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Completed Projects for 2007

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I still crochet a great deal of the time - it's still my number one hobby. The number of projects completed this year is just over half of last year - but many of the projects were large blankets and some had a lot of time-consuming yarn ends to hide.

In 2007, I pursued learning to knit (again - for the third time), but it still hasn't taken with me. Of course, if I don't continue working with it, knitting doesn't have a chance of becoming "second nature" for me like crocheting is! I haven't given up my desire to make colorful knitted socks, but I also haven't become comfortable enough with knitting using 2 knitting needles to want to try to handle 4 or 5 double-pointed knitting needles.

With regard to sewing and quilting, the desire to play with colorful fabric is there. However, I still haven't gotten around to getting comfortable with it. Someday…

2007 Projects in Review

Crochet: 1 huge full-size afghan (my Babette Blanket), 1 large round 6-point to 24-point afghan, 4 full-size blankets, 8 lap blankets (7 donated, 1 gift), 6 scarves, 2 headbands, 1 cardigan, 1 hat, 1 cat-size blanket.

Knit: 1 head band.

Sewing and Quilting: Zero, zip, nada. Bah! The year slid by with no progress here! Didn't finish the Keepsake Kitty Wall Hanging, and didn't start any new sewing or quilting projects.

The Project List:

  1. Ripple Blanket for Bill (start Aug. 18; then too hot so put aside to do granny squares; picked up again Dec. 12; finish Dec. 22)
  2. Stone Path Hat - Browns (start Dec. 3; finish Dec. 11)
  3. Patchwork Solid Granny Squares Blanket for Bryan (start Aug. 25; finish Sep. 30)
  4. Babette Blanket for me (start Jun. 24; finish Aug. 13)
  5. Pineapple Blanket for Billy and Rowena Wedding - White (start Jun. 2; finish Jun. 23)
  6. Delicate Summer Jacket Cardigan for me - Purple Cotton-Ease (start May 10; finish May 28)
  7. Simple Knitted Head Band for me - Green Sugar 'n' Cream Cotton (start May 7; finish May 8;)
  8. Ripple Lap Blanket - White, Pastel Scraps (start Apr. 6; finish May 6)
  9. Sampler Stripes Blanket for Elizabeth - Green, Maroon, Pink, White (start Apr. 19; finish Apr. 30)
  10. 6-point to 24-point Round Ripple Blanket for William - Greens, Blues, Multi (start Apr. 7; finish Apr. 18)
  11. Ripple Lap Blanket - White, Cream, Dark Scraps (start Mar. 31; finish Apr. 4)
  12. Ripple Lap Blanket for Candace - Purples (start Mar. 22; finish Mar. 31)
  13. Ripple Scarf - Beige/Cream, Cream (start Mar. 18; finish Mar. 21)
  14. Ripple Scarf - Gold/Orange, Cream (start Mar. 13; finish Mar. 17)
  15. Ripple Scarf - Black/Grey, Cream (start Mar. 13; finish Mar. 15)
  16. Round Motif Scarf - Cream, Gold/Orange, Black/Grey (start Mar. 3; finish Mar. 12)
  17. Ripple Lap Blanket - Blues, Greens, Tans (start Mar. 4; finish Mar. 11)
  18. Head Band for me - White, Purple, Green, Blue (start Mar. 8; finish Mar. 9)
  19. Head Band for me - Purple, Green, Blue (start/finish Mar. 8)
  20. Burgundy Shells Scarf (start Feb. 25; finish Mar. 3)
  21. Octagon Cat Blanket (started as a baby blanket) - Dark and Light Turquoise (start Dec. 16, 2006; Dec. 17 need more yarn; Mar. 3, 2007 decided to finish off as is and use for a cat blanket)
  22. Long Soft Warm Scarf for me - Black, Brown, Tan, Pale Blue, Cream, Blue-Purple (start/finish Feb. 25; ooops! too long: shortened Feb. 28)
  23. Cluster and Lace Granny Square Lap Blanket - Red, Pink, White (start Feb. 9; finish Feb. 17)
  24. Calico Lap Blanket - Red, Pink, Light Green, White (start Feb. 4; finish Feb. 9)
  25. 9-patch Granny Square Lap Blanket - Blue, Beige, Off White, Multi (start Jan. 4; finish Jan. 21)
  26. Granny Square Lap Blanket - Pinks (start Jan. 13; finish Jan. 17)

