And still more HDTV saga


Ack! This afternoon I finally received from an email confirmation of the reversal of the cancellation of our HDTV television order. Remember, however, that last night I cancelled the order with - and received a confirmation of that cancellation. I thought it was all taken care of.

Not apparently. The email confirmation indicates that the uncancelled order was processed with a different order number.

When I cancelled the order last night, I used the original order number (starts with J), not the new order number (starts with P).

And following that email confirmation of the reversal of the cancellation was another email confirming the shipping of the P order.

I called customer support again this afternoon, explained I had just received confirmation of the reversal with a new order number (P) and explained that I cancelled our order altogether last night and don't want the P order either.

The customer support woman was very nice and took care to follow the steps of what happened and will call DHL to try to stop the delivery. If it cannot be stopped and DHL shows up, we need to refuse delivery (or a whole other bucket of worms will need to be dealt with).



Sounds like you may need an attorney. Give me a call! Consultations are free.

Oh yeah, and: It's okay to buy things online, especially electronics, though things might get real messy if you ever need to go to court.

Fry's is a store you go to look at things, then buy online at a different retailer for less. Fry's is notorious for bad customer service and tons of returns. They also have shady sales - where they won't stock enough, or they'll switch items on you, or give a variety of different prices (like cheaper online than in-store, etc.).

Ha! No attorney necessary - DHL didn't try to deliver the poor unwanted television, and all is quiet via email with Next, I'll make sure there's no charge on my credit card for this cancelled, undelivered, unwanted television.


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