Maya and Mia came home

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Maya and Mia inside the scratching posts house.After Cleo died last July, I would think I saw her when I turned around or looked up. I also thought I heard the bell on her collar as she moved around the house.

But she wasn't there.

I missed her and cried quite often. I wanted to hold her, talk to her, feed her, pet her.

On a Friday (furlough day from work) in early August, I went kitty shopping. I wanted two and Bill wanted kittens. They didn't have to be from the same litter or shelter or be the same age. They just needed to be "right" for us.

After hours of "shopping" local shelters, I still hadn't found the "right" kitty. I called Bill and he agreed to go that night to a Petco in Fremont to see cats available for adoption by Purrfect Cat Rescue. We found the purrfect kittens!

Jasmine and Mia on back of couch.Both are Dilute Tortoiseshell Calico cats, but not from the same litter. Maya is more white and has a smudge on her nose. Mia is more grey with long legs and a long tail. They are similar in size, but Maya is older by 6 weeks.

Maya was 16 weeks old when we adopted her. She was rescued from inside a wall in an abandoned house, and the wall had to be torn down to get her out. Maya is skittish, especially when you walk around or there are sudden loud noises. She spent 95% of the time under our bed during the first two weeks.

Mia snuggling at the back of my head in my hair.I don't know Mia's history, but it doesn't seem to have been traumatic. She was 10 weeks old when we brought her home. Her name was Vidalia (like the onion)—incoming cats were being given vegetable names when she was rescued. Bill suggested Mia (probably because Maya-Mia sounds much like Mama-Mia, but he said it was for women's soccer player Mia Hamm), and I thought Mia (for Mia Michaels the choreographer) was a great name!

Maya's is one year old today! (I subtracted 16 weeks from the day we brought her home to get an estimated birthday date.) She's a happy girl—still skittish, but getting a little less so each week.

Mia snuggling with an unwilling Jasmine on the couch.Jasmine is 14 years old this month. Cleo would have been 14 too.

As soon as Mia met Jasmine, she was determined that Jaz would be her BFF (best friend forever). Jaz growls and sometimes hisses, but Mia holds her ground cuddling with Jaz until she either gives in or goes somewhere else.

Sometimes Maya likes to cuddle with Jaz, but not often. And Mia is usually also there.

Most of the time, Mia and Maya are snuggling in the same cat bed, grooming each other or wrestling.

Jasmine and Maya in a cat bed with Mia next to them.Mia is a petite, athletic, fun loving girl. She likes to cuddle behind my head, rub her face into my hair and drool. She doesn't suckle—she just drools and looks like she's high on drugs. She doesn't like to sit on laps or be held or cuddled, except when she's snuggling in my hair.

Maya is a chubby, sway-backed, runner. She runs down the hall and back again, down the hall and back again. She runs away when you reach your hand out to pet her. She runs away when you're walking around. Under the bed is her haven and usual destination.

Maya belly up playing with a black string.But when you're sitting and quiet and still, she'll come lay next to you. And she'll purr and be happy to allow you to pet and scratcher her head, behind her ears, her chin, her back, her sides, her belly and her feet. When she is picked up, she melts into your arms. She's soft and cuddly and makes you think that she really does like affection after all…until the next time you're up walking around and she runs away!

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I am looking for a Cheryl Lambert that is the registered owner (according to the microchip) of a very sweet female kitty that appeared in my garden several weeks ago. From the pictures on your blog, she looks very similar to your Jasmine. I can send pictures through an email if you think she may be yours.
Are you missing a cat?
Thanks for replying either way...I want to find this kitty's home!

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