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Appreciating Crazy Aunt Purl

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I thoroughly enjoy reading Laurie's blog Crazy Aunt Purl. I can't count the number of times I've teared up, smiled, cried crocodile tears, laughed out loud, or laughed so hard I cried.

I'm not from the South, don't live in or near Los Angeles, have not been divorced, don't knit, don't have a gardener, don't have a horrific commute. I grew up and still live in the East Bay Area of California, am married to a man I've known for over 20 years, have one adult son and two adult step-sons, have an obsession for a craft involving yarn (crochet), started gardening a few years ago, and on most days enjoy my commute.

Laurie has a gift for writing. She says what is true and honest in her thoughts and in her heart. She also posts photos of her 4 cats and what they're thinking. She's made me a bit more thoughtful and appreciative for what I have and want and know and love.

Here in California, 2006 is winding down and 2007 will begin in almost 9 hours. Laurie has posted her list of The To-Dos and To-Don'ts for 2007. Amie at NexBlog posted her 2007 list based on Laurie's list.

Near the start of 2004, I made a list of 104 for 2004, a shorter version of the 204 for 2004 lists that were popular in late 2003/early 2004. I did a lot of the items and didn't even attempt others. It was a list focused on getting things out of the way rather than a list of doing things for improvement.

Laurie's list includes Practical, Everyday, and Main Event items, and is focused on taking care and improvement. I may make my own list for 2007 following Laurie's format.

[Update April 23, 2007] Crazy Aunt Purl has written a BOOK! Read more at CAP then order it at Amazon: Crazy Aunt Purl's Drunk, Divorced, and Covered in Cat Hair: The True-Life Misadventures of a 30-Something Who Learned to Knit After He Split.

Completed Projects for 2006

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I still enjoy crocheting a lot and spend part of nearly every day doing it, as evidenced by the number of projects completed!

I'm pleased that I learned more about sewing this year. I even bought a new sewing machine - it has been much more fun to use than Mom's older-than-I-am sewing machine!

I finally started my first quilt project. I didn't get around to finishing it (yet), but there's no rush. I'm strongly drawn to quilting - and the use of line, color, light and shadow. I am also, however, intimidated by my strong desire to not waste fabric or time or money.

2006 Projects in Review

Crochet: 1 huge full-size afghan, 24 lap blankets (16 donated, 4 gifts, 1 door prize at work, 3 toward 2007 donation), 3 baby blankets, 3 cardigans/sweaters, 2 pairs of socks, 2 bags, 1 vest, 1 scarf, 1 pet bed wrap, 1 flag cover, 1 pin cushion, 1 stuffed VW Bug, 1 stuffed turtle.

Sewing: I completed 4 sewing projects and bought my own sewing maching this year! 8 panels used as curtains for home office closet, 1 cover for fabric cutting board, 1 set of bathroom window curtains, 1 sleep shirt (and learned the basics of using a sewing pattern!).

Quilting: I also started my first quilt project this year, but didn't finish it: Keepsake Kitty Wall Hanging (top nearly done except for applique tail, then needs to be quilted).

The Project List:

Lap blankets donated today

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For the last 2 years, I've donated completed lap blankets on Thanksgiving, but until this morning I hadn't yet decided where to donate them this year. I had delayed long enough! On my way to work, I donated these 23 lap blankets to St. Leander's Parish located in San Leandro. The women accepting the blankets said they would include them with the Holiday Baskets to be distributed at 10:00am today.


  1. Ripple Lap Blanket - Scraps in Greens, Blues, Yellows, White, Black
  2. Custom Granny Square Lap Blanket #2 - Black, Warm Scraps
  3. Basic Granny Square Lap Blanket - Pink, Off White, Greens, Brown
  4. Little Baskets of Shells Lap Blanket - Beige
  5. Very Colorful Basic Granny Square Lap Blanket #1 - Black, Scraps
  6. Very Colorful Basic Granny Square Lap Blanket #2 - Black, Scraps
  7. Basic Granny Square Lap Blanket - Blues, Green