Projects started in 2007 but not completed yet:

  • Ripple Lap Blanket - White, Lavender (start May 29, 2007; Jun. 2 put aside for Pineapple Blanket, then Babette Blanket)
  • Granny Square Lap Blanket - White, Tan, Green, Pink, Yellow, Blue (start Jan. 22, 2007; put aside early Feb. after 20 squares; picked up again May 28; put down again May 29)

Projects started in 2006 but put not completed yet:

  • Keepsake Kitty Wall Hanging (start May 7, 2006; top nearly done except for applique tail Jun. 2, 2006; now in limbo)

Projects started in 2005 but put on hold and then pulled out to re-use the yarn:

  • Not completed: Jazzy Beach Wrap (cardigan) for me (start Mar. 24, 2005; put aside Apr. 13, 2005; pulled out Feb. 18, 2007)

Lap Blankets donated today

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For this year, I have 10 crocheted lap blankets for donation to a local convalescent home. Mom added the 5 lap blankets she made in the past year or so to the bunch, so together 15 lap blankets were delivered and will be enjoyed by nursing home residents.


  1. Ripple Lap Blanket - White, Pastel Scraps
  2. Cluster Ripple Lap Blanket - Blue, Beige, Off White, Multi
  3. Ripple Lap Blanket - White, Cream, Dark Scraps
  4. Ripple Lap Blanket - Blues, Greens, Tans
  5. Granny Square Lap Blanket - Scraps in Reds, Oranges, Grey, Black


  1. Granny Square Lap Blanket - Pinks
  2. Granny Square Lap Blanket - Scraps, Black
  3. Cluster and Lace Granny Square Lap Blanket - Red, Pink, White
  4. 9-patch Granny Square Lap Blanket - Blue, Beige, Off White, Multi
  5. Calico Lap Blanket - Red, Pink, Light Green, White

Right: Mom's 5 ripple blankets.

Spending spree!

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dvd-shrekthethird.jpg On Saturday, after troubleshooting a loud grinding/spinning noise coming from my PC, I decided to buy an external hard drive to use as a backup drive for my PC. So, a visit to was in order! After much research on Google, I ordered an external drive - and two wanna-have items!

Then on Sunday, I spent about 4 hours online researching digital cameras. I want one I can easily carry around in my purse. I again talked myself out of buying a SLR-type digital camera (the Nikon D300 DX 12.3MP Digital SLR Camera (Body Only)) that I can use with my Nikon lenses - I'm just not sure I would use it enough to justify the price ($1800). And, I'm not even sure the almost 10-year-old Nikon lenses I have are fully compatible with a digital camera. So, I compromised by deciding to buy a second new camera to replace my almost 6-year-old Fujifilm FinePix 2800Zoom 2.0mp 6x optical zoom camera. I'm still happy with my FinePix camera, but the new camera have so many more features I want to play with! So, I ordered:

How exciting! I'll hopefully have the A570IS camera before December 27 when I visit my son!

Stone Path Hat - Browns


20071212stonepathhat1.jpg 20071212stonepathhat2.jpg 20071212stonepathhat3.jpg 20071212stonepathhat4.jpg

  • Size: followed pattern for 18 1/2 inch head circumference

  • Colors: Autumn (Lion Brand Wool-Ease) (note: this is heavier than what the pattern calls for)

  • Pattern: Stone Path Hat - Design by Lisa Naskrent

  • Book: Interweave Crochet (magazine) - Winter 2007 - Copyright 2007 - Interweave Press

  • Hook: E (just like the pattern says)

  • Date: start December 3; finish December 11

The day the Winter 2007 Interweave Crochet magazine arrived in the mail, I looked through it, saw the Stone Path Hat, and immediately started working on it as the project to break me out of the 2-plus months of crochet burnout. Since I (almost) never use the yarn called for by the pattern (because I don't usually have it), I decided on Wool-Ease yarn in the color Autumn from my stash. And, wow!, the hat is warm!

