Completed Projects for 2007

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I still crochet a great deal of the time - it's still my number one hobby. The number of projects completed this year is just over half of last year - but many of the projects were large blankets and some had a lot of time-consuming yarn ends to hide.

In 2007, I pursued learning to knit (again - for the third time), but it still hasn't taken with me. Of course, if I don't continue working with it, knitting doesn't have a chance of becoming "second nature" for me like crocheting is! I haven't given up my desire to make colorful knitted socks, but I also haven't become comfortable enough with knitting using 2 knitting needles to want to try to handle 4 or 5 double-pointed knitting needles.

With regard to sewing and quilting, the desire to play with colorful fabric is there. However, I still haven't gotten around to getting comfortable with it. Someday…

2007 Projects in Review

Crochet: 1 huge full-size afghan (my Babette Blanket), 1 large round 6-point to 24-point afghan, 4 full-size blankets, 8 lap blankets (7 donated, 1 gift), 6 scarves, 2 headbands, 1 cardigan, 1 hat, 1 cat-size blanket.

Knit: 1 head band.

Sewing and Quilting: Zero, zip, nada. Bah! The year slid by with no progress here! Didn't finish the Keepsake Kitty Wall Hanging, and didn't start any new sewing or quilting projects.

The Project List:

  1. Ripple Blanket for Bill (start Aug. 18; then too hot so put aside to do granny squares; picked up again Dec. 12; finish Dec. 22)
  2. Stone Path Hat - Browns (start Dec. 3; finish Dec. 11)
  3. Patchwork Solid Granny Squares Blanket for Bryan (start Aug. 25; finish Sep. 30)
  4. Babette Blanket for me (start Jun. 24; finish Aug. 13)
  5. Pineapple Blanket for Billy and Rowena Wedding - White (start Jun. 2; finish Jun. 23)
  6. Delicate Summer Jacket Cardigan for me - Purple Cotton-Ease (start May 10; finish May 28)
  7. Simple Knitted Head Band for me - Green Sugar 'n' Cream Cotton (start May 7; finish May 8;)
  8. Ripple Lap Blanket - White, Pastel Scraps (start Apr. 6; finish May 6)
  9. Sampler Stripes Blanket for Elizabeth - Green, Maroon, Pink, White (start Apr. 19; finish Apr. 30)
  10. 6-point to 24-point Round Ripple Blanket for William - Greens, Blues, Multi (start Apr. 7; finish Apr. 18)
  11. Ripple Lap Blanket - White, Cream, Dark Scraps (start Mar. 31; finish Apr. 4)
  12. Ripple Lap Blanket for Candace - Purples (start Mar. 22; finish Mar. 31)
  13. Ripple Scarf - Beige/Cream, Cream (start Mar. 18; finish Mar. 21)
  14. Ripple Scarf - Gold/Orange, Cream (start Mar. 13; finish Mar. 17)
  15. Ripple Scarf - Black/Grey, Cream (start Mar. 13; finish Mar. 15)
  16. Round Motif Scarf - Cream, Gold/Orange, Black/Grey (start Mar. 3; finish Mar. 12)
  17. Ripple Lap Blanket - Blues, Greens, Tans (start Mar. 4; finish Mar. 11)
  18. Head Band for me - White, Purple, Green, Blue (start Mar. 8; finish Mar. 9)
  19. Head Band for me - Purple, Green, Blue (start/finish Mar. 8)
  20. Burgundy Shells Scarf (start Feb. 25; finish Mar. 3)
  21. Octagon Cat Blanket (started as a baby blanket) - Dark and Light Turquoise (start Dec. 16, 2006; Dec. 17 need more yarn; Mar. 3, 2007 decided to finish off as is and use for a cat blanket)
  22. Long Soft Warm Scarf for me - Black, Brown, Tan, Pale Blue, Cream, Blue-Purple (start/finish Feb. 25; ooops! too long: shortened Feb. 28)
  23. Cluster and Lace Granny Square Lap Blanket - Red, Pink, White (start Feb. 9; finish Feb. 17)
  24. Calico Lap Blanket - Red, Pink, Light Green, White (start Feb. 4; finish Feb. 9)
  25. 9-patch Granny Square Lap Blanket - Blue, Beige, Off White, Multi (start Jan. 4; finish Jan. 21)
  26. Granny Square Lap Blanket - Pinks (start Jan. 13; finish Jan. 17)

Projects started in 2007 but not completed yet:

  • Ripple Lap Blanket - White, Lavender (start May 29, 2007; Jun. 2 put aside for Pineapple Blanket, then Babette Blanket)
  • Granny Square Lap Blanket - White, Tan, Green, Pink, Yellow, Blue (start Jan. 22, 2007; put aside early Feb. after 20 squares; picked up again May 28; put down again May 29)

Projects started in 2006 but put not completed yet:

  • Keepsake Kitty Wall Hanging (start May 7, 2006; top nearly done except for applique tail Jun. 2, 2006; now in limbo)

Projects started in 2005 but put on hold and then pulled out to re-use the yarn:

  • Not completed: Jazzy Beach Wrap (cardigan) for me (start Mar. 24, 2005; put aside Apr. 13, 2005; pulled out Feb. 18, 2007)

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