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Annie's Attic has done it again! In December 2007, I learned they had re-released the Cathedral Rose Window Afghan pattern, and today I learned they've re-released the 6-Pointed Star Afghan pattern (leaflet 885044) for $6.99 $5.99 [as of July 3, 3008]. This is the very much sought after Six-Pointed Star Afghan pattern originally published as leaflet 87A50 and designed by Sandra J. Smith - and now you can get it at Annie's Attic!

Back by popular demand! An Annie's Original! This perpetual favorite will make a stunning focal point in any home. The generous, intricate-looking 69" diameter throw is made using simple single and double crochet stitches and worsted weight yarn.

[Update July 3, 2008 - Also available at for $5.99!]


There's no need now to hunt around for the original Six-Pointed Star Afghan leaflet 87A50 to get the pattern!

2007_0418willm24pt1whole.jpgI don't have this pattern in my collection, but I did, however, create my own version of a 6-point to 12-point to 24-point Round Ripple Afghan (instructions are here).

Oval Motifs - Free crochet pattern

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Oval-shaped motif from website.

Free crochet pattern for an oval-shaped motif or rug or other object from Sandi Marshall at

Basic Instructions for Crocheting an Oval Shape

Single crochet half circle motif on website.
Double crochet half circle motif on website.

Free crochet patterns for half circle-shaped motifs (aka round granny squares!) from Sandi Marshall at

See also my post about the Triange Granny Patterns.

[Since the copyright statement very clearly says "Do not redistribute, in any form.", I've hotlinked to the images on the website (which is 99.9% of the time not the preferred action).]

Crochet a Heart-shaped Box of Chocolates

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Crochet food patterns seems to be big lately, although not with me. However, I thought this free crochet pattern for a heart-shaped Box of Chocolates was delightful! Perfect non-calorie treat for Valentines Day!


Whoop! Interweave Press is now offering the Babette Blanket crochet pattern for $6.00. It is a downloadable PDF file so you'll get the pattern right away! The Babette Blanket designed by Kathy Merrick was published in the Spring 2006 issue of Interweave Crochet magazine - and back issues of that issue recently sold out on Interweave's website.

On the Babette Blanket order page, Interweave has also included the complete yarn list, gauge and crochet hook information.

You can also create your own one-of-a-kind version of the Babette Blanket by drawing squares in different sizes and selecting your own colors - which is what I did to design the additional panel for my Babette Blanket.

Because I don't like the join showing on one side of each square, I join in a corner instead (see the photo of the red square - there's no line down the center of any of the 4 sides). The pattern for the granny squares is published as square #3 Square Target in the book "200 Crochet Blocks for Blankets, Throws, and Afghans" by Jean Eaton - AND, it is square #77 in "99 Granny Squares to Crochet" (with this mod: make each corner 2dc ch 2 2dc) by Leisure Arts. There is also an online version of the square pattern called "No Seam Granny Square" at Chez Crochet (scroll to bottom of page).

I also crocheted a Babette-style blanket using solid colored squares and a custom layout.

Create your custom blanket layout using 2-row, 4-row, 6-row, 8-row, and 10-row squares. You can make squares that change color every row and/or every 2 rows or every 3 rows, and/or solid-color squares.

Use these joining instructions for a good result.

Have fun with it - don't feel constrained to make the original Babette! Examples of other Babette-inspired blankets are on the Flickr Babette Blanket pool.


Wow! Annie's Attic just released the popular Cathedral Rose Window Afghan crochet pattern (leaflet 885034) by itself for $6.99! From their website:

Back by popular demand!

This vintage afghan is as magnificent today as it was when it won first place in Annie's afghan contest in 1996. Updated with today's popular colors, the Cathedral Rose Window Afghan is a crocheted work of art! Made with worsted weight yarn.

It's listed as an "Annies Attic Exclusive" so it's probably not available anywhere else but at Annie's Attic.

So, there's no need to hunt around for Annie's Award Winning Afghans leaflet 878301 to get the pattern!

Take a look at my lovely version of the Cathedral Rose Window Afghan!

I haven't been able to find many Hawaiian-related charts or graphs on the web that can be used for crochet, cross-stitch, or knitting. Here's one: Kukui Hawaiian Quilt Crochet Afghan.

curveofpursuit-woolythoughts.jpg Woolly Thoughts caught my attention with its mathematical designs for afghans, board games, mazes, pillows, scarves and more - many of these ideas can also be used by both crocheters and knitters!

Also checkout the Online Afghan Designer! Create your own designs using squares and half-squares!

Got a link to add? Please leave a comment indicating the URL - Thank you! Looking for links to crocheted or knitted reversible afghan patterns for baby or larger.

Keep in mind: patterns for baby blankets can be made larger for cuddle-up-on-the-couch afghans, bedspreads; and larger blankets can be made smaller for babies.

Note that a crocheting with a double-ended crochet hook, crochenit / crocheknit / cro-hook, and Tunisian crochet will produce double-sided, reversible patterns.

Most, if not all, of the patterns linked to below are free.

Reversible Afghans (crochet)

Reversible Afghans for Baby (crochet)

Reversible Afghans (knit)

Reversible Afghans for Baby (knit)

Other reversible stitch patterns that may be used for afghans

[Updated March 26, 2007] A few more links added thanks to EugeneClarence at Crochetville.

[Update May 16, 2007 - No need to pay high prices for the Six-Pointed Star Afghan pattern!!! Here's my 6-point to 12-point to 24-point round ripple afghan. You can do this with any 6-point round ripple afghan pattern.]

Due to the recent popularity of round ripple afghans (for babies and adults!), including the Six-Pointed Star Afghan pattern by Sandra J. Smith (leaflet #87A50 - pictured to the right; I do not have this pattern) and other round ripple afghan patterns, I decided to make this list of links for round afghan patterns.

Got a link to add? Please leave a comment indicating the URL - Thank you! Looking for links to crocheted or knitted round afghan patterns for baby or larger.

Keep in mind: patterns for baby blankets can be made larger for bedspreads or cuddle-up-on-the-couch afghans, patterns for larger afghans can be made smaller for baby blanket. Flat round tablecloth patterns can be used... Round rug patterns... Doily patterns without large open spaces...

Most, if not all, of the patterns linked to below are free.

[Update April 26, 2008, July 3 & 14, 2008 - Added a few links!]

Round Ripple Patterns (crochet)

Round Ripple Patterns for Baby (crochet)

Round Afghans (crochet)

Round Afghans for Baby (crochet)

Round Stitches and Patterns (crochet)

Round Afghans (knit)

Round Afghans for Baby (knit)

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