Round afghan blanket patterns, crocheted or knitted


[Update May 16, 2007 - No need to pay high prices for the Six-Pointed Star Afghan pattern!!! Here's my 6-point to 12-point to 24-point round ripple afghan. You can do this with any 6-point round ripple afghan pattern.]

Due to the recent popularity of round ripple afghans (for babies and adults!), including the Six-Pointed Star Afghan pattern by Sandra J. Smith (leaflet #87A50 - pictured to the right; I do not have this pattern) and other round ripple afghan patterns, I decided to make this list of links for round afghan patterns.

Got a link to add? Please leave a comment indicating the URL - Thank you! Looking for links to crocheted or knitted round afghan patterns for baby or larger.

Keep in mind: patterns for baby blankets can be made larger for bedspreads or cuddle-up-on-the-couch afghans, patterns for larger afghans can be made smaller for baby blanket. Flat round tablecloth patterns can be used... Round rug patterns... Doily patterns without large open spaces...

Most, if not all, of the patterns linked to below are free.

[Update April 26, 2008, July 3 & 14, 2008 - Added a few links!]

Round Ripple Patterns (crochet)

Round Ripple Patterns for Baby (crochet)

Round Afghans (crochet)

Round Afghans for Baby (crochet)

Round Stitches and Patterns (crochet)

Round Afghans (knit)

Round Afghans for Baby (knit)


I know you said you don't have the pattern for that six pointed star afghan by sandra j smith, but do you know where I can get it? I can't seem to find it. thanks Amy

Hi, Amy - The only place I've seen the pattern is on eBay. There is one auction right now for the pattern - to find it, search for: six pointed star afghan

You could try to make the afghan on your own using nearly any pattern for a 6-point afghan and add the additional points yourself. The 4th and 5th photos of my 6-point to 12-point to 24-point afghan show you how it can be done:

I love the 24 point version, but can you send me the pattern for or descrive exactly how you made and put in the squares that you use to convert 12 to 24? Thanks in advance for the help.

Hi, Ellen - Thanks! There's no pattern for what I did. I didn't add squares in the valleys to make additional points (although other people have). Instead, I crocheted a new point in each valley. More information is available on this post on my blog.


im looking for the cathedral rose window afghan pattern, do u have or know where i can find this, i saw it in annies attic book,

thank u

Hi, Jeannette - Annie's Attic just a few weeks ago re-released the Cathedral Rose Window Afghan pattern on their website - here's the link:

I also saw it in a book that had other patterns in it. If I was to but it, I'd like to get it in the book with the other patterns too.

Hi, Jeannette - If you want the original booklet, then I recommend daily searches on eBay and trying other online auction websites. And be prepared to pay $30-$50 for it - wow!

I would like to find a pattern I saw of a round afghan the center is pinwheel style and at the end has a couple of rows done in shells. I would appreciated very much if anyone can point me in the direction of the free pattern. Thank you in advanced.

Nydia, I have a pattern for what was called a color wheel afghan, however it has a border on the end but they are not shells. it calls for 1 skein of 14 different colors.
It has 4 patterns in it and the color wheel can also be made into a cape poncho.
It is an old pattern, I tried to copy the picture but I am not advanced enough to get it on here darn me. send me an email and I will see if I can get the picture to you that way to see if that is what you want.

I have been looking for the ruffle pattern I see on the right of this page. The red and white ruffle shown is exactly what I need directions for. Can you help me find this pattern? I am new at crocheting (and self taught). It would be the perfect edging to a throw I'm currently working on. Thank you so much for your time.


Has anyone seen the round color wheel throw rug scrap yarn crochet pattern that's on ebay right now? It was removed from a pattern book, so it's just one pattern, and the price is up above $5.00! It's really great to be able to find old patterns on ebay and I don't want to sound ungrateful, but...that seems like a lot...Can anyone remember seeing a pattern like that, or know where I can find one? It looks like a great way to use scraps and it would help keep peace in the family if I didn't spend $5+ for a page from a magazine!! Thanks!!!

Hi, Annie - Thank you for asking! It's take me a while to get to it, but I finally wrote down the instructions for the ruffle border I used on that lap blanket. I published them on my blog.

Hi, Rachel - I saw the round color wheel rug/afghan pattern on ebay before you left your comment. I was intrigued and saved the image to my computer so I could create my own version.

I spent a while searching on Google but didn't find anything similar to that pattern.

By the way, the pattern sold for $17.00 in that ebay auction (number 280216342237). There is another auction right now for the same color wheel afghan/rug pattern (item 280218615182) - currently at $10.03.

Trying to locate pattern of circular afghan, crocheted in pie-shaped wedges, with each wedge a different color. Can anyone help??? Many thanks

I have found the round scrap yarn color wheel rug (afghan) pattern in this magazine: Quick & Easy Crochet, March/April 1998. Additional patterns in the magazine are lace shells, baby layette, boudoir pillows, stuffed bunny toys, ladies tops, shawl, afghans, wedding set (garter, flower basket and wedding ring pillow).

The magazine is available now at the and websites. Good luck!

Do you know anybody willing to sell book or leaflet containing Cathedral Window Rose afghan? Annie's is OUT until sometime in June. Would love to get started. Found ONE on E-Bay some days ago but it was already beyond what I could pay. Thanks.

Hi, Elaine - No, sorry, I don't. I can only refer to you or other auction websites.

