No grey this winter, no tiredness or sadness, no tears


In June on the longest day of the year, I'm reminded that it will be coming again as the days get shorter and the nights longer. It usually starts in September or early October and ends in March - sometimes April.

The greyness. The heaviness. The cloud. Around my head, in my eyes, on my face, in my body.

The tiredness, slowness, sadness. Even tears at times. Withdrawn. No energy.

I'm a low-key person, an introvert. I'm not usually upbeat or excitable. But, people who know me can and hear the greyness when it hits.

I remind myself that December 21 (the longest night of the year) is coming and I can look forward to gradually feeling better with more daylight.

This year was different. No grey, no tiredness, no sadness, no tears.

This is the first winter in I don't know how many years that I feel good. Clear. Rested. At peace.



I really enjoy your blog and think you and I have much in common: crochet, kids, shoes, self improvement, etc.!!! I want to finish reading about the end of your grey days, but can't find the ending. I live in NW New Mexico. But if I read it right, you must be by Fremont, CA. We were stationed at Fort Ord in 74-76. I sure loved that area and have enjoyed going back to visit all the restaurants and places a first lieutenent's salary restricted us from! I'm 56 and enjoying my 4 grandkids so much. All the fun, and not much of the work. Please visit my blog at to see my crochet, etc. You sound like a nice lady and kind and good hearted.

I invite you to my normal winter world, since it sounds like we share it anyway. Important thing for me is to keep mind challenged, and laugh as mush as possible.

So I propose a toast to you- health, joy, strength and plenty to you and yours!

In the meantime, if you could possibly explain a UK crotchet term I came across, the 'v stitch', I will bless your name to all that lives!

My best thoughts for you,


Thank you, Sara! I hope your new year is full of health, joy, strength and plenty also!

I'm not in the UK, but it may be that the V-Stitch is universal... Here's a V Stitch Crochet Pattern:

The V is formed with "dc, ch, dc" done in a single stitch on the previous row. The V on the NEXT row would be made in the ch space of the V on the previous row. (The V can also be done with the shorter hdc stitch: hdc, ch, hdc).

I also found reference to a V-Stitch on these UK web pages:
"(double crochet, chain, double crochet all-in-one stitch)"

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