  1. Autumn Scraps Ripple Lap Blanket
  2. Double Trouble Star Squares Lap Blanket - Cool Scraps
  3. Ripple Lap Blanket - Scraps in Pinks, White, Cream, Blues, Purple, Yellows
  4. Magic Scrap Ball Ripple Lap Blanket - Scraps
  5. Color Blocks in Panels Lap Blanket - Scraps
  6. Colorful Stripes in Panels Lap Blanket - Scraps
  7. Scrappy dc Stripes Lap Blanket - Scraps


  1. Lavender Fields (#52) Ripple Lap Blanket - Greens, Off White
  2. Double Trouble Star Squares Lap Blanket - Autumn Scraps
  3. Double Trouble Star Squares Lap Blanket - White, Scraps
  4. Spring Fling Lap Blanket - Scraps
  5. Ripple Lap Blanket - Grey, Peach, Cream, White
  6. Scraps Granny Square Ripple Lap Blanket
  7. Mixed Granny Square Lap Blanket - Black, Scraps
  8. Beach Balls Lap Blanket - Black, Scraps
  9. Basic Granny Square Lap Blanket - Black, Scraps

Size: 35 inches x 50 inches
Colors: Dark Green, Light Green, Off White (Caron Perfect Match)
Pattern: #52 Lavender Fields
Book: 200 Ripple Stitch Patterns - ISBN 0-89689-276-X - Designs by Jan Eaton - Copyright 2006 - kp books
Hook: J
Date: start December 17; finish December 20

"Lavender" is in the name of the pattern, but of course, other colors can be used!

This is the last lap blanket to be donated this year.

Size: 2.5 inches x 14 inches
Colors: Beige (Red Heart)
Pattern: My own
Hook: G
Date: start/finish December 19

I crocheted this to cover a hand-held size American flag used for the pledge in meetings of one of the unions at the college where I work.

Smaller bedrooms now have heater vents

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In November, we replaced our 60-year-old heater after 19 years in this house, and we had 2 heater vents put into the master bedroom addition (completed around mid-1998). Tonight, we had a heater vent added in each of the other 2 bedrooms. Whoop! No more fr-fr-freezing while working on my computer. No more fr-fr-freezing in the craft room.

Our sons will wish there was heat in those bedrooms when they still lived here!

At least Greg and Lauren won't wake seeing their breath when they're visiting! They're here Friday evening!

Simple Scarf - Brown

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Size: 10 inches x 66 inches
Colors: Earth Brown (Red Heart Symphony)
Pattern: My Own (basically just sc, sk 1, ch 1)
Hook: K
Date: start December 8; finish December 9

This very soft scarf is a gift [update: for Patrice].

Size: 10 inches (diameter flattened) x 15 inches
Colors: Smartie (Moda Dea Cache)
Pattern: My Own: Drawstring Bag (purse)
Hook: H
Date: start December 9; finish December 10

I would like to line it, but need to first figure out how - by December 21! (It's a gift [update: for Gosia. I didn't end up lining it however].)

Scrappy dc Stripes Lap Blanket - Scraps

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Size: 33 inches x 45 inches
Colors: Scraps (mostly Red Heart)
Pattern: My Own: Scrappy dc Stripes
Hook: I
Date: start December 11; finish December 15

Size: 35 inches x 46 inches
Colors: Scraps (mostly Red Heart)
Pattern: My Own: Colorful Stripes in Panels
Hook: I
Date: start December 3; finish December 10

Size: 35 inches x 46 inches
Colors: Scraps (mostly Red Heart)
Pattern: My Own: Color Blocks in Panels
Hook: I
Date: start November 29; finish December 3

Our 2006 Christmas Tree


A few weekends ago while on the way home after having a morning coffee and conversation date with Paula, I stopped by Home Depot to see if they had any Norfolk Pine trees - and they did! So, I bought the one that spoke to me most out of the bunch of Norfolk Pines in the garden section.

However, even though Bill got the boxes of decorations down from the garage attic, the tree stayed in our garage until last weekend. It's bugged me the past few years that our tree looked kinda plain so I wanted to find garlands to go with our new-ish decorations. Michaels Craft Store had just what I wanted: strands of red beads! I also bought a few strands of icicle garlands.

Last weekend, even though I was really really really tired and didn't feel much like getting off the couch (at all), I finally pushed myself onto my feet, brought the tree into the house, and decorated it.

I've been enjoying the sparkles each evening!

