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  • Size: 25 inches point to point; 22 inches side to side

  • Colors: Dark and Light Turquoise (Patons Canadiana )

  • Pattern: Octagon Cat Blanket - Design by Cheryl Lambert

  • Hook: N

  • Date: start December 16, 2006; December 17 need more yarn; March 3, 2007 decided to finish off as is and use for a cat blanket

I had only 2 skeins of the very bulky Patons Canadiana yarn so I was limited in what I could make. This octagon blanket started started as a baby blanket last December but there wasn't enough yarn to make it large enough. I put it aside until I either bought more Canadiana yarn or pulled it apart for another project or... Yesterday I decided to just finish it off, hide the yarn ends, and call it an Octagon Cat Blanket. Jaz very kindly agreed to model the blanket on her bed today.

Size: 29 inches x 49 inches
Colors: Grey Heather, Burgundy, Soft Navy, Teal, Cameo Rose (pink) (Red Heart)
Pattern: Heart & Home (modified) by Kathleen Bernier WIlliford
Book: Afghan Favorites - ISBN 0-9638031-1-5 - Copyright 1994 - The Needlecraft Shop
Hook: H
Date: February 2006

So it took me just over 1 year to start and finish making the couch blanket for Paula and Leslie's cocker spaniel Buttons (the idea came to me on February 5 last year!)...

I love the pattern - it's imagery is perfect! ("Heart" for love of Buttons and each other and their "home" together.) And, it will go nicely in their livingroom with the Quilt Afghan I finished for Paula in January 2004.

Buttons likes to lay on the back of the couch - much like Cleo is modeling in one of the above photos. I arranged the blanket squares so that the images will be right-side up either way the blanket is placed lengthwise over the back of the couch.

Pet Bed Wrap - Scrap yarns


Size: (NEED)
Colors: 4-ply worsted scrap yarns
Pattern: My own
Hook: J
Date: February 2006

(1) Jaz under her new pet bed wrap. (2) Cleo on her "target" in her pet bed.

I bought a ped bed a few weeks ago to see if Cleo would enjoy it - and she did! Jaz also took a strong liking to it, and there were at least two rustle-tustle fights over who got to sleep in it (they ended up in the bed together). So, I bought another for Jaz and one for Bubba. (I got the beds at PetSmart in the dog section - yes, these beds are for small dogs!)

They love the beds!

I put Cleo's "target" on her bed (the "target" is Bill's name for the round pet pad I made in November that was quickly adopted by Cleo in her spot next to me on the small couch).

Jasmine always seems to be cold. When Bill is seated on one of the livingroom couches, she must lay on his legs over his knees facing away from him. It's her thing. At just over 10 pounds, this isn't very comfortable for Bill after 20 minutes or so. Now, she snuggles up in her bed next to Bill on the couch. Bill suggested I make her a blanket so she can be covered up to keep the top of her warm.

I started off yesterday thinking I would make an igloo-shaped object that would go around the pet bed and be open on one end so Jaz could go inside, do a U-turn, and lie with her head outside the igloo. I decided, however, to leave both ends open so Jaz could go out either side and have fresh air coming in from both sides. She likes it! Sometimes she lays with her head sticking out. Sometimes she keeps her head covered and her back end hangs out.

Octagon Pet Pad for Bubba - Scraps

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Size: 21 inches diameter (flat sides); 24 inches (points)
Colors: Scraps
Pattern: V-Stitch Rug by Tammy Hildebrand (p. 42)
Book: Big Book of Scrap Crochet Projects - ISBN 1-882138-94-5 - Copyright 2003 - House of White Birches
Hook: M
Date: November 2005

For our "88 model" kitty, Bubba, because she lays on cold tiles to be in the sun. She likes it! I woke up this morning with her snoring in the sun on the pad!

Round Pet Pad - Scrap yarns

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Size: 24 inches diameter
Colors: 4-ply worsted scrap yarns
Pattern: My own
Hook: H, I
Date: November 2005

Cleo or Jasmine or sometimes Bubba or Cleo AND Jasmine together lie beside me on the couch while I crochet (when not crocheting, Cleo snuggles on my lap!). Now that the weather is colder, I wrap my lap in the lap-size couch blanket they usually sleep on. So, I decided to make a special Pet Pad just for Cleo, err, the kitties!