One of your comments mentioned the Cathedral Rose Window Afghan in a book. Would you know the name of the Book? Unfortunately Annie's Attic does not ship internationally. Would you know anyone who sells their patterns that Does? Linda

Hi, Linda - The pattern book is out of print, but it is Annie's Award-Winning Afghans, number 878301, published in 1994. It is offered on now and then (usually being sold at $40 or more), and some of the auctioners will ship internationally. The Cathedral Rose Window Afghan pattern itself it available on the website - currently out of stock, but you can place an order to be delivered when the book is again in stock.

Can anyone send me a copy of Six-Pointed Star Afghan pattern by Sandra J. Smith (leaflet #87A50?

The picture on the right of the round afghan that is reda and blue verigated. Is so beautiful. Can I get the pattern or the link to it please. Thank you

Hi, Salli - I don't have a pattern written for the round afghan I made. I figured it out through trial and error by looking at a photo of the Round Color Wheel rug/afghan I found on ebay. More about that here:

saw a granny sqaure crochet afgan that was round would really like a pattern for it. The book was way to spendy for me

Hi, Cheri - I don't remember ever seeing a round granny square afghan. What was the book you saw the pattern in?

The Six pointed star afghan by Sandra J Smith is again available at Annie's Attic. I purchased it and received it at my home on Friday 8-8-08.

Annie's Attic put on their website that due to the popularity that they are now offering it again.

I got 2 of the Cathedral Rose Window Patterns when Annies Attic had them in again, planning on giving one as a gift. She doesn't think she'll have time in the next 10 years to work on it, so I could sell my extra if anyone is interested.

Lose too much money selling on ebay by the time ebay & paypal take their fees, and would rather it go to a real person, not a dealer. Don't mind keeping it either, but know how desparate I was to get started when I first saw the pattern.


Cheri responded that she found the round granny square style blanket called Baby Burrito in Crochet For Babies by The Needlecraft Shop - it's on page 38.

I've seen the book at JoAnn Fabric and checked out the pattern. It is made in rounds of clusters with, I think, ch 2 in between each cluster. The number of clusters increases with each round. There wasn't a formula that I could tell for how many clusters to increase, and I wasn't able to memorize the numbers for each round. In the book, the blanket is wrapped around a baby - which is why it's called Baby Burrito.

Thank you so much for providing the pattern for the Round Ripple Afghan.

Having a large family, in addition to volunteering *my talents,* keeps me busy throughout the year.

Several senior citizens have requested the pattern (as well as completed projects) for their rooms.

You have supplied one of the two items (pattern and yarn) which we need. Hopefully, we will receive donations of *leftover* yarns to complete our *Grace Project.*

Many thanks and deep appreciation!

does anyone have stair step stitch pattern for beginner?

Yes, I have made at least 20 of this pattern.

You chain as long as you want divisable by three.

single cro. back the first row chain up one and single cro.chain one single cro. back up to the last three stitches, slip stitch and go back. dec. three at the end of each row until you only have three stitches left, crochet in another color. it takes 20 different colors to make the circle. Use each color for the border in single cro. chain one
stitching in the chain one space each time

Call me if you are confused [Phone number removed by Cheryl to protect Joan's privacy. Instead, here is her email address:]

the afghan I wrote you about is in a mini book called Small frys afghans put out by spinnerin minibook 346 It has raggedy ann and andy and also a clown afghan hope this will help you you have it on de-stashing page


If you don't have the have the Spinnerin minibook
346 that has raggedy ann and andy do you know who would have it or how i can get one thank you gloria

Hi, Gloria - has 3 used copies of Small Fry Afghans for sale starting at $3.34.

I have more round ripple patterns than you have listed here. All of my free patterns can be found at Check it out.

Hello. anybody remember an afghan called "Color Wheel"? It 's hard to describe,but you crocheted a strip in a ribbing pattern (back loops every row, maybe?) and then sewed it together to form a small circle. Then somehow(!) crocheted around it to make into a square. This was kind of like Dresden Plate, and used lots of scrips and scraps of yarn. I'd love to find that pattern again. Thanks!

Hi, Laurie - I haven't been checking email or my blog regularly. I've seen a "Color Wheel" pattern but I don't remember where I saw it. Here are similar patterns:

Columbia Minerva No. 2527 Color Accents in Afghans

Scrap Fan Afghan

I've also seen this type of pattern in crochet pattern books but don't have a specific name.

I am looking for a baby afghan in the round it is a white one. I saw it on the internet but I can't find it now. Please help me if you can. When the afghans is done it looks like a fuffy doily. Thanks Joanne Tanner

I think the links for the 24-point are broken. 2 of them are directing me to my own Yahoo 360 page and the one for Crochetville gives me an error, too.

12-point to 24-point round ripple - "How I added the extra points on the 24 point!" (photo of a completed blanket) (see more photos of her technique at Crochetville) -

Have these links been changed recently?

Yahoo shutdown their 360 service in July 2009 so the first 2 links are gone. I just searched for Crystal's entry on the Crochetville forum and it looks like her account has been closed so that link is also gone.

i would like to get copy of cathedral rose window if you can help me e-mail me thanks

Hi there.

Can you help me out? I've looked everywhere on the net but can't find anything like this. If you go to the URL above you'll see what I'm talking about. A friend sent this to me as a baby afghan, but I'm not sure if it is or not (because the holes are too big) and I'm trying to resell it, but not sure if this is what it is, or if it may be a table skirt/cover or throw? I don't have any knitting experience so don't have a clue, but I don't like the pattern as it looks like a spider web!

Thanks so much for your help. :-)


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