Me, a level-headed radical?


Today, I was described as "a level-headed member of the radical group". It wasn't meant to be insulting, and I didn't take it as such. It did, however, take me by surprise. I have never considered myself to be "radical" in any way - overly rational but never radical. Interesting.

When I reacted by surprise to "radical", someone else said I was "outspoken" - which I've also not considered myself to be in most cases, unless I felt something was wrong or unfair in some way - or maybe she meant "outspoken" group...?

Yes, very interesting.

Size: 30 inches x 42 inches
Colors: Beige (unknown)
Pattern: Little Baskets
280crochetshellpatterns.jpg Book: 280 Crochet Shell Patterns - ISBN 1-60140-206-6 - Designs by Darla Sims - Copyright 2006 - Leisure Arts
Hook: I
Date: start November 26; finish November 29

I couldn't wait to pick a pattern from this book! Little Baskets is pattern 90 of the 280 shell patterns. The patterns in this book are lovely!

Size: 36 inches x 50 inches
Colors: Black, Scraps in warm colors (Red Heart Classic and Super Saver)
Pattern: Granny Square Blanket (6 squares with unique patterns; 6 solid squares with same pattern) - Design by Cheryl Lambert
Hook: H
Date: start November 19; finish November 26

And this is the second of 2 custom granny squares lap blankets: the warm colors blanket.

Size: 33 inches x 46 inches
Colors: Black, Scraps in cool colors (Red Heart Classic and Super Saver)
Pattern: Granny Square Blanket (6 squares with unique patterns; 6 solid squares with same pattern) - Design by Cheryl Lambert
Hook: H
Date: start November 19; finish November 24

I started by making 12 unique granny squares in a variety of colors from my large collection of miscellaneous yarn scraps. When the 12 squares were done, it was obvious that there were 2 groups of colors: coolish and warmish. So I decided to make divide the 12 squares into 2 sets of 6 squares and make coordinating solid-color granny squares to coordinate with them. This is the first of the 2 resulting lap blankets: the cool colors blanket.

[Update 5:22pm December 7, 2006] This blanket is one of two I donated as a door prize to today's winter party at the college where I work. So, it is no longer a 2006 donation blanket.

Size: 44 inches x 53 inches
Colors: Browns, Taupe, Coral, Beige, White, Multi (Red Heart Classic and Super Saver)
Pattern: Granny Square Afghan - Design by Cheryl Lambert
Hook: H
Date: start November 12; finish November 19

[December 20, 2006] Bill and I decided to give this lap blanket to our neighbor Janet for Christmas. So, it's been removed from the list of blanket donations.

Size: 36 inches x 48 inches
Colors: Magic Scrap Ball
Pattern: At least 3 ripple styles
Hook: I
Date: start Dec. 28, 2005; put aside after a while; continued Nov. 8, 2006; finish Nov. 12)

I started this lap blanket in December last year and when the Magic Scrap Ball* ran out, I put it aside until more scraps had accumulated. I continued working on it last month and finished it a few days later. I didn't realize that I had started the blanket using one ripple pattern, did some rows in the middle using a different ripple pattern, and than continued at the end using yet a third pattern. The pattern changes are not obvious, and even if they were, they make the blanket more unique!

* A Magic Scrap Ball is a ball of yarn created by joining together (with knots or not depending on your philosophy of using knotted yarn) a variety of lengths of yarn scraps. For best results (depending on the project), the yarn scraps should be similar in thickness and use the same material (such as all acrylic or all wool) or the material should all be washable (or be sure to only hand wash the completed project). At each join, leave a 4- to 6-inch length of yarn tail to be weaved in.

Sketch of Cheryl

About Cheryl

Enjoys crocheting, gardening, cats, NASCAR (especially Tony Stewart and Kyle Busch!), reading, photography, snorkeling in Kailua-Kona with sea turtles, Sizzler's Mega Bacon Cheeseburgers, hot and iced decaf coffee, dark chocolate, color (yarn, fabric), playing around with web technologies - not necessarily in that order! Still very much a beginner with quilting, knitting, and sewing. Donates crocheted lap blankets.

List maker, detail-oriented, organized, leans heavily toward perfectionism. ISTJ. Libra.

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