I used an E hook even though Wool-Ease recommends a J hook, which produced a tight weave (the photo of the finished hat in the magazine looks loose) - and a thick fabric! A very warm hat!


Wow! Annie's Attic just released the popular Cathedral Rose Window Afghan crochet pattern (leaflet 885034) by itself for $6.99! From their website:

Back by popular demand!

This vintage afghan is as magnificent today as it was when it won first place in Annie's afghan contest in 1996. Updated with today's popular colors, the Cathedral Rose Window Afghan is a crocheted work of art! Made with worsted weight yarn.

It's listed as an "Annies Attic Exclusive" so it's probably not available anywhere else but at Annie's Attic.

So, there's no need to hunt around for Annie's Award Winning Afghans leaflet 878301 to get the pattern!

Take a look at my lovely version of the Cathedral Rose Window Afghan!

Tony Stewart 20 Car

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One of the men who works in the Facilities department at the college knows I'm a Tony Stewart fan (how can he miss the Tony Stewart calendar and photos on the wall!). A month or so ago, he saw a 1:18 scale Winners Circle car while shopping and he bought it for me! How thoughtful!

20071209purplecardigan1.jpg 20071209purplecardigan2.jpg 20071209purplecardigan3.jpg

  • Size: XL

  • Colors: Violet (Lion Brand Cotton-Ease)

  • Pattern: Delicate Summer Jacket

  • Book: Crochet with Style: Fun to Make Sweaters for All Seasons - ISBN 1-56158-339-1 - Designs by Melissa Leapman - Copyright 2000 - The Taunton Press

  • Hook: ? (guestimate: G)

  • Date: start May 10; finish May 28

I was excited to start the Delicate Summer Jacket (cardigan), but not excited when I finished it. That just may be why it is now December and I've finally taken a photo of it for posting!

The yarn I used is too heavy (medium/4 weight) to be "delicate" and the popcorns are larger then I'd like them to be. I love the buttons I was able to find at Joann Fabrics, however! I'm a chunky person and this cardigan makes me look chunkier. I thought about pulling it out and re-using the yarn, but haven't made that decision yet.

The photos were taken on our lovely Pergo Dolce Mahagony laminate flooring that we installed last fall. It's lovely!

20071208patchworkblkt1.jpg 20071208patchworkblkt2.jpg 20071208patchworkblkt3.jpg 20071208patchworkblanketchart.jpg 20071208patchworkblanketchartcolor.gif

  • Size: 44 inches x 69 inches

  • Colors: Black, Coconut, Country Blue, Dark Sage, Grey Heather, Autumn Red, Bone (Caron Simply Soft)

  • Pattern: Patchwork Solid Granny Squares Blanket (my own)

  • Hook: G

  • Date: start August 25; finish September 30, 2007

This is the crochet project I got burned out doing in September. Ack, such dull colors (to me who likes the wild colors used for my Babette Blanket!), but I thought they would be good for a blanket for my stepson Bryan. The squares are the same style as used for Babette which is a common variation of the traditional granny square.

Because I don't like the join showing on one side of each square, I join in a corner instead (see the photo of the red square - there's no line down the center of any of the 4 sides). The square pattern is published as square #3 Square Target in the book "200 Crochet Blocks for Blankets, Throws, and Afghans" by Jean Eaton - AND, it is square #77 in "99 Granny Squares to Crochet" (with this mod: make each corner 2dc ch 2 2dc) by Leisure Arts. There is also an online version of the square pattern called "No Seam Granny Square" at Chez Crochet (scroll to bottom of page).

A chart detailing the color, size, and number of squares is below.

