2007 Taking Care and Improvement List


It will come as no surprise to those who know me: I'm a list maker.

Here's my list for 2007, inspired by Crazy Aunt Purl.

Practical Stuff - Finances:

  • Review and update beneficiary designations, including life insurance, retirement, savings.
  • Continue contributions to savings account.
  • Increase contributions to retirement accounts.
  • Review and update budget.
  • Buy ground coffee I like and use the coffee maker I bought for work. Buy fat free half-n-half because coffee with cream tastes better than coffee with milk.
  • Reduce the number of before-work visits to Starbucks to 1 per week, to include 1 cup of coffee and 1 pastry treat (about $3.30) - a per-week savings of about $13.20, or $53.00 per month.
  • Get my 1999 car a checkup. Preventative maintenance should help me not have to buy a new car anytime soon.

Practical Stuff - Health:

  • Only 1 before-work visit to Starbucks each week will reduce calorie consumption by about 2,000 calories per week (about 500 x 4 days; see Starbucks Nutrition PDF file.
  • Floss more often - works better than toothpicks.
  • Gotta lose weight to get blood pressure down, to feel better physically, to feel better mentally, to be a better me.
  • If I really do have exercise-induced asthma, go back on the meds (been off since mid-November). Regular walking exercise for a week or so should answer this question.
  • Buy a new bed. Sleep better = Feel better.

Practical Stuff - Other:

  • Get my hair cut and styled before it bugs me. Go shorter. Go longer. Don't be sloppy.
  • Keep a closer eye on my appearance. It's OK to wear comfortable clothes, but don't look sloppy.
  • Consider finding comfortable, supportive shoes to wear at work that aren't white New Balance walking shoes.
  • Replace older windows in the house.
  • Find out how much it would cost to get new kitchen cabinets, counter, sink, backsplash, flooring. I hate the jade green and lime green counters.
  • Fix or replace the stove. Only 2 of 4 burners and 1 of 2 ovens work in the really old stove that came with the house when we moved in during late 1987.
  • Continue to be involved in the goings-on at work, but also remember I have a limit.

Everyday Things:

  • Get back on track with vitamins! Women's multi-vitamin with iron, plus calcium and vitamin C tablets.
  • Walk at least 10 minutes each day - whether I want to or not. I can take 10 minutes to do this for myself and my family. Use the treadmill. Walk outside. Before dinner. After dinner. During a break or lunch at work (this will also make me get away from my desk!).
  • Continue drinking lots of water.
  • Leave the house for work by 7:15am at the latest. Not 7:20am or 7:25am. Driving time is shorter when I leave earlier; longer if I leave later. Not stopping at Starbucks each day will help ensure getting to work on time.
  • Observe and appreciate who and what is around me.

Fun Stuff:

  • So sew already! And quilt. More fabric can be purchased if I really screw up. Mistakes come with learning and growth and help me gain experience. There's no such thing as perfect.
  • Photography. I (used to) love it. What happened? Get a better digital camera (with macro and advanced focusing) - some great photos are being taken and displayed out there on the Web. Join the fun.
  • Been thinking about learning to knit (again - my 3rd time!) so I can knit socks - although working with 4 knitting needles at a time may be more challenging than I want to get.


Just found your site today. Wow! Thanks for your help with the hexgon pattern-mine were too full-won't lie flat-time to rip and start over. Also, I admire your 2007 list. Keep an eye on your cholesterol-mine was high and I didn't know it until I had a heart attack-Yikes!
I will be checking back to see your progress on the afghans and socks.

You're welcome, Terry! In the past (3-4 years ago or so I think), I haven't had a problem with cholesterol. I've been thinking about asking my doctor next time I see her for my HBP.

I've fallen off track a few times now (and it's only 12 days into the new year!) but I'm trying to not skip too many days.

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