Anniversary activity - part 4

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12:19pm on September 16.
Well, we didn't measure and calculate the length of the room Friday evening after all. Bill made BBQ hamburgers and we watched 3 episodes of The Shield (Season 1, Disk 3).

We started the laminate flooring installation with length measuring and calculating Saturday morning at 8:00am. It was a long day of repeatedly bending and kneeling and standing and lifting and putting down and measuring and calculating. Oh, and lots of debating about the correctness of the other's measuring and calculating.

1:01pm; 2:01pm.

A short time after 1:00pm we had finally reached the point where the remainder of the floor in the room was strictly rectangular. Whew! So, that was about 5 hours less 45 minutes for Quiznos lunch and a Starbucks Mocha Frap for me.


By 5:15pm, we had reached a point of needing to stop. We were physically worn out and were soon going to be losing good lighting in the room. We were both sore and stiff and took 3 Ibuprophens (and another 2 later on) to ease the pain in our thighs and butt and back. After hot showers, we had our 16th Anniversary dinner at Black Angus in San Lorenzo (we both had the yummy Teriyaki Top Sirloin) and headed home to watch a movie on DVD (The Sentinel).


We were so sore and stiff this morning that we took 3 Ibuprophens each, watched the NASCAR Nextel Cup race a bit, and didn't continuing laying flooring until just after 11:30am. At 1:15pm, after a difficult row of planking that we had to re-do 4 times before the joint for the middle set of boards would join correctly, we took a break for a quick Jack-in-the-Box lunch, watched a little more of the Cup race, and went back to work.

3:03pm on September 17.

Around 3:00pm, we reached the last row of the main part of the floor. After 20 boxes of flooring, we are 3 boards short to finish the last row. We also need at least 2 boxes to do the closet. So, we'll get those this week, let them acclimate to the room and finish up the main floor, pull out the carpet (and padding and staples) in the closet, and install flooring in the closet. In addition, we still need to install the thresholds and the quarter-round moulding.

Lots more work ahead.

All in all, it's been a fun project - and the Pergo Dolce Mahogany flooring we chose is beautiful. I couldn't install flooring for a living - or do roofing or quite a number of other labor-intensive jobs. I'm built to be a "sitter"... I'm not a physically active person.


The bathroom and the kitchen are my next targets. But, they've been targets for at least 6 years... We'll see. It is difficult to imagine tearing up the tile and plumbing and fixtures in the only bathroom you have. Do you use the neighbor's bathroom (toilet and shower) for a week or so???

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