Not selected - and that's OK

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I wasn't selected for a second interview. I am pleased, however, that the hiring committee found other applicants experienced and qualified for the position. Technology training is important and will become more so as the college acquires and applies more technology to teaching students and supporting faculty and staff.

I like my job, but it has gotten routine as I take on more department, program, and faculty websites and interest in keeping website updated has increased (a good thing!) over time. Making website updates each day is a full time task (although I also attend some committee meetings - but have scaled back on the number of committees). There is no time, however, to redesign and optimize the website (the current design is 5 1/2 years old), to enhance the website with better imagery and purposeful multimedia (such as a Campus Tour or enhanced Campus Maps), to integrate online forms with databases (or even flat files!), etc.

With the possibility of moving to a different job now settled, I can more strongly work on professional development in my current job!

Wait and see

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I spent another 5 hours Tuesday evening working on the presentation for my interview Wednesday morning. I decided to remove bullets from many of the slides and replace them and the screenshot thumbnails with larger versions. It flowed a lot more smoothly and made more sense for the viewers to see the larger version instead of a squished thumbnail that links to a large version.

The interview itself was the typical stiff style that is the custom at the college - at probably all state institutions. The methodology shocked me when I was interviewed in January 2002, but I've been on about 5 hiring committees at the college since then so I knew what to expect.

A list of questions is taped to the table in front of the applicant. The questions are read aloud one-by-one by the interviewers. The questions are identical for all applicants. No additional questions may be asked unless it is to get more information in response to something the applicant says.

In making their decision to invite applicants for interview(s) and to decide who to recommend to receive the offer, the hiring committee must consider only the information presented the applicant's resume and application and in his/her interview(s). No outside knowledge is allowed - which means they must pretend they know nothing about you if you're an internal candidate. And, no "Googling" of applicants is allowed.

I was (apparently) 13 minutes into my presentation when a 2-minutes-to-go reminder came. Yikes! I thought only about 8 minutes had passed! So I moved quickly through the remaining slides and finished within 15 minutes.

I'm nervous in group situations. There were 9 people other than me in the small interview room: 8 interviewers plus an interpreter for one of them. My heart was racing, my face red, and it felt like a heavy weight was sitting on my chest so I would run out of breath. I feel I rushed many of my answers.

Once the presentation had been going for about 1-2 minutes, I felt smooth and in-the-flow. Teaching a subject I'm familiar with is easier than answering free-form questions! In a real teaching situation, there would be a flow of information and feedback and questions and answers between the "students" (which in the case of this position, are faculty or staff members). In the interview environment, there was no give and take.

The 10 (9 actually not including the presentation) questions were geared toward the applicant's experience with [fill in the blank] in supporting or teaching e-Learning / online courses. Since I have not had this direct experience - but I have extensive knowledge about online technologies used - I answered the questions from my experience as a web designer. For example, I have not assisted a faculty member with their online course; however, I have assisted faculty and staff with their faculty or department websites. I have also not used software/hardware in an e-Learning environment, but I am familiar with PCs and Macs and the software used on them to create online courses. I realized after the interview that I had missed the point of the "hardware" question - the answer should have included tools used in "smart classrooms" (such as smartboards, touch panels, audio/visual equipment, etc.). However, since I don't work with those technologies in my position as web designer, they totally slipped my mind during the interview.

I've tried not to replay the interview repeatedly in my head. After all, there are no "do overs". I see now where I could have given clearer, more informative answers.

Now I wait and see whether I'm invited for a second interview.

Sketch of Cheryl

About Cheryl

Enjoys crocheting, gardening, cats, NASCAR (especially Tony Stewart and Kyle Busch!), reading, photography, snorkeling in Kailua-Kona with sea turtles, Sizzler's Mega Bacon Cheeseburgers, hot and iced decaf coffee, dark chocolate, color (yarn, fabric), playing around with web technologies - not necessarily in that order! Still very much a beginner with quilting, knitting, and sewing. Donates crocheted lap blankets.

List maker, detail-oriented, organized, leans heavily toward perfectionism. ISTJ. Libra.

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