We like both of these last 2 better than the first 4 and will probably go with the mahogany stain instead of the cherry stain. So this morning, we begin measuring... and measuring... and calculating how to best install the flooring considering the rectantular large closet on one portion of a wall that makes the room not fully rectangular.

Carpeting sounds better every time I think about the calculations and cost of making a mistake or two or three.

Oh, and then there's the decision whether to pull out the carpet inside the closet and put flooring down - or whether to leave to the carpet. And if flooring is put down inside the closet, should the entire 14-foot wide closet be emptied and the center support post (which holds the entire clothes-hanging structure together) removed or can the flooring be placed around the post? If emptied, where am I going to put my clothes for the next week or two?

Carpeting anyone? And tell the installers to put the new carpet around the post (so the closet doesn't need to be emptied)?

Bill is getting rid of the old carpet and padding at the dump in San Leandro right now.

[sarcasm] I must remember that it was my idea to do this instead of going away for a weekend... [/sarcasm]

Paper food and sloppy clothes

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Day 1 (Friday): Lots of laying around in sloppy but comfy gardening/painting pants and t-shirt topped with a "sexy" flannel shirt.
Day 2 (Saturday): Lots of laying around in comfy sweat pants, comfy dark blue turtles t-shirt.
Day 3 (Sunday): Lots of laying around in purple pajamas.
Day 4 (yesterday): Lots of laying around in green pajamas.
Day 5 (today): Back to work.

I totally lost my sense of smell and taste Saturday. Bill BBQd steak and salmon, made garlic fried potatoes, and a mix of mushrooms, onions, and zucchini. Could have been liver with spicy hot peppers and it would have tasted the same. Like eating a piece of paper, but without the paper flavor.

For a brief moment after my shower Sunday morning, I caught a whiff of shampoo scent but then it went away. During breakfast yesterday, the pancakes were almost flavorful. We had lasagne (a frozen family size lasagne dinner from Safeway) last night and I could almost taste the tomato sauce. So there was hope for more tastes today!

Regular doses of cold and flu medicine since Thursday and cough syrup since Saturday morning helped improve breathing and reduce coughing tremendously!

Hopefully, back to near normal health tomorrow!

Quilt National On Tour

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Hmmm, I may just have to go to this! Tour of the Quilt National 2005 collection. The tour of Collections A & B will be at the San Jose Museum of Quilts and Textiles from October 10 to January 7 (tour information). Hmmm, I didn't even know there was a Museum of Quilts and Textiles in San Jose!

How Will You Die? quiz

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You scored as Natural Causes. Your death will be by natural causes, though not by any disease, because that is another option on this test. You will probably just silently pass away in the night from old age, and people you love won't realize until the next morning, when you are all purple and cold and icky. So be happy, you won't be murdered.

Natural Causes
Cut Throat

How Will You Die? created with

Tuna thief

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tunacan.jpg While talking to Bill in the kitchen tonight, I opened 2 cans of tuna, drained the water, and put the meat into a bowl. Then I followed him down the hall to our bedroom to look for a how-to book about flooring I thought I bought last year. Not there. We walked back down the hall to the kitchen. A dark ball of hair flies across the kitchen doorway into the living room...

Guess who's been eating tuna? My sweetheart Cleo, of course!

How I spent my sick day

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Home today sick with a cold. Been sneezing a lot, especially at work, since Monday. Big, hearty sneezes that shake the walls. By 2:30pm Wednesday afternoon, I was dead-beat sleepy tired. By yesterday at lunchtime, my sinuses were a little stuffy, nose a little runny, and throat a tad sore. By bedtime last night, a little worse. This morning, a low-grade headache, congested sinuses, swollen throat. So I decided to take a sick day.

[sarcasm] A lovely way to spend the 3-day Labor Day weekend - laboring with a cold! [/sarcasm]

Morning: Made a pot of decaf coffee - hot stuff is good on the throat. Drank it with a package of sugar-free Nestle hot chocolate mix and CoffeeMate - yum. Checked work email and read the Hamster Time forum to catch up on Big Brother 7 All Stars 24-hour live feed recaps. Felt cold (it's supposed to be a hot day outside) and huddled with a blankie on the couch watching a 2-hour Fear Factor featuring reality stars getting another 15 minutes of fame. Was trying to nap in bed when hubby called to say he'd be coming by in an hour or so with a Mocha Frap from Starbucks for me - icy stuff is good on the throat too.

Afternoon: Napped until hubby walked through the front door and woke me up - I think I heard myself snore just before I woke up! Hmmm, must be the cold since I don't snore... Tried to find something on TV while drinking my yummy Mocha Frap. Daytime television sucks so I returned to the BB7 forum where not much is going on. Tried to find some interesting recently BB7 videos on YouTube that I hadn't already seen. Found a video of the latest ImproveEverywhere mission. For the umpteenth time today, checked my work email. Added more movies to our Blockbuster queue. Began writing this entry 20 minutes ago and finished the Mocha Frap...

Fascinating so far.

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