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Crochet Pattern Books: Cats, Kittens

The patterns listed are part of my collection. They are not for sale. You may be able to find the pattern you're interested in on eBay or another website by carefully searching Google or another search engine. It is against the law to photocopy and distribute patterns - do not ask.

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Cover Photo Title Number of Designs Designer Publisher Leaflet Number Copyright Original Price printed on item
A Day at the Zoo (baby afghan) (Zebra, Turtle, Koala Bear, Tiger, Panda Bear, Lion, Monkey, Elephant, Black Bear) 1 blanket with 9 animal faces Sharon Santorum Self-published N/A 2008 N/A - available at
Whimsical Pot Holders (cat, teddy bear and baby bear, snowman, penguin, bunny with carrot, chicken, black bear with heart, leprechaun, nesting chicken, pumpkin with cat, bunny with dress, santa claus, turkey, moose, baby chick) (motifs) 15 Marianne Bruneau Annie's Attic 878514 2008 $9.95
Afghans for Kids (teddy bear, cats, jelly beans, soccer ball, checkerboard, buttons and bows) 6 Various American School of Needlework 1199 1994 N/A (online $7.25)
Baby Blankets With Animal Hoods (dog, bear, rabbit, cat) 4 Kay Fisher Meadors Leisure Arts 2164 1991 $3.00
Baby Bow Trims (turtle, bear, kitten, frog, puppy, girl and boy babies, raccoon, piglet, chick, bunny, mouse, lamb) 12 Barbara Anderson Annie's Attic 87B90 1988 N/A
Blankets & Animal Companions (bear, elephant, dog, cat, lamb, dinosaur) 6 blankets, 6 animals, 1 pillow Carolyn Christmas Annie's Attic 874012 2003 $6.99 (sticker)
Cache Critters (turtle, cat, elephant, duck, pig, frog, chicken, teddy bear, rooster, lady bug, dinosaur, worm-in-apple) 11 Sue Penrod Annie's Attic 872912 N/A N/A
Cat Cross-Stitch Motif Afghan - FREE at 1 N/A Crochet Newsletter Magazine No. 88, Page 14 1997 N/A
Cat Rug 1 Gloria Hander-Lyons Annie's Crochet Newsletter, September-October 1991 Pages 42-44 1991 N/A
Cats Afghan - available free here (PDF) 1 Sandra Miller Maxfield Hooked on Crochet Magazine No. 66, Pages 19-20 1997 N/A
Cats to Crochet 4 Sue Penrod NeedleWorks 120 1983 N/A
Cuddle Toys (To Crochet) (teddy bear, panda, pony, puppy, bunny, kitten, piggy) 7 Beth Ann Webber Leisure Arts 2765 1995 $4.50
Garden Cat Afghan - FREE download at 1 Martha Brooks Stein Annie's Favorite Crochet Magazine April 2002 N/A 2002 N/A
Kid's Covers (Playful Kittens, Summer Carousel (with 2 horses), Jungle Friends (elephant, camel), Playful Kittens, Butterflies, Magic Castle, Circus Clown, Grandpa's Farm) 7 Annis Duncan Creative Hands 400 1977 $1.00
Roly Poly Toys (turtle, kitty, penguin, frog, bunny, squirrel, lamb, happy face, sad face, clutch ball) 10 Becky Stevens Leisure Arts 2361 1993 $4.00
Snowman, Chimney, Kitty Cat Filet Wall Hangings or Mats 3 Glendola Hodges N/A Pages 22-24 N/A N/A
Snug as a Bug Baby Afghans (cat, heart, sailboat, ice cream cone, clown, train, butterfly, ladybug, teddy bear, flower, dog, house) 6 Anne Halliday Leisure Arts 3100 1999 $5.50

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