I crocheted two round cushion-sized mini-blankets using scrap yarn, slip stitched them together (with wrong sides facing), then added a single crochet-chain 1 row over that.

"Boyfriend" Cat Toy for Mom's Callie

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Size: 3-5 inches x 15 inches
Colors: 4-ply worsted scrap yarn
Pattern: My own
Hook: E
Date: November 2005

A while back (months ago!) when Mom saw the "Boyfriend" cat toy I crocheted for Cleo and Jasmine (Bubba pretty much ignores it), she asked me to make one for her cat, Callie. Here it is! Cleo is testing him out! Slobber, slobber, scratch, scratch!

It is filled with short bits of yarn ends snipped off many projects (the bits that are left after hiding (weaving or tying in) the yarn ends) stuffed into the partial leg of an old nylon panty hose (knee high nylons are useful too).

Car Blanket for Buttons

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Size: 28-30 inches x 49 inches
Colors: Scraps, two strands held together: Navy, Green, Gold, Red
Pattern: My own
Hook: J
Date: February 2005

The day I hung out with Paula for breakfast and we took her and Leslie's new dog companion, Buttons (an 8-year-old black-with-some-white-and-grey cocker spaniel), for a walk at Lake Elizabeth in Fremont, I just knew Buttons needed a pet pad (car blanket) to lay on, as well as one for the living room couch. Here's one of two - the couch blanket will come later.

No, it isn't a perfect oval, but there's a "B" in the center of the heart! (B for Buttons, of course!)

By the way, that's my girl Cleo sniffing around trying to figure out why the blanket she and her sister Jaz claimed is on the carpet...

"Boyfriend" Stuffed Cat Toy for Ann's Cat


Size: 3-5 inches x 15 inches
Color: 4-ply worsted scrap yarn
Pattern: My own
Hook: D
Date: February 2005
Time to make: About 5 hours

Bill told his sister Ann about the "Boyfriend" I made for The Girls, and she asked for one for her new cat. So, here it is covered with catnip. To keep our cats from slobbering all over it before we take it over to Ann's place, I've put it in a plastic bag!

My Mom wants one for her cat, Callie, too!

Stuffed Cat Toys with catnip

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"Boyfriend" Stuffed Cat Toy (the large toy):
Size: 2 1/2 to 5 inches x 16 inches
Color: 4-ply worsted scrap yarn
Pattern: My own
Hook: D
Date: December 2004
Time to make: About 5 hours

"Chili Pepper" Stuffed Cat Toy (the small toy):
Size: 2 inches x 4 inches
Color: 4-ply scrap yarn
Pattern: My own
Hook: E
Date: December 2004
Time to make: About 30 minutes

Cleo likes to "kill" blankets and newspapers and rolled up magazines and towels laying on her side, grabbing the object between her front paws, then biting it and scratching her back feet across it. Of course, we encourage this cute behavior quite often!

While wondering what fun and short-term crocheted project I wanted to tackle on the last day of 2004 (before again working on the solid-color Twists & Turns afghan for Deb), it flashed on me that I could make a tube-like cat toy object and stuff it with polyester fiberfill sprinkled with catnip. So, that's what I did! Texture was added with loops and front post triple and double crochets to make sure teeth and claws could grab onto and get caught in stitches. The tail allows us to tease our cats with the toy!

Cleo and Jasmine love this thing! They grab it, rub their heads on it, wide-eyed and heavy breathing - which is why Bill named it the "Boyfriend". They slobber and chew on it. And, of course, they "kill" it with their back feet claws. It's really quite cute! (No photos available...yet!)

Since Jasmine like to hide toys under the couches, inside shoes, and in other mysterious places, I made a smaller cat toy also stuffed with fiberfill sprinkled with catnip. She slobbers on it, talks to it, and tries to stuff it under the couch (so far without luck!). Bill named this toy the "Chili Pepper" because it's made with bright red yarn and sortof resembles a chili pepper.

Bubba hasn't yet decided these toys are interesting enough to give them much attention. Picky picky picky.

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List maker, detail-oriented, organized, leans heavily toward perfectionism. ISTJ. Libra.

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