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Crochet Pattern Books: Toys, Animals

The patterns listed are part of my collection. They are not for sale. You may be able to find the pattern you're interested in on eBay or another website by carefully searching Google or another search engine. It is against the law to photocopy and distribute patterns - do not ask.

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Cover Photo Title Number of Designs Designer Publisher Leaflet Number Copyright Original Price printed on item
Creepy Cute Crochet 19 Christen Haden Quirk Books ISBN 978-1-59474-232-3 2008 $14.95
Pot Holders for Kitchen Pick-Me-Ups (turtle, snowman, penguin, fish, sunflower, grapefruit / orange / lemon slice, bird cage, clown, duck, clover, parasol, Easter egg, sun, bullseye, fan, lady bug, ship's wheel, pumpkin, pig, paint palette, Christmas tree) (motifs) 24 N/A Coats and Clark Book #294 1952 $0.10
Whimsical Pot Holders (cat, teddy bear and baby bear, snowman, penguin, bunny with carrot, chicken, black bear with heart, leprechaun, nesting chicken, pumpkin with cat, bunny with dress, santa claus, turkey, moose, baby chick) (motifs) 15 Marianne Bruneau Annie's Attic 878514 2008 $9.95
Baby Bow Trims (turtle, bear, kitten, frog, puppy, girl and boy babies, raccoon, piglet, chick, bunny, mouse, lamb) 12 Barbara Anderson Annie's Attic 87B90 1988 N/A
Baby Misty Turtle (inside full magazine) 1 Fran Goreham Crochet World June 2005 2005 $3.99
Bath Buddies (turtle, panda, bear, dog, bunny, duck, hen, frog, hippo, lamb, lion, pig) 12 Sue Penrod The Needlecraft Shop 842351 N/A N/A
Bucky Baseball 1 Beth Huber Annie's Crochet Newsletter July-Aug. 1984, Pages 6, 17 1984 N/A
Cache Critters (turtle, cat, elephant, duck, pig, frog, chicken, teddy bear, rooster, lady bug, dinosaur, worm-in-apple) 11 Sue Penrod Annie's Attic 872912 N/A N/A
Cat Rug 1 Gloria Hander-Lyons Annie's Crochet Newsletter, September-October 1991 Pages 42-44 1991 N/A
Cats to Crochet 4 Sue Penrod NeedleWorks 120 1983 N/A
Charlie Turtle, Slow But Sweet (tissue holder) 1 Cathy Tinsley Annie's Showcase of Needlecraft Number 6, pages 27, 67 N/A N/A
Chester the Spider (spider, spider web) - FREE pattern at 2 Beverly Newhorter Hooked on Crochet Magazine No. 65, Pages 6-8 1997 N/A
Cuddle Toys (To Crochet) (teddy bear, panda, pony, puppy, bunny, kitten, piggy) 7 Beth Ann Webber Leisure Arts 2765 1995 $4.50
Nicolas's Dinosaur 1 Sue Penrod Vanna's Afghan and Crochet Favorites PatternPak 85160-A, First Card of 11 1996 N/A
Roly Poly Toys (turtle, kitty, penguin, frog, bunny, squirrel, lamb, happy face, sad face, clutch ball) 10 Becky Stevens Leisure Arts 2361 1993 $4.00
Roly Poly Turtle 1 N/A Vanna's Afghan and Crochet Favorites, Oxmoor House PatternPak 85040-E 1995 N/A
Skates, Crochet (for Pillow, Wall Hanging or Xmas Stocking) (roller skates, ice skates) 2 Not indicated Shady Lane N/A 1980 N/A
Ted & Tina Turtle 2 Sheila Leslie Annie's Crochet Newsletter, July-August 1985 Pages 26-30 1985 N/A
Terence Turtle 1 Michele Wilcox Annie's Pattern Club 87B51 1983 N/A
Timmy Turtle, Animated Annie-mals 1 N/A Annie's Attic 642 1981 N/A
Tommy Turtle 1 Not indicated Marshall Cavendish Limited Deck 9 1985 N/A
Tommy Turtle and Madame Mushroom Pot Holders, Tot's Purse 3 Tomi Alderman (potholders), Ms. Gerald McCormack (purse) Crochet World March/April 1982 1982 N/A

Toys to Knit and Crochet (turtle, monkey, dog), Knit (boy, girl, mouse, frog) Crochet-3, Knit-3 Not indicated Coats & Clark 283 1980 $0.60
Turtle (stuffed toy, cushion or pillow, 22-inch long) (pages also include Backpack or Tote, Four-Square Pillow, Patch Pillow 1 N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A
Turtle Soap Holder 1 Michele Wilcox Annie's Crochet Newsletter July-Aug. 1983, Pages 36-37 1983 N/A
Turtle Time (in full magazine) 1 Michele Wilcox and Deborah Levy-Hamburg Annie's Quick & Easy Pattern Club Oct.-Nov. 1992, Number 77, Pages 30-34 1992 $3.50 (for magazine)

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