Got some learning and changing to do


That was fast! The books arrived today!

You: On A Diet and You: The Owner's Manual by Drs. Michael Roizen and Mehmet Oz.

Since seeing an episode of You: On A Diet Saturday afternoon, I've been reading labels and making more healthy choices than I've done in quite a while - not strictly following the advice I picked up watching the show, but definitely thinking differently. It makes so much sense to me to choose foods in their close-to-the-earth state.

How cool is it that Dr. Roizen commented on Crazy Aunt Purl's entry about her 30-minute lunchtime walks and change to healthy foods!!

My plan is to read You: On A Diet and start. Since Saturday, Bill has already voiced his support a few times toward making healthier choices with the food we eat - and since he cooks 99% of the time, this is important. Tonight, for example, he didn't put any butter (or margarine) on the asparagus! And, he said I can leave potato chips off the shopping list since he didn't need to eat them either.

On Sunday, I measured our waistlines around the belly button - just like on the You: On A Diet show. Bill's waist is 33 inches around - 2 inches less (lucky guy) than the 35 inches maximum for men. Here's a brave statement: My waist is 39 inches - 6.5 inches greater than the 32.5 inches maximum for women. My goal is to feel better so that I can enjoy life more and not be at risk (or reduce the risk I've already put myself into) of diabetes, heart disease, joint problems due to weight, etc.

For me, the most difficult part of this will be keeping a regular (even somewhat regular) schedule of walking (30 minutes a day!!! I didn't even keep up the 10 minutes a day I started on January 1!!!). The head cold of last week has moved down toward my chest and my voice has lowered a few octaves - no exercise until it's gone.


Nothing wrong with a sexy low voice, is there? Sorry the cold hasn't passed yet...

I was just over at your photo site and you have some very nice work! I'll keep popping back to check out more - there's nothing like a beautiful photograph.

No, indeed! Saying "Hey, Big Boy!" to my husband is really sexy with a deep voice!

Thanks for the compliment on my photos! It's been a quite a while since I added to the Tame My Mind - Imagery site. I've recently been inspired by photos displayed on a lot of the strongly creative quilting, sewing, and crafty blogs - so inspired I'm considering a new digital camera to further inspire me...

Here's a somewhat easy thing to do: don't eat anything with partially hydrogenated stuff or high fructose corn syrup. You can do this more or less by shopping at Trader Joe's and buying bread in the bakery section instead of the bread aisle (this includes hamburger buns!). Have a fruit bowl at work, too. My main fruits are bananas, Cameo apples, and Minneolas.

Hey! The "You: On A Diet" book says that too! I'm amazed at how many foods have high fructose corn syrup! It's almost criminal.

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