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Who visits this website?

My site stats tell me there are quite a few people visiting this website from their email account. That means people have received a link in an email message and clicked on it to visit a page on this website.

Who are you? What were you looking at? Did you find it helpful?


Where have I been since my last entry on August 15?

At home. At work. Crocheting. Or not depending on the heat and how tired I am.

I have been holding off answering most emails due to being too tired to think about answering.


How is Babette?

My Babette Blanket is folded nicely and rests over one side of the couch. I run my hand over it and smile almost every time I walk by.


What am I working on, crochet-wise?

  1. Patchwork Solid Granny Squares Blanket for Bryan - Black, White, Grey, Green, Blue, Red (start Aug. 25)
  2. Ripple Blanket for Bill (start Aug. 18; then too hot so put aside to do granny squares)
  3. Ripple Lap Blanket - White, Lavender (start May 29; Jun. 2 put aside for Pineapple Blanket, then Babette Blanket)
  4. Granny Square Lap Blanket - White, Tan, Green, Pink, Yellow, Blue (start Jan. 22; put aside early Feb. after 20 squares; picked up again May 28; put down again May 29)

No photos of any of them at this time. I am not excited by the prospect of working again on #3 or #4, so I will probably pull out #3; not sure about #4.


How have I been feeling lately?

Since returning from our Maui vacation for Billy's wedding in early July, I was exhausted for quite a few weeks. Some days worse than others but always very tired. A heat wave for 2 weeks in August made it worse. No energy, no desire for energy. Blah. I finally started feeling less exhausted about 2 weeks ago - and this week it's been cooler and I'm lovin' it! 70-75 degrees is perfect.


Anything unusual happen in the past few weeks?

Yup. I had a minor bumper-bender accident on the freeway one morning. Well, actually, it was on a single-lane freeway off-ramp that is also on-ramp for that freeway - and it is also an on-ramp to a second freeway. So, there's a lot of merging and non-merging traffic - merging from left to right (off-ramp to second freeway), and merging from right to left (on-ramp to first freeway), and not-merging traffic (on-ramp to second freeway).

Damage to my car was very minimal - a few scratches and a loosened front bumper. It cost $105 to have the bumper removed, rubber grommets securing the bumper replaced, and the bumper re-installed. The other car's rear bumper was dinged and scratched a little more. However, since the car was a Beamer (BMW), I expected the cost to repair his bumper to be more - but I didn't expect it to be over the $750 report-to-the-DMV limit. But it was, and I received a notice and form from the DMV telling me I needed to complete and return the form ASAP or my driver's license would be revoked. Now, if my insurance company didn't tell me how much the other car's damage amounted to (and they didn't), how am I supposed to know that it was over the $750 limit? So, anyway, I filled out the form and returned it.

Our car insurance is up for renewal in October, so I will see then how much this little bumper bender affects my car insurance rate.

My driver's license is up for renewal in October. Just a few days before the accident, I received a notice from the DMV that I could renew it online. I haven't yet checked it out to see whether the bumper bender will affect that renewal.


How's work going?

I don't talk much about my job on this website. I'm a Web Designer for an East Bay college. I'm happy there. I've worked there 5 1/2 years. In addition to web design, I've been interested in instructional technology (online education technologies and methodologies) since 2001, and I completed a series of masters-degree-level courses to earn a Certificate in Online Teaching and Learning in December 2001. The web technologies I use to manage the college's websites are the same web technologies used by support personnel of the online education program. In addition, I have a background in systems administration, database management and programming, and am familiar with the processes of managing user accounts and supporting users (such as our faculty and students).

Since early July, I've spoken a few times with the new Dean for the online education department about expanding its services and creating an integrated team to support both the college's website(s) and online education program. She's on board with the idea, but of course there is a formal process to get pretty much anything implemented at most (all?) slow-moving governmental institutions. There has to be a plan, champions of the plan, and funding for salaries (and training and...). There has to be buy-in by college administration, and job descriptions need to created or expanded or changed which requires negotiation between the classified staff's union and college administration.

I can see the possibilities of my idea - I see it right there in front of me. And I see myself involved to lead the team. But I don't know how to get there.

Time will tell.


What am I doing tonight?

Hubby and I are going out to dinner at Horatio's, a steak-and-seafood restaurant at the San Leandro Marina. Tomorrow is our 17th Wedding Anniversary! Whoop! And, next May will mark 22 years for our Soup 'n' Sandwiches Anniversary (our first dinner together! tuna sandwiches and vegetable beef soup with the kids).


Remember: your work experience is just training for your future job to help L and I put together our small business!

Thanks Mom! Keep it up!

Interesting blog.
I don't have to look for your blog and I didn't stumble upon it. I have you listed on my blog and have had you there for a long time. I like to see what you have made lately and what you are up to.

Have a nice day. God bless

Thanks, Darlene, for your message! It is interesting to know what people are looking for and what they find interesting about my blog.

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