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Size: [didn't get the measurements!]
Colors: Hot pink, White, Black, Multi
Pattern: Huggy Buggy
Book: Annie's Pattern Club Newsletter, Number 18, Dec-Jan 1983
Hook: ?
Date: start Sep. 11, 2005; put aside mid Sep. 2005; picked up again Jun. 9, 2006; finish Jun. 10

When I saw this pattern last year, I thought about Gosia and her Buglet (the VW Bug she owns and loves). So I got the pattern booklet off eBay and began making this stuffed Volkswagen Bug for her. When the body looked more square than round, I put it aside until I felt like tackling it again. 9 months later, I picked it up and the next day it was finished! With stuffing, it doesn't look square!

It's OK to laugh when noticing the tires are way too small! They're just a bit larger than the headlights!

Size: 6 inches tall x 8 inches long x 6 inches wide
Colors: Sage, Green (Caron Perfect Match)
Pattern: Roly Poly Turtle
Book: Vanna's Afghan and Crochet Favorites, Oxmoor House, PatternPak 85040-E, 1995
Hook: G
Date: January 2006

Joyce, a student assistant at work, asked me to make her a Roly Poly Turtle. I was surprised how fast he was to make - a few hours last night!

And, yes, that's my kitty Cleo looking at cute as can be!

Size: 4 inches tall x 7.5 inches long x 6 inches wide
Colors: Paddy Green, Light Avocado (Red Heart)
Pattern: Roly Poly Turtle
Book: Vanna's Afghan and Crochet Favorites, Oxmoor House, PatternPak 85040-E, 1995
Hook: G
Date: May 2005

I've been lax in posting, but busy with projects! Roly Poly Turtle was finished on May 23. He sits next to Tommy Turtle on top of the second desk in my office at the college. He was fast to make (started May 22, finished May 23)!

Size: 8 inches tall x 8 inches long x 6 inches wide (each)
Colors: Paddy Green, Light Avocado, Brown, Yellow, Off White, Black (Red Heart)
Pattern: Ted and Tina Turtle by Sheila Leslie
Book: Annie's Crochet Newsletter, July-August 1985
Hook: G
Date: May 2005

In April, I took the pattern and some yarn to work so I would have a project to do during Friday lunch hours when the hook and needle arts group meets. However, since the pattern requires keeping track of the number and types of stitches and the pieces are done "in the round", it was difficult to keep track with the distractions of other people in the group. So, I brought what I had done so far (only one shell and one belly) home two weeks ago. I didn't have a chance to pick up the project until Saturday, but I got Ted Turtle done and almost finished Tina Turtle. Today I finished Tina's hat, eyes, and smile, and anchored her head and Ted's backward a bit more.

They're really cute! So easy to do too! For now, they're both sitting on my desk at the college next to the window.

Tommy Turtle, stuffed crocheted animal


Size: 17 inches wide x 26 inches long x 6.5 inches high
Colors: Red Heart Paddy Green, Forest Green, Emerald, Candy (multi)
Pattern: Tommy Turtle
Book: Marshall Cavendish Limited, Deck 9, 1985
Hook: G
Date: October 2004

Because I overstuffed his body, Tommy's shell was initially too small. So, I made 9 more motifs and added them to the shell, but then each side looked like it was missing a I made 2 more motifs. When all were assembled, I placed the shell on top of his body and discovered the shell was too big! So, I put Tommy aside and allowed myself to get distracted by Tj's shawl and beret.

Thursday after dinner, I made up my mind what needed to be done with Tommy's shell: remove 3 motifs from one end. That meant digging out yarn ends I'd already hidden, pulling out connecting and edging borders around those motifs, recreating connecting edges and borders around the remaining motifs that had been attached to the 3 removed ones. It took about 2.5 hours, but it was well worth the effort since the shell is now more in proportion to Tommy's body! Then, he got his eyes and mouth and was finished!

Tommy Turtle came to work with me Friday to show himself off. He watched me work the whole day and came home with me for the weekend so I could take photos for this site. Right now, I think he'll live in my office at work and keep me company!

Tommy Turtle - In progress

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(1, 2) Tommy Turtle with his shell positioned near his head (where it's supposed to be). His butt hangs out a lot!

(3, 4) Tommy with his shell centered on his back. His butt still hangs out!

I bought more polyester fiberfill last night and finished stuffing Tommy, sewed on his tail and legs - and then realized I had overstuffed his body when I discovered his shell was too small!!! He was going to suffer from a cold butt if I didn't make his shell larger, so I made 9 additional motifs and will add them to his shell this weekend. Instead of a roundish shell, he'll have an oval one! He will hopefully be completed and ready to come to work with me Monday morning!

Tommy Turtle - In progress

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I began stuffing Tommy last night, but ran out of polyester fiberfill! A visit to Michaels is on my list for tonight or tomorrow! I also need black felt to make his eyes and mouth.

Tommy Turtle - In progress

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The first photo is Tommy's body and head top, feet, tail, and head gussets. The second is the first 3 of 18 pieces for his shell.

Tommy Turtle - In progress

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Here's the bottom of Tommy Turtle's body and head! I started it a few hours ago. It feels different (nice too!) to work on something other than a blanket pattern!

Instead of starting Tommy Friday night, we went out to dinner at La Imperial mexican restaurant in Hayward and then I settled in for the evening with the baby colors granny square blanket I had already started. I'm creating my own 4 designs for the blanket's squares. I'll publish the patterns in this blog later.

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